I hope everyone had a great Easter (if you celebrate). It’s a little late, but I wanted to do an Easter themed post and what better way than a top 5/10 list~ These seem to be the to do thing for me for celebrations, so let’s not break the tradition! It’s not cause I’m lazy, I swear! Since there aren’t all that many bunny characters (that I’ve come across), I’ve narrowed this list to a top five encompassing both manga/anime and video games. Here goes:

5. Yarne ~ Fire Emblem: Awakening (game)

People who transform into dragons has been a staple of Fire Emblem since the first game, but people turning into animals was only really introduced in Path of Radiance. Unfortunately it took until Awakening for the bunny people to show up, but they were worth the wait. Unlike real life bunnies, these bunnies are massive and highly destructive and called Taguel. There were two of these characters introduced as part of this race in Awakening: Panne and her son Yarne. Out of these two, Yarne was more endearing because of his goofy personality. See he becomes the last Taguel in his future and becomes somewhat of a coward as a result, often saying things like “I’m an endangered species” before an enemy hits him. Might have helped that I paired him up with Kjelle and I thought their relationship was pretty damn cute. It also matured Yarne a lot.

4. Fran ~ Final Fantasy XII (game)

Fran is just an all around cool character. She’d be higher on this list if I had actually managed to play more FFXII and got to know her more. But nonetheless, what I did see intrigued me. She seems to be strongly independent to the point of abandoning her home (and in turn not being able to return) just to travel the world. Her relationship with Balthier is also quite interesting and I definitely liked that the two of them felt like equals.

peter white
3. Peter White ~ Alice in the Country of Hearts (manga)

Yeah, there is going to be a few Alice in Wonderland adaptations on this list. Peter is obviously this version’s White Rabbit. I will say that I was not expecting Peter to grow on me as much as he did. In fact, I found him creepy and not pleasant at the beginning of the manga. But then we get the Hatter, who is so much worse; and I slowly started to warm up to Peter. His cute rabbit state also helped, but what endeared me the most to him was how he clearly deeply cared for Alice and slowly began to realize he needed to think of her needs if he wanted her to return his feelings, which was really sweet. Unfortunately, the manga went with the super possessive Hatter as canon; much to my disappointment since Peter really grew as a love interest by the end. Maybe one day we’ll be able to play the otome game in English and then I can get Peter and Alice together! >:3

alice pandora hearts
2. Alice ~ Pandora Hearts (anime/manga)

So I wasn’t able to get Alice onto my Top 10 Favourite Manga/Anime Supernatural or Undead Character list, thus I wanted to include her on this list. Alice is a demon like creature that can turn into a scythe wielding Black Rabbit. Black Rabbit is also what she is known as in the world of Pandora Hearts. Outside being cool because she’s a black rabbit wielding a scythe, she’s also a well done tsundere because she’s not too over the top. Her cute little addiction to meat is pretty endearing too.

zero the 3rd
1. Zero the Third ~ Virtue’s Last Reward (game)

Zero III isn’t a real bunny but an artificial intelligence with a bunny avatar, but I think that still counts. Also he makes bunny puns and is sarcastic. What’s not to like? I admit it, his jokes were what endeared me to the character. Also how nonchalant he is about the game he is putting a bunch of people through that could very well mean their death (and does in most of the ends). Even I have a soft spot for a sarcastic little ass from time to time, especially if said ass is framed as evil and isn’t romanticized. The superb voice acting also helped a lot.

Who is your favourite bunny character?