IMG752Photo taken by me of my own copy. Strangely there aren’t many high resolution images of covers floating around anymore. Oh well. As you can see, I lucked out this time and this used copy is in terrific condition. I wish they could all look this good. I got some former library books with all the stickers and it is not pretty. ; w ; The cover art itself is quite nice. I definitely like the summer theme going on.



Shigeru, Tsukasa’s fiancee, declares that she is willing to marry him and aggressively begins to pursue him. Tsukushi tells herself she doesn’t care, while Tsukasa tries to explain. This all culminates in Tsukushi telling Tsukasa that Shigeru is better for him because she’s from a good family. This pushes Tsukasa over the edge and he slaps Tsukushi. Things fall apart from there as Tsukasa slowly realizes that he’s done something terrible again. (more…)


tonariTrigger warning. Also mild spoilers for the anime Hana Yori Dango and Rose of Versailles.

So back in 2012, the manga Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun got an anime adaptation and the anime blogosphere raised hell (or maybe it was a select few sites I happened upon). A few managa bloggers also chimed in with their outrage. The main point of contention was the threat of rape that happens in the very first episode (and chapter) of Tonari. A little later, I had decided to run a feature that looked at the worst the shoujo manga demographic had to offer, and deconstruct, through snark, why it was so harmful and problematic. Given the hell that was raised around Tonari, I thought it would be a great candidate for the feature. However having finished the first 5 chapters for my feature, I have to say that most of the criticisms levelled at Tonari missed the big picture about rape acceptance in manga and anime. (more…)

boys over flower 16 Boys Over Flowers is now out of print, so I had to pick up a used copy (an old library book) and I’m rather sad at how beat up it is, but I guess a beat up copy is better than nothing, right? This volume’s cover is also one of my favourites. It’s nice to see all 3 main characters together and smiling. It was also neat to discover that a promo photo of the voice actors for Tsukasa, Tuskushi, and Rui was the basis of this volume’s picture. Those extra little notes from the author are rather neat~


Now that Tsukasa has declared that Tsukushi is precious to him in front of his mother, Kaede is determined to do everything possible to remove Tsukushi from Tsukasa’s life. At first she targets Tsukushi’s weakness and brings 50 million yen to Tsukushi and her parents. She wants them to take the money in return for Tsukushi cutting ties with Tsukasa. Beyond offering the money, she is very rude to Tsukushi; openly stating that Tsukushi is merely a fun diversion for Tsukasa and nothing more and to be mindful that purity is her greatest asset in the future. To everyone’s surprise, Tsukushi’s mother pours salt on top of Kaede and refuses her money stating they have pride too. Unfortunately, it seems rather than defending her daughter, Tsukushi’s mom is thinking of the big picture. Instead of 50 million yen, she wants the entire Domyoji fortune via Tsukushi marrying Tsukasa, much to Tsukushi’s annoyance. (more…)

Well this is the final volume of Hana Yori Dango I had sitting on my manga backlog. This is also another really cute cover. I mean Tsukasa with a dog is just adorable! And funny given what Tsukushi compares him to this volume! xD Also looking at this cover reminds me of how much better Ms.Kamio’s art has gotten. It’s very lovely now. :) Also like with the last two volumes, the picture here is one I took myself. Fortunately, the lighting here is better than the last two times. ^__^;;;


Sakurako’s suspicions of Junpei turn out to be right when Tsukushi gets kidnapped by his accomplices not long after he saves her. She is tied up in an old gym warehouse and some of her hair is cut and sent to Tsukasa. Junpei finally reveals that he did all this (including planting the red slip) to get revenge against Tsukasa for beating up an old friend of his in middle school. Tsukushi doesn’t believe Tsukasa will show up after she told him to leave her alone, but he does and he takes the beating from Junpei’s accomplices to protect Tsukushi. Eventually, Tsukushi cannot take anymore and jumps in front of a chair Junpei means to attack Tsukasa with and pleads that they have done enough. Junpei then leaves and both she and Tsukasa fall unconscious. (more…)

Like with volume 13, I couldn’t find a decent picture of the cover, so I took the picture myself. The lighting is weird, once again, because the glare the regular lighting was causing forced me to use just a desk lamp when taking this picture. ^__^;;; With that out of the way, I actually think this is a pretty cute cover. I like the telephone theme and you can definitely get an idea of each boy’s personality from how they are talking on the phone.


After Tsukasa’s jealous outburst last volume, Tsukushi is determined to cut ties with him and flat out refuses to talk to him anymore. She also visits Oribe and meets his younger brother Junpei, who also goes to Eitoku. The two later meet at Eitoku, where Junpei wears glasses and at first Tsukushi doesn’t recognize him. They hit it off and become friends. (more…)

I couldn’t find a good quality image of this cover, so I took a picture of my own copy with a camera, hence the weird lighting. ^__^;;; I quite like this cover. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite of mine, but I definitely like how nerdy Tsukushi looks here. I also think she looks pretty cute in glasses. :3


Tsukushi and Yuki join the F4 on their trip to Canada. Unfortunately, Asai’s group also crashes the party by insisting Tsukushi invited them too. As per usual, they get jealous of Tsukasa’s attentions to Tsukushi and tell her that Yuki has gone back to the slopes one night while a terrible snowstorm rages. Tsukushi, greatly alarmed that they did something to Yuki, runs into the blizzard wearing only a sweater and some pants and it isn’t long before she is lost and succumbing to the cold. Fortunately, Tsukasa finds her in the nick of time and the two spend the night in a cabin, where Tsukasa warms up the frozen Tsukushi using his body heat and a fire. (more…)

I finally made another mass manga purchase (about time). These are the newest additions to my collection, which arrived today:

In addition to 4 volumes of manga, I also picked up the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy (far left, cut off). I heard a lot of good things about this series, so I decided to try the first book and get the rest if I enjoy it. :3 I also picked up both volumes of  Code Name: Sailor V, the prequel to Sailor Moon. I always wanted to see this available in English, so I am really happy about that. :3 I also plan to pick up the Kondasha editions of Sailor Moon too (even though I have all the Tokyopop copies). Also picked up Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers 15, which was miraculously back in stock. Unfortunately, it looks like 16-19 are all out of stock, so I’m going to have to try and look for some reasonably priced second hand copies now. Wish me luck because it looks like I will need it! ;___; And finally I got another volume of Wedding Peach (volume 3), since the series looks like it could go out of print at any moment. I still haven’t read volume 2, but chances are I will like it since I’m a pretty big Magical Girl fan. I also have the final volume of Pretear on its way too. It’s a second hand copy though (from a library based on the seller’s info) since Pretear has been out of print for a while with the final volume really hard to find. Anyways, this time is definitely a magical girl overload for me. xD

What has everyone else picked up lately?


So I was thinking of what sort of post I should do for Valentines Day and decided doing a top ten favourite couples would be ideal for the day of romance. Each one has a small blurb on why I like them and as usual, everything will have spoilers. It was hard to rate them because most of these I really do enjoy a lot and it was hard to say I liked one more than the other, but I did somehow manage to get them into a ranking, so here it is, my top 10 favourite (official) couples: