It’s been fairly busy for me recently and adding E3 into the mix, it’s only gotten busier. I did want to write a little spiel on the topic nonetheless since it is the biggest video game event in North America. So far, I’ve only watched Nintendo and Sony’s conferences, so my thoughts will be about those two. I am not planning to watch Microsoft since I don’t have a 360.

Sony Conference: General Thoughts

  • I’m surprised how little Vita there was in the conference. It’s a brand new system, so Sony needs to push it more than this. But, seeing how it’s doing in Japan right now, I guess there isn’t much to show on the game front. I still need to check out what sorts of games they have on the show floor since I believe they were boasting that there would be like 20 or so Vita games at E3.
  • In a similar vein, cross-platform titles, while cool, aren’t going to sell me a Vita if I can just play the game on PS3. I’m not that rich, so if I can get a game without having to invest an extra 250~300 (depending on the memory card costs on just a Wi-Fi model) so that I can play it, you can bet I’m going to get that game for the other system I already own. This is coming from a handheld gamer that actually prefers to play on the go.
  • Outside Beyond and Last of Us, not much from Sony that really impressed me. This is probably because I do not like “realistic” or super violent games in general, so there really has to be a hook to get me on board. (more…)

This is kind of late, but I’ve been trying to finish moving all my old posts from Blogger onto this blog. Good news is I only have a few more posts left to move and because I’m almost done, I decided to go ahead and write a brand new post for this blog. =) I got the idea for this post from someone else’s blog a while ago and thought it was a really good idea so I’ve decided to do my own year end reflection about all the games I finished in 2011. So here we go~ (more…)