One of the few otome games available to English players: Hakuoki for the PSP, published by Aksys.

It’s no mystery that Japanese otome games are one of the most under-represented video game genres in English. Off the top of my head, I only know of 3 localized titles available to English players and all of these are fairly recent too. I’ve noticed there has been some iOS otome games available recently as well, but I worry about the quality of these free applications. Thankfully I discovered this neat little database for otome game fans. It neatly categorizes all otome games based on platform and the best part is that it only has info on English otome games, so I know I will be able to pick up the games listed if I want. The interesting thing about this site is that is includes otome games made by western developers and for this I’m actually quite thankful because there are a few titles that look quite interesting. (more…)


This is kind of late, but I’ve been trying to finish moving all my old posts from Blogger onto this blog. Good news is I only have a few more posts left to move and because I’m almost done, I decided to go ahead and write a brand new post for this blog. =) I got the idea for this post from someone else’s blog a while ago and thought it was a really good idea so I’ve decided to do my own year end reflection about all the games I finished in 2011. So here we go~ (more…)