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Rin and Ian

It’s no secret that I like Fairy Cube. The manga isn’t perfect, but what I really appreciated about it is how well balanced the two main leads were. Often times, it’s so easy for a writer to write one character as strong and the other as weak, or write weakness in a way that denies agency. It feels as if some writers think showing any real weakness would somehow undermine how “cool” or “powerful” or just strong that particular character is. But that’s not really what makes someone strong and furthermore having a character that only knows how to look cool is often the quickest way to make a boring character. Likewise, having characters that embody only weakness and helplessness often causes readers (well at least me) to get frustrated with the character. Weakness is only interesting when it’s paired with some sort of character growth or balanced in some way by adding aspects of strength. Do we really want to see Character A wallowing in self pity over and over? That’s as equally boring as having a flawless character! (more…)


Well tonight is All Hallow’s Eve and what better way to celebrate than with a Top 10 List. Everyone loves those right? xD I was originally going to do a top 10 horror manga list, but I haven’t read that much horror manga yet, so I decided instead to do a character list. So here are my top 10 favourite characters that are either demons, spirits, undead, or other creatures of the night:


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The last volume of Fairy Cube! Includes a side story as well. This manga makes me interested in Kaori’s other work.


Ian decides to take the invitation and attend the party where Rin is at. The fairies help him along the way and he gets in without being caught. Meanwhile, Tokage follows Shira and discovers the source of her power, a fairy demon god that has taken over her father’s body. The demon god also tells Tokage how he came to be where he is, which also includes Shira’s back story.

At the same time, Ian’s aunt, Lise, visits his father in the hospital. She reminisces about how her sister and him met as well as what has happened to Ian. The moment Ian’s father hears that, he reacts very strongly and urges her that he must tell “that child” his name. (more…)

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Loved the first volume of Fairy Cube, so I picked up the last two volumes together. I’ll be reading the final volume and posting my impression right after this volume.


Volume two starts off right where volume one left off. Eriya’s grandmother tells Ian and Rin about her connection to the Fairy realm and gives Ian her blessings.

The next day, Rin decides to head back to school, thinking after what happened before, Tokage won’t be back. Unluckily for her, he is, and he proceeds to violently mark her with his Salamander mark. Ian notices the strange aura around the school and comes to rescue Rin. Unfortunately he is too late, and now the Salamander mark causes Rin to burn whomever she touches when she has strong feelings, thus burning Ian when they reunite. Ian furious, begins a duel with Tokage.

During the duel, Tokage recollections his cursed life and tells Ian how much he hates him for being loved by his mother and father. Ian tells Tokage that he cannot believe their mother abandoned him. The battle is dominated by Tokage and Kaito arrives to save Ian. Raven tries to prevent Ian from fleeing, but Rin musters up all her hate to burn him and allow Ian time to escape. Rin decides she can help Ian by infiltrating the enemy base and tells Raven that Ian will come for her and to take her to his boss. (more…)

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I picked this up purely because the cover looked so lovely, thankfully it turned out to be just as good as the cover.


Fairy Cube starts out rather scattered. We see a glimpse of Ian’s childhood, then we see a fairy murder, and finally we get a little introduction to Ian before he takes a hit from Rin, who was trying to hit a few girls that tried to bully her.

Ian tells us Rin is his dear childhood friend, but he has to pretend he dislikes her because of a certain incident. Rin is rather annoyed at this, but before they can talk too long, Ian’s father tells him to hurry to class. Ian’s father is a teacher at his school. Then we see another Ian, a much darker and meaner Ian, who berates the first Ian. Ian tells us this is Tokage, his other self, who he has seen since he was little, and who has made his life miserable. No one but Ian can see him.

As Ian is walking home, Tokage pulls his bag away. When Ian goes to pick it up, he sees someone at the scene of a fairy murder. He also notices a talking doll and the fact that the gentleman takes something from the scene of the crime. He follows the man to a shop and is corner. When Ian is corner, he confronts the man about the crime. The man tells him he only took what the lady stole from his shop and gives Ian a cube with a green lizard inside. As Ian leaves, the dolls expresses her regret that he will die soon. (more…)