I was going to skip doing this this year, but then I felt sort of sad about not reminising about what I’d played, so even if this post is long overdue, here it is! (Unfortunately I have no idea if I’ll be back to regular blogging any time soon. My free time is rather strained due to multiple hobbies, work, trying to study, and real life obligations. But I haven’t forgotten about this site! And I still hope to come back at least semi-permanently).

I didn’t really get much done in 2014. It was a busy year for me and I only managed to finish 11 games. So far my momentum in 2015 has been better, so hopefully I get more games finished this year!

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The Game that Lived Up to the Hype
Bravely Default (3DS) (more…)


I know I haven’t made a post since April, but I really want to continue my tradition of thinking about all the games I’ve finish in the ending year, so here I am making my first post in a very long while. Hopefully this gets me out of my slump and I can try and write more posts from now on. Overall 2013 was a pretty good year for me as I’ve increased the amount of games I’ve finished to 28 (including everything I beat and completed)! Which is another step up from 2012’s 22! Granted I finished more short games this year as well, but still I’m quite proud. :D Like with last year’s Year End Musings, I will add a little title to each game to make it a bit more colourful and to avoid making this into a top 10 list. (Really how can people pick and choose? I love all my games for different reasons). As with previous years, this list includes games I’ve finished in 2013 and not just the ones that were released last year. With such a big backlog, I honestly only end up playing a handful of games (sometimes less!) from the same year. Anyways, onto the list~

fea mini bannerThe Sequel Which Managed to Exceed My Hype
Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)


Continuing the tradition I started last year, I’m doing another Year End Reflection for all the games I’ve played in 2012. Not to worry though, I haven’t finished very many (just 22), so this won’t be too long. That said, I’ve managed to out-do myself this year: I’ve beaten 18 games and completed 6 versus 2011’s 17 beaten and 4 completed. It’s not much, but it’s still something~ Last year I just listed the games I’ve finished with my thoughts, but I think that’s a little boring, so I’ll be trying something different this year. It’s not a top whatever list and I will still be listing all the games, but I thought adding little titles to them would make things more fun. Every spiel is spoiler free too. :)

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The Game that Took too Long to Finish
Breath of Fire II (SNES)

This game wasn’t particularly long nor did I end up clocking many hours in it (about 30 or so), but it took me forever to finish it because I kept playing it off and on for over a year! The fact that it was on my old laptop may have had something to do with it… Either way, BoFII was a fun game overall. The localization was pretty bad by today’s standards, but even then I managed to find a few characters I liked and got interested in the world and story of the game. There were definitely some very interesting concepts in this game for its time; like customizing your own town, and fusions that power-up and change the character’s appearance. For a sequel, it is one of the best, I feel, because it took what was good about the first game and strengthened the first game’s weak points; namely, story and characters were more complex and it added a few unique (for its time) features. I would say barring the translation, the game aged very well. (more…)

So I got my copy of Black 2 not too long ago and I’ve been absorbed in the game for these past few days. I don’t know what it is about Pokemon, but I find the games down right addicting. Even though I readily admit that the basic premise of the games has stayed the same, I still cannot get enough of it. So here is a collection of my initial thoughts on the first ever official Pokemon sequel (and yes spoilers ahead, if you haven’t played and don’t want the particulars spoiled, don’t read further): (more…)

One of the few otome games available to English players: Hakuoki for the PSP, published by Aksys.

It’s no mystery that Japanese otome games are one of the most under-represented video game genres in English. Off the top of my head, I only know of 3 localized titles available to English players and all of these are fairly recent too. I’ve noticed there has been some iOS otome games available recently as well, but I worry about the quality of these free applications. Thankfully I discovered this neat little database for otome game fans. It neatly categorizes all otome games based on platform and the best part is that it only has info on English otome games, so I know I will be able to pick up the games listed if I want. The interesting thing about this site is that is includes otome games made by western developers and for this I’m actually quite thankful because there are a few titles that look quite interesting. (more…)

Basic Information:

System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Turn Based RPG
Difficulty: Difficult
Developer: Square Enix & Matrix Software
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: November 2006
Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and older
Retail Price: $19.99 US/CAN

What It’s About:

The Gulgan prophesied the coming of an earthquake so fierce that it would swallow the Crystals and spew monsters from the depths of the earth. But this, the Gulgan said, was only an omen of something much worse to come, and only the four Warriors of Light, blessed by the Crystals of Light, can save the world. Luneth, an orphan raised by Topapa the village elder of Ur, is a curious little fellow, and he decides to go explore the cave that opened up after the recent earthquake. Unluckily for him, he trips and falls into a hole. After exploring the cave and fighting a fearsome foe, he finds a Crystal, which tells him to find the other three children chosen by destiny and then teleports him outside the cave. Luneth isn’t quite sure what he has to do, but his adopted father, Topapa, gives him his blessings and tells Luneth to do as the Crystal says. Luneth is joined by his childhood friend Arc, and then a blacksmith’s daughter, Refia, and finally by a charming knight from Sasune, Ingus, as he tries to lift the curse of the Djinn. When the group manages to defeat the Djinn, the Crystal gives them its blessing and the four officially become the Warriors of Light. As the Four Warriors of Light, they must travel around the world, seeking out the other three Crystals to gain the power to fight off the encroaching darkness. (more…)

This is kind of late, but I’ve been trying to finish moving all my old posts from Blogger onto this blog. Good news is I only have a few more posts left to move and because I’m almost done, I decided to go ahead and write a brand new post for this blog. =) I got the idea for this post from someone else’s blog a while ago and thought it was a really good idea so I’ve decided to do my own year end reflection about all the games I finished in 2011. So here we go~ (more…)

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It’s time for another Currently playing update~

1.Pokemon SoulSilver

I’m almost at the end of the game. All I need to do is beat Red. Unfortunately Red’s Pokemon are all in the 80s range, while my party is currently at level 60. So right now I’m trying to gain more levels before I stand a chance against Red. After I beat Red, I’ll be going after all the legendaries. :3 (more…)