About me, let’s see. My real name is Joanna but on the internet I usually go by soaring_wings. I used to go by a few other names before settling on this one. I’m a big fan of manga and video games and I watch anime too. I mostly blog about those three and I may start adding in other stuff as well. We shall see.

This page is currently a work in progress so I shall be adding and fixing things as I go along.

About the Blog:

I like writing so I decided to keep a blog. Originally this blog was on blogger but due to a few format issues, I decided to move to WordPress and bring my old blog post as well. As such all post in 2011 are actually old posts from blogger that I wanted to keep on this blog as well. All old post have a “originally posted” at the very top to give you an idea of when I first wrote them and that they are in fact older posts. At the moment, all entries are a work in progress since I still haven’t decided on a single format for my various posts (impression, review, profile, etc.)

I also tend to use a lot of fanart and as I way to give credit I try and link to the source. So if you’re ever wondering where I got a piece of fanart from, click on it. =) If there is no link, it is most likely official art.

Where Else you can Find me:

The Backloggery



Contact Information:

email: soaringwingsinthesky@gmail.com

-please don’t spam me or else I will be forced to take this down. I’ve put it up because I’ve gotten a request for contact information.

6 Responses to “About”

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  3. John Samuel Says:

    Hi! In an attempt to drive some eyeballs your way I nominated you for the Liebster Award here:


    Feel free to ignore it,or play along (depending on your mood, willingness to write etc).


  4. LacieRoseve Says:

    ≧◠‿◠≦✌ Hi Joanna!! I love your blog so I would like to nominate you for the three day quote challenge. See the details here.

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