IMG752Photo taken by me of my own copy. Strangely there aren’t many high resolution images of covers floating around anymore. Oh well. As you can see, I lucked out this time and this used copy is in terrific condition. I wish they could all look this good. I got some former library books with all the stickers and it is not pretty. ; w ; The cover art itself is quite nice. I definitely like the summer theme going on.



Shigeru, Tsukasa’s fiancee, declares that she is willing to marry him and aggressively begins to pursue him. Tsukushi tells herself she doesn’t care, while Tsukasa tries to explain. This all culminates in Tsukushi telling Tsukasa that Shigeru is better for him because she’s from a good family. This pushes Tsukasa over the edge and he slaps Tsukushi. Things fall apart from there as Tsukasa slowly realizes that he’s done something terrible again. (more…)

IMG617Finally got my hands on a used copy of Forbidden Dance 4. It’s not that it’s rare, but something else always took priority. Thankfully the used copy’s condition isn’t too bad and it wasn’t expensive. It’s also good to finally finish collecting another of my many in-progress manga.


The anniversary performance for COOL is a day away, but Akira is not back yet. Aya becomes distressed after receiving a cryptic call from Diana, but Tetsuya manages to calm her down. Aya then decides she has to protect COOL for Akira and cuts her hair short to pass as a boy. And since Akira isn’t back for the performance, the members go with this alternative and have Aya dance as one of the guys. Unfortunately, the audience and their sponsor notice Akira is missing and become annoyed, but the COOL members keep dancing hoping to show their talent through their hard work and sweat. Seems it pays off and Akira shows up not long after too! He apologizes and tells Aya to get ready for their solo. Aya is shocked because the solo was suppose to have been removed as the sponsor did not want her dancing with the other COOL members. The solo becomes rather popular and the press announces that COOL has taken their first female member to great success. Bringing the main story to a finish. (more…)

boys over flower 16 Boys Over Flowers is now out of print, so I had to pick up a used copy (an old library book) and I’m rather sad at how beat up it is, but I guess a beat up copy is better than nothing, right? This volume’s cover is also one of my favourites. It’s nice to see all 3 main characters together and smiling. It was also neat to discover that a promo photo of the voice actors for Tsukasa, Tuskushi, and Rui was the basis of this volume’s picture. Those extra little notes from the author are rather neat~


Now that Tsukasa has declared that Tsukushi is precious to him in front of his mother, Kaede is determined to do everything possible to remove Tsukushi from Tsukasa’s life. At first she targets Tsukushi’s weakness and brings 50 million yen to Tsukushi and her parents. She wants them to take the money in return for Tsukushi cutting ties with Tsukasa. Beyond offering the money, she is very rude to Tsukushi; openly stating that Tsukushi is merely a fun diversion for Tsukasa and nothing more and to be mindful that purity is her greatest asset in the future. To everyone’s surprise, Tsukushi’s mother pours salt on top of Kaede and refuses her money stating they have pride too. Unfortunately, it seems rather than defending her daughter, Tsukushi’s mom is thinking of the big picture. Instead of 50 million yen, she wants the entire Domyoji fortune via Tsukushi marrying Tsukasa, much to Tsukushi’s annoyance. (more…)

The rare and sought after volume 13

So ever since I started the 12th volume of Please Save My Earth, I’ve had the 13th volume looming over me. Fellow blogger simpleek touched on this problem already in one of her posts, but I thought I would do this post too since it’s something that is a big problem for me right now.

Anyone keeping up with my Impressions of Please Save My Earth knows I was a bit let down by the fifth volume and shifted priority onto a different manga series afterwards. So while I was collecting another obscure series, the 13th volume of Please Save My Earth went out of print and got really rare. When I got back into the series afterwards, I was really kicking myself for putting the series on hold because the next volume, six, picked things back up again, and if I had continued collecting it in 2008, I might have avoided the problem that I have currently found myself in: I have all the volumes of this lovely series except for volume number 13. Truly, 13 is unlucky!

Some of you may notice on my Manga Collection page that Please Save My Earth isn’t the only manga with this problem. I have quite a few series marked in red (out of print), but Please Save My Earth is particularly a painful dilemma. The volume is not only out of print, but surprisingly rare and sought after. This has caused third party sellers to really jack up the price of this volume. At one point, the cheapest, in decent condition, offer for this manga on Amazon marketplace was 50$ USD; with new copies going for 80$ USD at least, but most sellers were asking for around 100$ USD. For a volume that originally cost 9.99$ USD, that is insane! Luckily, be it the economy or just people not willing to pay these exorbitant prices, the going price for this volume has dropped remarkably. I’ve seen “good” condition books now going for 30$ USD on Amazon and new copies costing around 50$ USD.

These are definitely more palatable prices, but there is still a part of me that feels a little ripped off paying 30$ for someone’s used book. Especially when other out of print manga go for dirt cheap. I’ve seen ParaKiss, Forbidden Dance, and a few others priced at around 1$ USD per volume used and around 5$ for new copies on the Marketplace. So I’m sort of stuck in a dilemma. Do I just read the scans for volume 13 and leave my collection incomplete, or do I fork over the money (which is quite expensive for me due to currency exchange and shipping at the moment) and complete my collection? Thoughts, suggestions, anything, are all welcome and I really appreciate it.