sailor v2This is the final volume of the two part omnibus edition of Codename: Sailor V. Like with volume 1, this manga features a few colour pages at the beginning. There is also a section of Translation Notes at the back, like with most of Kodansha’s releases.

Also warning, do not read past the summary if you haven’t finished the manga. I talk major spoilers!


Minako continues her job as the warrior of love and justice Sailor V against the Dark Agency, but a mysterious man now joins her, Phantom Ace. He seems to be a popular up and coming idol and Minako instantly becomes a huge fan. But Artemis isn’t sure whether he is truly friend or foe. But this doesn’t stop Minako when she wins the audition to be Ace’s leading lady in a movie about a Chinese Princess. However things start to go in an entirely different direction at the set and Minako finally learns the truth about her destiny as Sailor V. (more…)

sailor v 1Sailor Moon is pretty big in North America and strangely it’s taken this long for someone to bring over the prequel, Codename: Sailor V. I’ve always been curious about it, so it’s nice to finally see just what happened with Minako before she joined the others in Sailor Moon.


Minako Aino was just a regular girl until a talking white cat named Artemis revealed to her that she is the chosen one to become Sailor V, champion of love and justice. While Minako isn’t quite thrilled with her new responsibility, she does a good job as Sailor V. Taking down agents of the Dark Agency by herself with only her athletic skills and crescent moon compact.

Artemis alludes that there is much more to the enemy which Minako fights, but neither he nor “Boss”, the voice from the transformation pen she is given, tell her much beyond that this group is alien and intends to invade Earth by brainwashing its people. So Minako continues to fight as Sailor V, earning herself a name and the notice of the police, all the while going to school and playing video games. (more…)

I finally made another mass manga purchase (about time). These are the newest additions to my collection, which arrived today:

In addition to 4 volumes of manga, I also picked up the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy (far left, cut off). I heard a lot of good things about this series, so I decided to try the first book and get the rest if I enjoy it. :3 I also picked up both volumes of  Code Name: Sailor V, the prequel to Sailor Moon. I always wanted to see this available in English, so I am really happy about that. :3 I also plan to pick up the Kondasha editions of Sailor Moon too (even though I have all the Tokyopop copies). Also picked up Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers 15, which was miraculously back in stock. Unfortunately, it looks like 16-19 are all out of stock, so I’m going to have to try and look for some reasonably priced second hand copies now. Wish me luck because it looks like I will need it! ;___; And finally I got another volume of Wedding Peach (volume 3), since the series looks like it could go out of print at any moment. I still haven’t read volume 2, but chances are I will like it since I’m a pretty big Magical Girl fan. I also have the final volume of Pretear on its way too. It’s a second hand copy though (from a library based on the seller’s info) since Pretear has been out of print for a while with the final volume really hard to find. Anyways, this time is definitely a magical girl overload for me. xD

What has everyone else picked up lately?