I’ve been thinking about this lately, and I’m sure anyone who has ever read a few of my posts has noticed, but I love to write massive posts. For me it is always a struggle to keep the word count small or to not drag a point through massive expositions. I think a good deal of my style has been shaped by my education. As a philosophy major, it has been ingrained into me that I must take every pain to express my views in such a way that there are no doubts, nor different ways to interpret what I’m trying to say. As well as preemptively answering all sorts of questions and refutations one could have. Granted, my writing isn’t as detailed and structured as it once was, but I’ve caught myself doing some of these things from time to time when writing posts. It’s a struggle, for me personally, to balance a more casual writing outlet with my preference to write paragraph upon paragraph. I’m sure I’ve turn away a few readers who have felt intimidated by my excessive posts. ^__^;;

This line of thought has made me interested in what others feel has influenced their style of writing. If anyone would like to share their thoughts on this topic, I’d love to hear them. It’s always interesting to see why others write the way they do. =)