sailor v2This is the final volume of the two part omnibus edition of Codename: Sailor V. Like with volume 1, this manga features a few colour pages at the beginning. There is also a section of Translation Notes at the back, like with most of Kodansha’s releases.

Also warning, do not read past the summary if you haven’t finished the manga. I talk major spoilers!


Minako continues her job as the warrior of love and justice Sailor V against the Dark Agency, but a mysterious man now joins her, Phantom Ace. He seems to be a popular up and coming idol and Minako instantly becomes a huge fan. But Artemis isn’t sure whether he is truly friend or foe. But this doesn’t stop Minako when she wins the audition to be Ace’s leading lady in a movie about a Chinese Princess. However things start to go in an entirely different direction at the set and Minako finally learns the truth about her destiny as Sailor V. (more…)

sailor v 1Sailor Moon is pretty big in North America and strangely it’s taken this long for someone to bring over the prequel, Codename: Sailor V. I’ve always been curious about it, so it’s nice to finally see just what happened with Minako before she joined the others in Sailor Moon.


Minako Aino was just a regular girl until a talking white cat named Artemis revealed to her that she is the chosen one to become Sailor V, champion of love and justice. While Minako isn’t quite thrilled with her new responsibility, she does a good job as Sailor V. Taking down agents of the Dark Agency by herself with only her athletic skills and crescent moon compact.

Artemis alludes that there is much more to the enemy which Minako fights, but neither he nor “Boss”, the voice from the transformation pen she is given, tell her much beyond that this group is alien and intends to invade Earth by brainwashing its people. So Minako continues to fight as Sailor V, earning herself a name and the notice of the police, all the while going to school and playing video games. (more…)

The main cast in Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: (left to right) Onpu, Aiko, Doremi, Momoko, and Hazuki

I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the series, Ojamajo Doremi. It’s a seemingly light hearted mahou shoujo series aimed at young girls (10 and younger). The show is just as much about a group of girls that try to become witches as it is about the lives of the girls as well as other children who they befriend. The show has 4 seasons plus a 13 episode OVA. I’m currently on season 3, Motto! Ojamajo Doremi; and while I do really like the show overall, especially how it handles the lives of each of the children as important and engaging, there are some things that I don’t quite like about the show. Domestic violence is one of those things. Now domestic violence wasn’t ever really brought up in the show. It was sort of alluded to in certain episodes, but in episodes 44 and 45 of Motto! Ojamajo Doremi that actually changes and we see two instances of it. It definitely isn’t anything extreme, just a slap to the face in both episodes, but perhaps because the show was so nonchalant about it, it made me feel uncomfortable. Now I don’t mean to suggest that no medium should ever depict domestic violence. That would be just as bad because not speaking about it is just as harmful as speaking about it and dismissing it. But when someone commits to bringing up such a topic, one would hope it would be done with the utmost care to spend a message that domestic violence is not ok. (more…)

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Ojamajo Doremi

This show has really grown on me. I’m really enjoying it. The wacky predicaments that the characters get themselves into always puts a smile on my face. Some episodes are really emotionally charged, like the one about Aiko’s mother (even with the ridiculous gender bias, aka little Aiko says, “Who will take care of dad if you leave? Who will make him dinner? Do the laundry? etc.” and Aiko’s dad saying to Aiko’s mom, “You should quit your job to take better care of Aiko.” I’m serious, these were the words each one said, well roughly). Excluding these little hiccups, the show is lots of fun. Doremi can still get a little annoying, but the funny results make up for it. The only character that really gets on my nerves now is Pop. God, she is so annoying and stuck up. Every time she talks I want to strangle her, Doremi is right, she is the unluckiest girl because she has Pop as a sister. Episodes with very little Pop are the best episodes in my opinion. Of course, I love to point out annoyances, but really I am enjoying this show a lot. I’m glad there are like six seasons, all with 40-50 episodes. It means I’ll be enjoying Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko’s hijinks for quite some time. =D (more…)

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Sode no Shirayuki's physical manifestation, according to the anime.

A series has really fallen from grace when you are more entertained watching filler arcs then reading the actual manga. Really, this filler arc about the zanpakuto is far more interesting then what is happening in fake Karakura town. I do admit, half of why I find it so boring is because most of my favourite characters are in Hueco Mundo, but the other half is that the current fights seem so half assed. I mean Shunsui’s first release was enough to defeat number 1? really? I get that he is one of the most senior of the captains, but even Ukitake wasn’t able to do that and both of them joined Seireitei at the same time and both were tutored by Yamamoto. It really did feel like Kubo did it to get the plot moving, so I guess he knows that the fans don’t like this part at all. Anyways, the filler arc is pretty interesting. I really liked Renji’s fight with Zabimaru, it was basically his fight with Byakuya all over again, except this time he won. I wish Renji would get more fights, I really miss him. I was very disappointed with Rukia’s fight, or lack of. While Rukia’s fight with number 9 was amazing, so I was disenchanted with the Sode no Shirayuki fight. Although I guess Rukia would not want to fight her own zanpakuto. (more…)

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An enjoyable new series that I got into through the anime. I will try to make the summary as short as possible, since I have an issue with keeping my summaries short. ^^;;


Gakuen Alice stars the perky and spunky Mikan Sakura, who runs away to Tokyo when her best friend, Hotaru does not keep up with her correspondence. Hotaru, who was always a bit strange, had been scouted by Alice Academy, a school for elite geniuses, but as she leaves, she promises to write and visit Mikan. However, after 6 months and only a single postcard, Mikan believes her best friend has all but forgotten her, that is until she hears a conversation between Hotaru’s mother and the principle of her school. It turns out Gakuen Alice (translated as Alice Academy) isn’t what it seems, and Hotaru has a difficult time contacting those outside the school. Mikan is now determined t (more…)

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I finally finished reading Magic Knight Rayearth volume 2. I’ve been trying to finish reading it for over a month. This volume is almost as quick paced as the first, expect that there are moments in this volume that are slowed down. Usually moments involving character interactions, fight scenes are as quick paced as they were in volume one.


Volume two has the magic knights off searching for the legendary mineral Escudo. And as usual, it starts off exactly where the previous volume finished, the magic knights spot someone in a tree and are preparing for attack. But Mokona jumps up on the lad and gives him a hug. This convinces Hikaru that this person is not evil, because Mokona would not take to someone with an evil heart. The young man introduces himself as Ferio, a swordsman, who is also looking for the legendary Escudo. He warns our heroines that magic and anything magical is useless inside the forest. Fuu then strikes a bargain with him; if he becomes their bodyguard, they will show him the way to Eterna Fountain. Ferio accepts and they are on their way. Along the way, a monster impenetrable to weapons attacks the group, and Ferio works especially hard to save Fuu. She seems to develop a crush on him, and blushes everytime Umi suggests she like Ferio. Once the group comes out of the forest, the witch, Alcione, stands waiting for them and attacks Umi who is the first to reach the exit. (more…)

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Episodes 1 ~ 5

The title screen. Looks exactly like a shoujo magical girl show.

At first glance, Nanoha looks like a typical magical girl anime and it follows the formula quite well in its first four episodes, expect in one respect; unlike the typical magical girl shows, Nanoha is not from the shoujo genre.  It is strangely enough a shounen magical girl show yet at the same time, the fan service is pretty minimal (except for episode 5) and the girls are actually likeable. It’s those few shots of fan service that provide the only evidence that this was made with males in mind, but the story and characters are pretty typical shoujo stuff and as such, it can be enjoyed by these fans as well. (more…)