Well I’m back from my trip/pilgrimage in Italy. The weather was really good for the most part and as a result I got to see a lot of places and feel a bit of spring (which is sorely lacking here). Truth be told, I’ve been back for over a week, but with Easter preparations and some new complications in life, I haven’t been able to return to regular blogging yet. I’ve been keeping this under the lid since I wasn’t sure when I would be returning, but since I’ve returned from Italy, the date has been fixed so I can now share with you the news. I am returning to Canada in April. April 15th to be exact if my dog gets clearance to be transported on that flight. That’s in 10 days and as you can imagine, life has gotten a bit hectic for me as I try to pack and tie up loose ends before I leave. If I could have it my way, it would be at the end of April but my family wants to leave ASAP. My dad is anxious to see my mom and my brother just wants to go back. I don’t really want to stay here by myself for a few extra days and travelling with someone is a lot better. An 8-9 hour plane ride feels less taxing if you have someone to talk to. So, I’m going to be buckling down and getting everything done these next 10 days. As a result though, my blog won’t return to its regular schedule in the foreseeable future. I am hoping to at least get a single blog post per week out during this time. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and well. :) Oh and here’s a picture from Italy:

Venice. Picture taken from the boat that was taking us into the city.