Like with volume 13, I couldn’t find a decent picture of the cover, so I took the picture myself. The lighting is weird, once again, because the glare the regular lighting was causing forced me to use just a desk lamp when taking this picture. ^__^;;; With that out of the way, I actually think this is a pretty cute cover. I like the telephone theme and you can definitely get an idea of each boy’s personality from how they are talking on the phone.


After Tsukasa’s jealous outburst last volume, Tsukushi is determined to cut ties with him and flat out refuses to talk to him anymore. She also visits Oribe and meets his younger brother Junpei, who also goes to Eitoku. The two later meet at Eitoku, where Junpei wears glasses and at first Tsukushi doesn’t recognize him. They hit it off and become friends.

Later Junpei takes Tsukushi to where he works and it turns out he is a model. Thinking it would be fun, Junpei convinces the editor to let him take a shot with Tsukushi, mentioning she is the first runner up on Miss Teen Japan. Tsukushi isn’t too happy about this, but she plays along because Junpei assures her it won’t see print. Unfortunately it does. She and Junpei wind up on the cover of Treasures and the whole of Eitoku, including Tsukasa, is aware of it. As per usual, Tsukasa gets angry and Junpei tells Tsukushi to lay all her cards on the table if she intends to cut ties with him. Tsukushi eventually answers that there isn’t anyone she likes and that being with Tsukasa suffocates her. Tsukasa then yells that he loves Tsukushi and he won’t leave her alone no matter what.

Oddly enough though, after this episode Tsukasa disappears and five days later Tsukushi gets the red slip again. At first she doesn’t believe it was Tsukasa, but slowly she starts to doubt that conviction when Sojiro and Akira tell her to watch out because Tsukasa is a loose cannon. She then gets caught by the bullies and beaten up. When she is down, Junpei shows up and promises to protect her, bringing the 14th volume to an end.

My Thoughts

This volume was weaker than the last, partly because it feels like a repeat of what happened with Kin-san and partly because Tsukasa’s jealousy and possessiveness are too much. I think I’m pretty much ready for him to grow up. I just can’t get fully behind him and Tsukushi as a couple if this keeps up. Granted, having watched the drama of Hana Yori Dango, I know he wasn’t behind the red slip and that his “I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth” declaration wasn’t something he meant literally. This I do think was a good call on Ms.Kamio’s part since it definitely toned down how creepy a line like that could be. But still, him attacking every single guy Tsukushi talks to is just too much at this point. I’m more than ready to see him grow up a bit. And like I said, the scenario bears a striking resemblance to what happened with Kin-san, so it feels a tad bit redundant. Although, to be honest, I do understand why Ms.Kamio did lay it out like this. I can see this setting the ground work for the two of them finally becoming a couple. Tsukushi needed to have Tsukasa declare his feelings so plainly like that given that she has been written as very oblivious to love (I do believe she still has not even noticed Kazuya likes her). Meanwhile, Tsukasa probably wouldn’t have said that if not pushed by Junpei and with that in mind, I am trying to be as lenient as possible.

I definitely don’t hate this volume, but I do think it’s probably one of the weaker volumes in the series. But even so, a weaker volume for Boys Over Flowers is still a pretty good volume. I still enjoyed it a lot. I think the addition of the fake fortune teller lady that Tsukushi asks for advice was a neat little twist to this arc. And the foreshadowing with Junpei was pretty well executed too. He tells Tsukushi early on that he doesn’t like to fight and that he’s weak, yet at the end of the volume he strolls up to a group of bullies and proclaims that he will protect her. Obviously something is up and I thought that was a great way to foreshadow that there is more to Junpei than meets the eye. I’m definitely starting volume 15 soon!