tonariTrigger warning. Also mild spoilers for the anime Hana Yori Dango and Rose of Versailles.

So back in 2012, the manga Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun got an anime adaptation and the anime blogosphere raised hell (or maybe it was a select few sites I happened upon). A few managa bloggers also chimed in with their outrage. The main point of contention was the threat of rape that happens in the very first episode (and chapter) of Tonari. A little later, I had decided to run a feature that looked at the worst the shoujo manga demographic had to offer, and deconstruct, through snark, why it was so harmful and problematic. Given the hell that was raised around Tonari, I thought it would be a great candidate for the feature. However having finished the first 5 chapters for my feature, I have to say that most of the criticisms levelled at Tonari missed the big picture about rape acceptance in manga and anime. (more…)


Most people seem to not like the 8th episode of Ouran and for good reason. I’m probably going to be beating a dead horse here, but there was a particular scene in the episode that really disturbed me; and being someone who likes -perhaps even needs- to address certain ideas that pop up in popular culture, well I just had to write this post.

The fight between Haruhi and some dudes, which is the set up for everything else that happens this episode.