I’ve got an up-to-date list on GoodReads, but in case you just want a quick and dirty list without all the loading and pretty pictures, here it is. This is also a way for me to keep track of what I have finished and still need to get to (without flipping through pages at GoodReads). This is of course actual manga I own in English, all official releases.

Completed Manga Series:

Aquarium (1)
Ayako (1)
Basara (27)
Bride of Deimos (7)+
Call Me Princess (first edition) (1)
Chicago (2)
Codename: Sailor V (2)
Dream Saga (5)
Fairy Cube (3)
Forbidden Dance (4)
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (Perfect Collection edition) (4)
Olympos (1)
Planet Ladder (7)
Please Save My Earth (21)^
Popcorn Romance (1)
Pretear (4)
Princess Prince (1)
Sailor Moon (Tokyopop edition) (18)
SOS (1)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (1)
The Seikai Trilogy (3)
Wild Com. (1)
X2/Times 2 (1)

Incomplete Manga/Still Collecting:

Alice 19th (1/7)
Aria (1/12)
Beauty Pop (2/10)
Boys Over Flowers (20/37)
Ceres: Celestial Legend  (6/14)
Chobits (tokyopop edition) (1/8)
Clamp School Detective (1/3)
Claymore (3/27)
Corrector Yui (1/9)*
Crescent Moon (5/6)
Death Note (5/12)
Full Metal Alchemist (2/27)
Fushigi Yugi (12/18)
Gakuen Alice (2/16)~
InuYasha (5/56)
Itazura na Kiss (1/??)
Kare Kano (1/21)
Kaze Hikaru (2/??)

La Corda d’Oro (1/17)
Marmalade Boy (1/8)
Millennium Snow (1/4)

Nana (1/??)
Naruto (15/??)
Night of the Beasts (1/6)
No Matter How I look at it, it’s You Guys Fault I’m not Popular (1/??)
Ooku: The Inner Chambers (3/12)
Peach Girl (1/18)
Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure (1/8)

Sailor Moon (Kodansha edition) (6/12)
Saint Tail (2/7)
Shutterbox (1/4)
Skip Beat (3-in-1 edition) (2/??)
The Queen’s Knight (3/17)
Tokyo Babylon (1/7)
Tokyo Ghoul (2/14)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (8/28)
Wandering Son (1/15)
Wedding Peach (3/7)

Incomplete Dropped Manga:

.hack//Legend of the Twilight (1)
CardCaptor Sakura (4) #
Maison Ikkoku (4) #
Monster (1) #

Glossary /Explanations:

(+) – This series is filed under Completed but in reality, the localization for the title was dropped so there are more volumes, just not in English. Since I can’t read Japanese and this is all the volumes available to me, I’ve listed it under Complete works. Just note that it really isn’t.

(^) – I’ve listed this series as complete but I am missing one volume, 13. Since it’s really rare and hard to come by, I have no idea when or if ever I will get a hold of it, as such, this series is basically completed for the time being.

(*) – I don’t know if there is more than one edition in Japanese or not, but I can’t seem to find the proper number of total volumes for this series and I can’t find details on the English release because it is out of print. I just took the number that seems to be the one used for the original edition in Japan.

(~) – Currently ongoing in Japan but cut short here because Tokyopop has closed it’s doors. I’m hoping someone else picks it up, but for now, we have 16 volumes in English.

(#) – Old editions that I won’t be collecting any more. Instead I will be picking up the newer editions.

(red text) – any manga in red means it’s really hard to find. Some of these are from defunct publishers; others are just unpopular series that never got more reprints and are now really rare. Hope I can find them all!


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