So, I was thinking of what sort of post should I have for Christmas. At first I wanted to do a Christmas moment highlight from manga and anime that I’ve liked, but truthfully, there aren’t many that spring to mind, so going off what I did for Halloween, I’m making another top 10 ten list. How original, I know. ;) This time it’s for angelic or divine (associated with light/positive force, or gods/goddesses) characters. This time I’m also including video game characters because there aren’t as many of these sorts of characters that I like in just manga or anime. Hopefully next year I can think of a better Christmas post. (u__u)

Van Fanel10. Vaan Fanel (from Escaflowne ~ anime)

I’m more of a fan Vaan and Hitomi’s relationship than the characters by themselves, but I still really like Vaan a lot. He and Hitomi really grow up a lot in Escaflowne and I always loved how mature he was when it came to accepting that Hitomi liked someone else. I feel he’s a bit more complex than your standard shounen hero. While he does have his core drive being the liberation Fanelia (his kingdom), interactions with Falkon and Merle show that there is a bit more to him than that. Plus male angels are kind of rare, especially in shounen works, so that’s another thing in his favour. And yes, he’s technically not an “angel”, but he pretty much looks like one, so he’s angelic enough to be listed. :P

Nina9. Nina (from Breath of Fire II ~ video game)

Nina is technically part bird, which is why she has wings, but she looks angelic, so I added her to this list. My favourite incarnation of Nina is definitely Breath of Fire II’s Nina. This Nina is more mature and reserved (most likely due to her childhood). She is also a very determined person (she was willing to cast aside her humanity to save the world), but also very kind (understands and forgives her parents for kicking her out of Windia). I also really liked her relationship with her sister Mina. It was sweet. All in all, I prefer this more mature and refined Nina to her other incarnations (granted I’ve only played the first two Breath of Fire games so who knows, this may eventually change).

Rosette Christopher8. Rosette Christopher (from Chrno Crusade ~ anime)

Rosette is a very fun character. She’s goofy but also strong and determined. I loved how many aspects you find in her character. She is just an all around very well rounded and relate-able character. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rosette was what made Chrno Crusade enjoyable for me. I definitely liked how they balanced making a more human character (who has fears) with one that also has the emotional strength to accept those fears.

Yuuki Wakasa7. Yuuki Wakasa (from Dream Saga ~ manga)

I usually don’t tend to like regular school girls all that much, but Yuuki grew on me because the manga portrayed her as a very capable person despite being only a child. I also really like how she keeps all her younger brothers in line. It was funny. Her relationships with the other characters are also nice. She’s friendly, but not a doormat. I liked her powers a lot too. I’d love to be able to talk to all living things like her. She’s definitely a genki girl (these are quite popular as the leads of magical girl stories aren’t they?), but without the silly over the top optimism, which makes her feel less like a trope and more like a character (albeit a simpler one). So I really appreciated her, especially since she was clearly made for young girls, but the author didn’t just call it a day by leaving her as a simple trope. Which would have been all too easy, especially given how people tend to think children’s media doesn’t need the same amount of complexity as adult media.

aerith6. Aerith Gainsborough (from Final Fantasy VII ~ video game)

Aerith is the last surviving member of the clan of Ancients that were considered to be sacred people that guarded the Earth. I don’t usually like the healer chick in an RPG, but Aerith was something else. While she was the healer, personality-wise she was more the action girl (if we are going to type cast). I loved how she reprimanded Cloud for trying to keep her from the fight and I appreciated that she was never once protected, rather she was the one doing the protecting! Also, there may be some nostalgia at play here since Final Fantasy VII was my first Final Fantasy game (and one of my first RPGs) and I was a big Aerith fan back in the day (not as much now, but I still like her).

L'Arachel5. L’Arachel (from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones ~ video game)

Well this was inevitable given how big a Fire Emblem fan I am. Out of all the FE characters associated with holiness, L’Arachel is without a doubt my favourite. I simply adore how wacky she is. She goes around Magvel (the continent in Sacred Stones) proclaiming to be an ally of justice and dishing out divine punishment. Her energy and personality are very big and won my heart. She may be a tad obnoxious (especially in her support conversations with Rennac), but in the end, that’s just part of her charm. She is so wilfully ignorant that she can inconvenience anyone and that perhaps her divine punishment isn’t so divine, that I cannot help but smile at her antics. Her support conversations with Eirika do show as a more tender L’Arachel though, so she isn’t all wackiness and obnoxiousness. There is a genuine kindness to her as well.

Enki4. Enki (from Juuni Kokuki ~ anime)

Enki is the sacred beast (Kirin) of En kingdom. What instantly drew me to him was his unusual persona. Most of the sacred beasts in the world of Juuni Kokuki are gentle and kind hearted creatures due to their very nature as sacred beings. Enki, however, has a bit of an attitude and cynical streak. We later learn that this lies in his childhood, which only made me like his character more. Plus his interactions with his chosen ruler, Shoryu, are usually pretty funny.

Luke3. Luke (from Asterisk ~ manga)

Luke is one of the many angels in the manga Asterisk. Out of all the angels present in the manga, I do believe he is my favourite. I loved how he pretended to be a slacker, but underneath his easy going nature, he’s actually someone who cares about helping creatures under the influence of manifis. I can also relate to his animal lover side. Luke is one of the few angels who goes after manifis (evil spirits) that go after non-human creatures. Most angels looks after humans. I really liked that Luke looked after the most neglected group. It shows that he has a really big heart.

Maria2. Maria (from Knights in the Nightmare ~ video game)

Maria is a Valkyrie and was once an angel. I really like her stoic emotionless persona with a hidden frail side. But I think my favourite aspect of her personality is just how much weight she puts on responsibility. Because she feels the events in the game are her fault, Maria takes great pains to try and fix them. These sorts of characters aren’t as popular anymore, but I’ve always liked them because I have always felt that taking responsibility for your actions is hard and a very lofty virtue to strive for. Thus I always appreciate more characters whose actions stem from such a belief.

Tsukino Usagi1. Usagi Tsukino (from Sailor Moon ~ manga)

Usagi may seem like an odd choice to put on this list, but as the holder of the Silver Crystal, she is the avatar of light, which makes her a divine character. That and she’s considered the messiah in the S arc too; so I do believe she fits on this list. Also as you may have noticed, I’m only listing the manga. I don’t really like anime Usagi because she never really grows up. Meanwhile, what I like best about manga Usagi is that she grows up. She starts out as a regular girl, who is terrified about having to fight evil, but she grows into a capable warrior. I enjoy coming of age stories a lot, especially ones that have a regular person becoming someone with a lot of inner strength. Manga Usagi is also someone who views her duties and responsibilities as important, and like I said with Maria, I really like these kinds of characters.

And that’s my list. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas~