January 2013

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I always wanted to try the original Style Savvy for Nintendo DS, but I never got around to it unfortunately. Curious about the franchise, I decided to try the demo for the latest game up on the Nintendo 3DS’ eshop. Unfortunately, I was not able to try the demo that requires you to save it on system data since I didn’t have enough space, but I did try the second demo that could be saved on a memory card, so this mini impression pertains only to this one demo.

The demo I was able to try dealt with the fashion show part of the game. In the demo, I was given a specific look I was supposed to demonstrate and I had to pick the model I felt would best help me, then her make up and hair, and finally I had to pick out the outfit. Being someone who is pretty crazy about customization, I had a lot of fun picking out the outfit. I tried my best and I managed to win the fashion show too, after which the demo ended. It was a short demo, but it gave me a taste of how addictive Style Savvy can be. Sufficient to say, I will definitely be picking up the 3DS game at some point. It’s great to see a “girly” game done with such effort and dedication. The sheer amount of clothing the game boosts along with the very pretty graphics tells me that Nintendo and syn Sophia took their female customers seriously and put a lot of work into this game. And I can totally get behind supporting that!

style savvy trendsetters fashion show

The fashion show part of the game, which the second demo allows you to try out.

But that’s not to say only girls can enjoy this game. It’s clear based on the marketing that Nintendo is aiming this at women, but the game is so well made that anyone, who likes games with extensive clothing customization, would probably enjoy it. In fact, I’ve seen a few guys online say they enjoyed the game too!


Last time we had lessons in Nice Guys™ and Alpha Males thanks to Black Bird and Suki Shite Sadist respectively. Black Bird only got a B+ this time because it toned down a lot of the more questionable elements, while Suki Shite Sadist continues the problematic framing earning itself another A-. This round we shall be tackling chapter four of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, which continues to remain good; and Hot Gimmick, which continues to show us just how great Ryouki is!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

  • Ah, seems we got ahead of ourselves last chapter. Shizuku quickly says her proclamation of love was a lie. Haru acts somewhat out of character by actually understanding what’s going on and teasing Shizuku about being shy. I, I’m not sure whether the author knows what she wants to do with Haru…
  • Another rescue scene for Shizuku. Haru takes care of the guys that were his “friends” before and who were bothering Shizuku and Sasahara in the store.
Tonarui - Personal Space

Personal space? What’s that?

  • Haru once again forgets this little thing we like to call personal space. (more…)

I couldn’t find a good quality image of this cover, so I took a picture of my own copy with a camera, hence the weird lighting. ^__^;;; I quite like this cover. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite of mine, but I definitely like how nerdy Tsukushi looks here. I also think she looks pretty cute in glasses. :3


Tsukushi and Yuki join the F4 on their trip to Canada. Unfortunately, Asai’s group also crashes the party by insisting Tsukushi invited them too. As per usual, they get jealous of Tsukasa’s attentions to Tsukushi and tell her that Yuki has gone back to the slopes one night while a terrible snowstorm rages. Tsukushi, greatly alarmed that they did something to Yuki, runs into the blizzard wearing only a sweater and some pants and it isn’t long before she is lost and succumbing to the cold. Fortunately, Tsukasa finds her in the nick of time and the two spend the night in a cabin, where Tsukasa warms up the frozen Tsukushi using his body heat and a fire. (more…)

I’m not sure if everyone has heard, but Steam has started up a greenlight project where fans can vote on what sorts of games they would like to see on Steam. Some of the games I’ve seen in the greenlight section include a few Japanese Visual Novels and unfortunately, browsing a few comments, I noticed a few people still held common misconceptions about these very misunderstood game/novel hybrids. As a fan of the genre, I feel like doing my little part here by addressing common misconceptions about Visual Novels that I personally have come across.

1. Japanese VNs are glorified porn games

This is probably the most common misconception I’ve seen people have against the genre and I’m sure anime fans are very much aware of this as well since it wasn’t so long ago that anime fans had to wrestle with the same sort of misconception. Just like with anime, there is a subsections of Visual Novels that are just porn. But, and this is what most people unfamiliar with the genre fail to understand, that doesn’t mean all Visual Novels are porn, just like not all anime is porn. This is especially frustrating because everyone should know that Steam does not allow any adult games onto the service, so any visual novel in the greenlight program has no pornographic scenes. Yet still people have called Go Go Nippon “this porn game” on it’s Steam greenlight page. (more…)

Fushigi yugi 11Another lovely cover from Fushigi Yugi. I really like the soft pink and it’s nice to see Yui, Tatsuki, and Chichiri on another cover. Also, the brown and pick just mixes very well in my eyes.


Amiboshi attempts to protect Miaka, but Tomo is too much for him and easily wounds him. Fortunately for Miaka and Amiboshi, Suboshi arrives not long after. He also came to the village after feeling his brother’s chi and kills Tomo in a surprise attack for wounding his brother. Amiboshi attempts to convince Suboshi to abandon his mission as a Seiryu celestial warrior by drinking the oblivion herb and coming to live with him in the village. Suboshi replies by forcing Amiboshi to drink the herb and saying he cannot abandon Yui because he loves her.

Once his brother falls unconscious, Suboshi corners Miaka and tells her that he will return the pain she caused Yui to feel. Miaka tries to plea with him, but he doesn’t listen. Lucky for her though, Tamahome and the her other warriors show up and stop Suboshi. Seeing that he is greatly outnumbered, Suboshi flees with Amiboshi and leaves him in the village, sorrowfully thinking that this time his brother will really forget everything about being a Seiryu warrior and even him. (more…)

We’ve reached Round 4 in Substandard Shoujo Spectacle. As per usual, Black Bird and Suki Shite Sadist continue to show a lot of potential in the questionable tropes and scenario department. In fact, Black Bird was so kind as to demonstrate the lovely logic of the Nice Guy™, while Suki Shite Sadist decided to cover the classic tale of Alpha Male dominance. Clearly, it must have been fate that these two are the first two manga that start off each and every round of Substandard Shoujo Spectacle.

Black Bird

Black Bird - chapter 4 cover

Bound, blindfolded, and afraid: the ultimate fantasy!

  • A tied up, blind folded Misao crying. What lovely covers we have! (more…)

I finally made another mass manga purchase (about time). These are the newest additions to my collection, which arrived today:

In addition to 4 volumes of manga, I also picked up the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy (far left, cut off). I heard a lot of good things about this series, so I decided to try the first book and get the rest if I enjoy it. :3 I also picked up both volumes of  Code Name: Sailor V, the prequel to Sailor Moon. I always wanted to see this available in English, so I am really happy about that. :3 I also plan to pick up the Kondasha editions of Sailor Moon too (even though I have all the Tokyopop copies). Also picked up Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers 15, which was miraculously back in stock. Unfortunately, it looks like 16-19 are all out of stock, so I’m going to have to try and look for some reasonably priced second hand copies now. Wish me luck because it looks like I will need it! ;___; And finally I got another volume of Wedding Peach (volume 3), since the series looks like it could go out of print at any moment. I still haven’t read volume 2, but chances are I will like it since I’m a pretty big Magical Girl fan. I also have the final volume of Pretear on its way too. It’s a second hand copy though (from a library based on the seller’s info) since Pretear has been out of print for a while with the final volume really hard to find. Anyways, this time is definitely a magical girl overload for me. xD

What has everyone else picked up lately?


I’ve been thinking about this lately, and I’m sure anyone who has ever read a few of my posts has noticed, but I love to write massive posts. For me it is always a struggle to keep the word count small or to not drag a point through massive expositions. I think a good deal of my style has been shaped by my education. As a philosophy major, it has been ingrained into me that I must take every pain to express my views in such a way that there are no doubts, nor different ways to interpret what I’m trying to say. As well as preemptively answering all sorts of questions and refutations one could have. Granted, my writing isn’t as detailed and structured as it once was, but I’ve caught myself doing some of these things from time to time when writing posts. It’s a struggle, for me personally, to balance a more casual writing outlet with my preference to write paragraph upon paragraph. I’m sure I’ve turn away a few readers who have felt intimidated by my excessive posts. ^__^;;

This line of thought has made me interested in what others feel has influenced their style of writing. If anyone would like to share their thoughts on this topic, I’d love to hear them. It’s always interesting to see why others write the way they do. =)


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