IMG617Finally got my hands on a used copy of Forbidden Dance 4. It’s not that it’s rare, but something else always took priority. Thankfully the used copy’s condition isn’t too bad and it wasn’t expensive. It’s also good to finally finish collecting another of my many in-progress manga.


The anniversary performance for COOL is a day away, but Akira is not back yet. Aya becomes distressed after receiving a cryptic call from Diana, but Tetsuya manages to calm her down. Aya then decides she has to protect COOL for Akira and cuts her hair short to pass as a boy. And since Akira isn’t back for the performance, the members go with this alternative and have Aya dance as one of the guys. Unfortunately, the audience and their sponsor notice Akira is missing and become annoyed, but the COOL members keep dancing hoping to show their talent through their hard work and sweat. Seems it pays off and Akira shows up not long after too! He apologizes and tells Aya to get ready for their solo. Aya is shocked because the solo was suppose to have been removed as the sponsor did not want her dancing with the other COOL members. The solo becomes rather popular and the press announces that COOL has taken their first female member to great success. Bringing the main story to a finish. (more…)


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A lesser known 4 volume series; tracking it down was difficult, but I finally managed to find the third volume in a comic shop. But there is a slight problem, this is the second edition, and I own first edition of volumes 1 & 2. It’s a little inconsistent, but the books are the same size, so it isn’t as bad as Viz’s first and second edition differences. =)


After her fall in the last volume, Diana is recuperating in the hospital, where Aya and Akira come to visit her. Aya meets Mr.Jones again, and he comments on her substitution; Aya is shocked and flustered that he noticed it was her. After the visit, life continues as usual; COOL is practising extra hard for their anniversary performance. Akira invites Aya out, and Aya, although ecstatic, is also suspicious of his motives. And rightly so, it seems he wanted her to talk to an old CEO in order to convince him to sponsor COOL’s performance. The reason? it turns out the old man is a pervert and likes girls, but Aya doesn’t let him touch her up and yells at the old man. Akira is a little annoyed that she blew their chance.

However, during one of their practices, the old man shows up and agrees to sponsor their performance. But on one condition, Aya cannot dance in the performance. It seems that Mr. Seihiro was quite taken with the video Akira gave him, but he sees that Aya is unable to match the power of the other male dancers, which in his eyes throws the whole performance off. Surprisingly, Akira agrees to these conditions, which causes Aya to get angry at him and she throws a bucket of water on him. (more…)