Originally posted: Sunday, June 27, 2010 on Blogger

It’s time for another Currently playing update~

1.Pokemon SoulSilver

I’m almost at the end of the game. All I need to do is beat Red. Unfortunately Red’s Pokemon are all in the 80s range, while my party is currently at level 60. So right now I’m trying to gain more levels before I stand a chance against Red. After I beat Red, I’ll be going after all the legendaries. :3 (more…)


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Here’s a list and brief look into what I’m currently playing:

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Atsuro, MC, & Midori

I love love love this game! I love how the battle system is a prefect mix of SRPG and RPG. It combines the best of both worlds. I also adore the demon fusing. It’s very addicting trying to see what new demons you may end up getting through fusion. Fusion taps right into my gotta catch em all pokemon obsession, although I’m not too focused about getting all the demons, more about seeing them all. XD

Story is pretty interesting. Although, the gameplay and character interactions are what really keeps me playing. I must say, Midori is my favourite character at the moment. She’s cute, funny, and strong. I love how she thinks she’s a magical girl saving the earth~ (more…)

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So summer vacation is now finished, but I still haven’t made much of a dent on my backlog. If anything the monster grew. ^^;;; Anyways, here is what I’m currently playing:

1.Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (NDS)

I was playing this before, but I put it down for months because I got distracted and I basically forgot what I was doing, so I decided to restart from the very beginning, case one. I have finally made it back to case three, which is where I was when I put the game down. Hopefully, I can finish this game now without any interruptions. Well at least I’m pretty determined to do so >:)

No new impressions, since I’ve barely started case three, and I’ve already played the other two before. But I just want to say that it’s pretty amazing how much I still recall and how much I’ve forgotten. Also, what is up with Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiben always having those innocent frail girls turn out to be conniving little b*tchs? hmmm? Well at least case three doesn’t seem to have any fake innocent girls, not that I hate these types of villains, because I don’t; I think the type is used well in the ace attorney games. It’s just that after a few of them, I want a different type of villain to mix things up a bit. =) (more…)