I couldn’t find a good quality image of this cover, so I took a picture of my own copy with a camera, hence the weird lighting. ^__^;;; I quite like this cover. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite of mine, but I definitely like how nerdy Tsukushi looks here. I also think she looks pretty cute in glasses. :3


Tsukushi and Yuki join the F4 on their trip to Canada. Unfortunately, Asai’s group also crashes the party by insisting Tsukushi invited them too. As per usual, they get jealous of Tsukasa’s attentions to Tsukushi and tell her that Yuki has gone back to the slopes one night while a terrible snowstorm rages. Tsukushi, greatly alarmed that they did something to Yuki, runs into the blizzard wearing only a sweater and some pants and it isn’t long before she is lost and succumbing to the cold. Fortunately, Tsukasa finds her in the nick of time and the two spend the night in a cabin, where Tsukasa warms up the frozen Tsukushi using his body heat and a fire.

Later everyone returns to Japan and Tsukushi is excited to hear her middle school class is holding a Class Reunion. She meets Oribe there, the boy who had a big crush on her in middle school. Unfortunately, Tsukasa happens to be at the same restaurant and overhears the others teasing Tsukushi and Oribe that they would make a great couple. He then process to dislocate Oribe’s neck, which causes the rest of the students to run away in fear while a stunted Tsukushi looks on. When she hears Tsukasa say, “The needy are so depressing” she finally snaps and slaps him across the face bringing volume 13 to an end.

My Thoughts

Well the seesaw romance is definitely continuing on in this volume. We’re back at it with a nice display of affection from Tsukasa (saving Tsukushi from freezing to death) to yet another crazy jealous outburst (dislocating Oribe’s neck). Like I mentioned in my impression of volume 12, Hana Yori Dango is one of the few manga where I’m feeling exactly what Tsukushi is feeling. I don’t know if this was Ms.Kamio’s intention, but I was actually warming up to him during the rescue arc just like Tsukushi, and then flabbergast when he attacked Oribe. This doesn’t happen a lot, so I think that says something about how relatable and realistic Tsukushi feels to me. I also think most shoujo heroines slap way too much, but I thought Tsukasa really earned that slap from Tsukushi. And I think precisely because Tsukushi reacts like this, I’m actually enjoying Hana Yori Dango even if Tsukasa’s jealously is a bit too over the top for my tastes.

The fortune teller angle introduced in the new arc is interesting. It looks like the lady is out of touch with reality (not quite all there) since she tells a guy he will grow up to be a pretty lady, but oddly enough, everything she said to Tsukushi fits. Tsukasa did cause a catastrophe this volume with his jealous outburst. I guess it was just a coincidence? Nonetheless, now there is more reason for Tsukushi to cut ties with Tsukasa. I know that won’t happen, but I’m guessing there will be more tension next volume now, and since I have yet to get bored of the tension, I’m looking forward to it.

Character-wise, I have to say, I really liked Yuki this volume. I always liked her (even before this volume) since she seemed like such a nice and fun friend, but this volume confirms that she’s great since when she sees Eitoku’s true colours, she stops teasing Tsukushi about having a great time and is upset about how mean people are to her. I’m also warming up to Sakurako. I love how crazy she is! And perhaps it’s just me, but the three cronies have really outstayed their welcome. I do think it’s time to drop them. Their bullying and jealousy is kind of getting old and redundant. Ah well, this was still a really great volume overall and I’m looking forward to 14~