Listing things I need to finish. If it’s crossed out, it’s been finished. :)

Gifted Games I Need to Finish:

Cthulhu Saves the World (Ninten)
Breath of Death VII (Ninten)
VVVVVV (blacksuit)
Dear Esther (WanderingMind)
Cherry Tree High Comedy Club (blacksuit)
Lunnye Devitsy (Ninten)
Wake (Ninten)
Doc. Clock (Sobou)
Advance Wars (Altruis)
Inazuma Eleven (Ninten)
Hate Plus (Valour)
Long Live the Queen (blacksuit)
Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons (Haith)
The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Haith)
Fez (FreakenWesley)
Retro/Grade (Slickyrider)
They Bleed Pixels (Slickyrider)
Where is My Heart (Slickyrider)
NightSky (malek)
Rogue Legacy (hoboriss)
Shadow Run Returns (FreakenWesley)
Richard & Alice (malek)
Pokemon Conquest (Altruis)
Valkyria Chronicles II (Ninten)
Papers, Please (Rubedo91)
The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Haith)
Ducktales Remastered (FreakenWesley)
3 Stars of Destiny (Haith)
This Starry Midnight We Make (Rubedo91)
Aqua Kitty (Rukishou)
Style Savvy (Jenni)
LiEat (blacksuit)

Recommended Games/ Games I Promised to Play:

Gemni Rue
Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box