Well, it’s the final volume! Such a strange feeling to finally finish a story. Even after reading so many novels and manga, I still feel weird and sad whenever a really good story ends. This volume’s cover is really pretty too and I like how it relates to the final parts of this volume. :)


After speaking with Doctor Mori and Boone, Alice makes up her mind and tells Rin Mokuren’s password. Rin is seemingly overwhelmed by the revelation that Mokuren’s password is Shion’s full name and Alice tries to persuade him to take her with him to Tokyo Tower to blow up the Moon Base together. Unfortunately the other Moon Dreamers arrive and try to also convince Rin to let go of the past, but this seems to only aggravate him even more. (more…)


  The second last volume! I always find it a bit surreal when I’m so close to ending a long running series. This volume’s cover is also quite nice. It’s very simple, but the colours are very pretty.


Mokuren experiences a miracle with the help of the Earth and with her dying breath asks Shion not to give up because the dream is too beautiful to remain just a dream. When Alice comes too, she awakens beside Rin, who proceeds to kiss her and then asks her why she didn’t push him away as he is Shion. (more…)

Quite the deceptive cover given what goes on in this volume. Although I guess it does capture the later moments between the two. Not one of my favourite covers either. It’s ok, but it doesn’t really stand out like some of the others.


Alice begins her painful recollections after being pushed and probed by Haruhiko. When she awakens, she is now, more than ever, convinced Shion did not love Mokuren. Haruhiko tries to convince her that he did, but Alice refuses to believe it, pointing to the kiche mark still present on her forehead. Resigned, Haruhiko asks her to at least ask Rin about it.

Meanwhile Rin begins to move his plan forward. He has Majima set Tamura up to be arrested by the police for Rin’s kidnapping and stalls Mikuro, while Majima is suppose to pick Alice up. Unfortunately for Alice, she is left alone at this crucial moment as Haruhiko happens to have another heart attack (presumably because he jumped to get to Alice as soon as possible after him and Mikuro ran into Rin) and Miss Ayako takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile her brother, Hajime, leaves to talk to Rin’s mother, who is worried after hearing about the kidnapping stunt Rin pulled. So when Majima arrives, he has no resistance and easily convinces Alice that he’s a police officer and he wants to take her down to the station for questioning. (more…)

This volume’s cover isn’t one of my favourites since Rin looks kind of evil, but it does fit given what happens in this volume.


As Alice is about to reach a certain incident in Mokuren’s memories, she begin to feel sick and vomits. She feels after this point she cannot go on. Meanwhile Rin turns his attention to Daisuke and tries to get the password out of him by impersonating Jinpachi on the phone. When he messes up though, his backup plan is a lot worse. This time he threatens to drown Daisuke’s younger brother if he doesn’t tell him his password. After a bit of verbal abuse and actual drowning, Daisuke breaks down and tells Rin his password. (more…)

Volume 17 features Rin on the cover, but he doesn’t make an appearance this volume. Instead, the majority of the volume continues with Mokuren’s recollections.


Alice continues to remember Mokuren’s past. This volume delves into some of her more painful memories on the Moon Base. For one, Mokuren seems to constantly overhear the others talking about her behind her back. She later receives news that the Elder has died and this is soon followed by news that Shia has been utterly annihilation. Totally devastated like the others, she is especially hurt when Gyokuran asks her to do something. Meanwhile, when Shion comes to see her, his sarcastic remarks further affirm that he is the only one capable of treating her as anything other than a god. This episode seems to create a deep impression on Mokuren as she is later seen fiercely fighting for Shion’s release once he is imprisoned and later when Gyokuran tries to reboot their romance, she rejects him without a second thought. The memories get very close to the “incident”, but Alice awakens before they proceed further. (more…)

Volume 16’s cover is just lovely. Mokuren really looks like a beauty now. Please Save My Earth’s art has really come a long way considering how the cover featuring Mokuren looked way back in volume 2. Plus I love the soft pink used here. It’s really pretty.


Volume 16 shifts to an older Mokuren, who has accepted herself as a Kiches and the duties that come with it. However, she still has not given up on KK (earth) and when she hears of the opportunity to go to KK 101 (the moon) as part of research team, she immediately jumps at the opportunity. With the backing of the Elder, who leaves her a cryptic message involving her experiencing a “rebirth” on KK, Mokuren is granted permission to go as the team’s biologist.

We also see the initial meeting between Mokuren and the others from her perspective as well as her stay on the moon based and what she thought of everyone and everything. The volume ends with Shion playing a rather mean prank on her and letting her know full well that he despises her. (more…)

This volume’s cover has a soft, almost dream-like, aspect to it. It’s quite pretty.


In volume 15, Majima makes a visit to Doctor Mori. It seems one of his men was shot in the leg, yet they haven’t been able to find the bullet. It’s heavily hinted that Rin did this as he appears in the city before the scene switches to Boone and Doctor Mori. Rin comes home and when Mori asks where he has been, he replies that he was at a friend’s house playing video games. It is then that Majima comes to see the doctor. (more…)

The intensity of the story’s drama continues this volume, making it one of the most interesting volumes yet. The red hue of this volume’s cover is also very lovely.


The volume begins with Rin digging up information on Tamura. He finds out that a certain man named Majima had a rivalry and grudge with Tamura, but their fighting suddenly stopped after Tamura’s younger brother died. Meanwhile Alice, Jinpachi, and Issei have arrived in Kyoto for their class trip. Alice overhears some girls saying they saw a boy on the roof of one of the building and Alice immediately thinks of Rin. However, when she starts looking at the rooftops, she suddenly falls ill. It turns out she has a fever and the two boys worry that she may be unable to meet Mr. Tamura with them. (more…)