I know I haven’t made a post since April, but I really want to continue my tradition of thinking about all the games I’ve finish in the ending year, so here I am making my first post in a very long while. Hopefully this gets me out of my slump and I can try and write more posts from now on. Overall 2013 was a pretty good year for me as I’ve increased the amount of games I’ve finished to 28 (including everything I beat and completed)! Which is another step up from 2012’s 22! Granted I finished more short games this year as well, but still I’m quite proud. :D Like with last year’s Year End Musings, I will add a little title to each game to make it a bit more colourful and to avoid making this into a top 10 list. (Really how can people pick and choose? I love all my games for different reasons). As with previous years, this list includes games I’ve finished in 2013 and not just the ones that were released last year. With such a big backlog, I honestly only end up playing a handful of games (sometimes less!) from the same year. Anyways, onto the list~

fea mini bannerThe Sequel Which Managed to Exceed My Hype
Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)



Fairly recently Nintendo and Capcom released a demo of Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS online shop and I was pretty excited about this. I finally got around to trying and finishing the demo yesterday and I decided to make a blog post about my thoughts about the demo because this was my first real exposure to horror games. So please keep that in mind when you read my thoughts below. ^__^

The creepy eyeball thing that is sort of part of the logo for this game.


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So summer vacation is now finished, but I still haven’t made much of a dent on my backlog. If anything the monster grew. ^^;;; Anyways, here is what I’m currently playing:

1.Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (NDS)

I was playing this before, but I put it down for months because I got distracted and I basically forgot what I was doing, so I decided to restart from the very beginning, case one. I have finally made it back to case three, which is where I was when I put the game down. Hopefully, I can finish this game now without any interruptions. Well at least I’m pretty determined to do so >:)

No new impressions, since I’ve barely started case three, and I’ve already played the other two before. But I just want to say that it’s pretty amazing how much I still recall and how much I’ve forgotten. Also, what is up with Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiben always having those innocent frail girls turn out to be conniving little b*tchs? hmmm? Well at least case three doesn’t seem to have any fake innocent girls, not that I hate these types of villains, because I don’t; I think the type is used well in the ace attorney games. It’s just that after a few of them, I want a different type of villain to mix things up a bit. =) (more…)

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Added Yet Another Game to my Extensive DS Collection

I caved in; I bought another game recently, but it’s not FFIV. Instead I got Apollo Justice, an adventure game that I’ve been meaning to pick up. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the game as much as the Phoenix Wright trilogy, but the game has so many mysteries surrounding Phoenix that it’s compelling me to play just as much as its predecessors did before it.

Phoenix is also a prominent character in this game, as far as I have played (I’m on the second case). Although he isn’t a attorney anymore, the biggest mysteries of the game surrounds him, and he acts as a mentor to the younger Apollo. I also like Phoenix’s more relaxed and cryptic personality in this game. For anyone who liked the younger Phoenix, not to worry, Apollo is an almost identical version of a younger Phoenix, while Trucy is a lot like Maya. So the duo is back, just not as you expected!

The actual gameplay has remained pretty much the same, but instead of using Maya’s magatama to reveal a character’s secrets during the detective section of the game, Apollo comes with his own ability to perceive the nervous habits of witnesses during the court section of the game. As far as I have played, I have only used it once; it is also a pretty interesting addition. The game itself is also a lot longer, the first case, which is a tutorial, took as much time to finish as a regular case (expect without the detective section). The second case also had you playing detective even before you’ve met your client, while the previous games automatically set the next ‘murder’ case up. (more…)

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cover of the third game

I’ve recently finished PW3, and I must say it was very enjoyable. Some of the plot twist were obvious, others not so much. I am really happy that Capcom decided to bring it over in the first place. Phoenix Wright is an excellent game and I am definitely looking forward to playing Apollo Justice soon.

All the cases were well written, but the second case was the weakest out of the five. Still, the second case was really amusing, especially the ace detective…Zvarii!! The last case, as with all phoenix wright games, was the longest and most complicated, and it also had the most unexpected conclusion!

Another aspect of PW that I really enjoy is the reoccurring characters. Although there are a lot of new characters in this game, the developers still made room for some of the old characters to make a come back. Oldbag is back and so is Larry, along with Maggie, the police lady from the second game, who is now a waitress. We also get to see a younger phoenix at the witness stand in the first case. But best of all, all the defense attorneys and prosecutors make an appearance!! And for two of the five cases, you will play as Mia, back when she was still a rookie. And without spoiling anything, I just want to say that the last case ties all three games up nicely together. PW can definitely be called a trilogy!

SPOILERS NOW!!!! (more…)