Debating what sort of post I should do for Valentine’s Day this year, I decided now would be a good time to do a post about my favourite IchiRuki moments in Bleach. Like I mentioned before, I do consider these two to be pretty much canon given how many important moments they share, so doing a full analytic shipping post isn’t really worth it in this case, but I still like to fan girl about these two from time to time. So as a compromise, I decided to do a shipping post highlighting my 5 favourite moments for this pretty much canon ship on the Day of Love. So without further ado, here are my 5 favourite moments for them:

#5 - Remembering the beginning-5-

A fairly recent moment in the manga. I quite liked it because (a) it was symbolic of how they originally met; (b) This was their big reunion after almost a year apart; and (c) Ichigo was once again at his worst and Rukia came and saved him from the rain. Note how it was pouring heavily right before Rukia came and Ichigo was at his worst, then when Rukia shows up here, the rain stops and Ichigo regains his confidence. This scene, while not very memorable alone, encompasses a lot of imagery from their overarching relationship, which is why I liked this scene so much. Furthermore, I liked how Kubo made a point to have Rukia be the one to save Ichigo from his despair (even though everyone in Soul Society helped make that sword that would restore his powers).

#4 SS Rescue-4-

I’ve noted many times that I’m not very big on hero saves love interest plots, but it works really well in Bleach and it’s one of the few times I actually enjoyed it. I also liked how Kubo made this scene in colour further emphasizing just how important it is. It also brings out how much Ichigo and Rukia care for one another. Rukia tries to protect him by going back to Soul Society to face her trial and then execution because she knows a single shinigami can’t fight the whole of Soul Society. Whereas Ichigo refuses to let her die for him and is pretty desperate to save her. (There is also another reason why I liked this plot point and it was because it really developed Rukia’s character, but that’s a whole other story). Their little banter in this scene is also pretty cute. :3

#3 - Man in my Heart-3-

This whole lecture could have been pretty corny, but I think it’s mostly avoided because Rukia talks about what sort of man Ichigo is and at the end adds “that’s the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo.” I think the romantic undertones are unmistakable in this scene (although people have tried to write it off). I mean, Kubo could have had Rukia say, “that’s the kind of man you are” but no, he has her say “in [her] heart”. And this inspires Ichigo to stop hesitating. I think it’s beautiful how words of the one he loves most can help him in tough situations and likewise how Rukia knows just what to say when she sees the one she loves suffering. There is a lot of give and take between these two and it’s why I enjoy watching them together.

#2 letting you go-2-

Now I’ve mentioned twice now how Rukia gives back to Ichigo by helping him in his times of need, but like I mentioned above, the true beauty of this pair is that it’s mutual. This is one of my all time favourite moments between them. After Ichigo saves Rukia and it’s time to go back to the human world, he comes to get her and she says she has decided to stay in Soul Society. It’s clear that he wanted her to go back with him (after all he fought tooth and nail for this moment), but he accepts her decision and supports it. There is so much understanding and love in this scene. It’s hard to part with someone you care for and put their needs above your own, but Ichigo does that here and I love it. Also, the inner monologue just further reinforces how much he cares and appreciates her. This scene also establishes that Ichigo went to save Rukia because he believed she didn’t actually want to go back to Soul Society (note the flash back to her face when she left with Renji and Byakuya before he answers) and that he always had her feelings in mind when he went and rescued her.

#1 - The Goodbye-1-

Ah, this scene. It’s so bittersweet that I love it! This is at the end of the Karakura Town Arc. Ichigo’s final move had a heavy price. It gave him a lot of power for a period but in turn used up all his spirit energy. Here the two are saying their goodbyes as the final parts of Ichigo’s spiritual energy disappear and Rukia along with it. The scene is just very romantic no matter how you look at it. Everyone is standing watching as the two lovers part. At first neither one can bear to look at the other (Rukia’s head is down cast, while Ichigo’s is off to the side) but just as the last of Ichigo’s spirit energy fades, Rukia looks up and you can see the sorrow in her eyes. Likewise, Ichigo turns to face her and the expression in Ichigo’s eyes is very sorrowful as well. This exchange gives a deep sense that these two cannot bear to part since they were unable to face one another until the final moment and in that final moment they look so sad. It’s just too romantic to not like and I’m a sucker for a bit of bitter sweetness in my romance, so this particular scene has always struck a chord with me.

Honourable Mention:

bleach - drawings suckThis happens right at the beginning in chapter 1 and definitely sold me on them as a pair. It’s just cute how Ichigo teases Rukia about her drawing and she retaliates by drawing a moustache on him. The fact that Ichigo is always the first to bring up her lack of drawing ability when Rukia draws, is not only cute (I’m a sucker for a bit of bickering), but also shows the two of them can tease each other in a very playful way.

Do you like IchiRuki? What are your favourite IchiRuki moments?