First volume of Limited Lovers: Nothing to suggest it has anything to do with a young girl in a wheelchair.

First volume of Limited Lovers: Nothing to suggest it has anything to do with a young girl in a wheelchair.

Limited Lovers was brought to my attention when someone told me about how Karin, the heroine, strives for her dream even through she lost the use of her legs and is now reliant on a wheelchair. With a premise like that alone, I was pretty intrigued about this 3 volume manga. You don’t see much diversity in manga. It’s definitely there, but the majority of stories don’t deal with people who have specific health issues, a different sexuality, or gender identity. Retrospectively, the title should have been somewhat of a warning sign. Limited Lovers doesn’t conjure the best implications and images (even if it was probably unintentional going by the ending), but having been told Karin would be striving for a dream against prejudice about her being in a wheelchair, I didn’t pay this much heed. (more…)


fushigi yugi 10 It’s been a while since my last impression. But I’m back with another one in the form of Fushigi Yugi’s volume 10. I really like the cover of this volume. It’s very pretty with the star-filled sky and lots of blue. Plus I like Amiboshi, so it’s nice to see him get his own cover.


Miaka is seemingly saved by Suboshi from a polecat, but it turns out it isn’t Suboshi, but Amiboshi! He survived his fall and is now living in the village. Miaka assumes he must have lost his memory because he isn’t attacking her, but it turns out he hasn’t. Instead, he deeply regrets what he did to Miaka and the Suzaku warriors before. He also tries to comfort the distressed Miaka, who still cannot come to terms with the fact that Nakago raped her. (more…)

Most people seem to not like the 8th episode of Ouran and for good reason. I’m probably going to be beating a dead horse here, but there was a particular scene in the episode that really disturbed me; and being someone who likes -perhaps even needs- to address certain ideas that pop up in popular culture, well I just had to write this post.

The fight between Haruhi and some dudes, which is the set up for everything else that happens this episode.


The main cast in Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: (left to right) Onpu, Aiko, Doremi, Momoko, and Hazuki

I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the series, Ojamajo Doremi. It’s a seemingly light hearted mahou shoujo series aimed at young girls (10 and younger). The show is just as much about a group of girls that try to become witches as it is about the lives of the girls as well as other children who they befriend. The show has 4 seasons plus a 13 episode OVA. I’m currently on season 3, Motto! Ojamajo Doremi; and while I do really like the show overall, especially how it handles the lives of each of the children as important and engaging, there are some things that I don’t quite like about the show. Domestic violence is one of those things. Now domestic violence wasn’t ever really brought up in the show. It was sort of alluded to in certain episodes, but in episodes 44 and 45 of Motto! Ojamajo Doremi that actually changes and we see two instances of it. It definitely isn’t anything extreme, just a slap to the face in both episodes, but perhaps because the show was so nonchalant about it, it made me feel uncomfortable. Now I don’t mean to suggest that no medium should ever depict domestic violence. That would be just as bad because not speaking about it is just as harmful as speaking about it and dismissing it. But when someone commits to bringing up such a topic, one would hope it would be done with the utmost care to spend a message that domestic violence is not ok. (more…)

Quite the deceptive cover given what goes on in this volume. Although I guess it does capture the later moments between the two. Not one of my favourite covers either. It’s ok, but it doesn’t really stand out like some of the others.


Alice begins her painful recollections after being pushed and probed by Haruhiko. When she awakens, she is now, more than ever, convinced Shion did not love Mokuren. Haruhiko tries to convince her that he did, but Alice refuses to believe it, pointing to the kiche mark still present on her forehead. Resigned, Haruhiko asks her to at least ask Rin about it.

Meanwhile Rin begins to move his plan forward. He has Majima set Tamura up to be arrested by the police for Rin’s kidnapping and stalls Mikuro, while Majima is suppose to pick Alice up. Unfortunately for Alice, she is left alone at this crucial moment as Haruhiko happens to have another heart attack (presumably because he jumped to get to Alice as soon as possible after him and Mikuro ran into Rin) and Miss Ayako takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile her brother, Hajime, leaves to talk to Rin’s mother, who is worried after hearing about the kidnapping stunt Rin pulled. So when Majima arrives, he has no resistance and easily convinces Alice that he’s a police officer and he wants to take her down to the station for questioning. (more…)

It’s pretty unusual that I specifically write about 1 episode of an anime, but this episode of El Hazard is special. It’s special because it struck me on so many levels of bad that I was trying to remember if The Magnificent World was this bad and if it was, how did I not notice it before. I was thinking of making this a Mini Mendacious Moment feature, but I decided that since I wanted to talk about more than just one thing, that I would talk about the episode as a whole.

Main cast from Magnificent World. Arielle is the small blue haired girl on the right. Makoto dressed as Princess Fatora in the center.

Ok, so a little background first. I’m not particularly fond of harem type anime, but I have watched my fair share. Usually either the premise is interesting enough (Shakugan no Shana) or it gets a few laughs out of me (Kannagi), so I just keep watching even though I’m not particularly enthralled. The first El Hazard series, titled The Magificant World, I remember being interesting enough because of all the mysteries surrounding the premise. It was by no means great, but it had enough going for it that I continued watching. When I finished it, I decided to watch The Alternate World, but I didn’t get around to watching the first episode till last year and I only recently watched episode 2. I don’t recall the first episode being too interesting, hence the long pause between these two episodes. Well episode two goes from boring to downright disturbing and then just plain annoying. (more…)