Time for Part 2 of Round 3. Last time we looked at Black Bird and Shite Suki Sadist, which got an A+ and A respectively. Both chapter 3’s romanticized possessive males. Hot Gimmick continues that lovely trend with its cover for chapter 3. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, on the other hand, continues to improve and actually manages to fail to have enough BS to actually get a passing rank this chapter!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

  • Of course there’s something wrong with you Shizuku. You just got the memo that “you need a man to be fulfilled” last chapter. Even good old dad notices!
Let's be clear, Shizuku is totally not smarter than Haru. He wasn't even trying, see!

Let’s be clear, Shizuku is totally not smarter than Haru. He wasn’t even trying, see!

  • Haven’t been convinced that Haru is smarter than Shizuku yet? No worries, this chapter makes sure we know it by informing us the only reason Shizuku place number 1 on the last mid-term was because Haru forgot to write his name on the exam paper and he slept through it!
  • Aw, even Shizuku blushes around her man! Aw, but she tries to rationalize it. It was that damn kiss, how can she not be affected after something like that!
  • Wow, that was quick. Shizuku already admits to loving Haru.
  • Meet Natsume, she’s a total academic failure. This trope never gets old!
  • Ugh, this girl has some real twisted logic. If she doesn’t eat a lot, guys will like her. Hm, well I guess boyfriends prefer more economic girlfriend pets? I mean, if I had to choose between Pet A and Pet B and Pet B would cost me less cause it eats less, I’d clearly choose Pet B.
  • Natsume thinks Haru should go for it when he finds a sleeping Shizuku. Yup, best to romance someone when they are not conscious. You can really impress them then!
  • Damn right you’re happy with a man, Shizuku!

The Silver Lining?

I actually really liked this chapter. While there is still some love versus study at play. It feels like Tonari is going to mostly avoid it by playing into a friendship angle with the introduction of Natsume. I also really like Natsume. She clearly has problems, but that’s the point, I think. All the characters introduced in Tonari so far have some kind of flaw: Haru’s social ineptness, Shizuku’s lack of real feelings for anyone but herself, and now Natsume’s lack of female friends and her mild obsession with having people (in particular guys) approve of her. Still a shame that the manga had to point out, yet again, that Shizuku only placed first last time because Haru didn’t seriously take the test, but outside of that, I didn’t have much of a problem with this chapter.

Ranking: F

What is this, I don’t even. Man, Tonari. This is just plain embarrassing. You’re not even seriously trying to crap all over your heroine and you’re actually trying to move away from love and more into friendship? Why?! We all know the only thing that fulfills a woman is a man, not some friendship with another woman. Tsk. I’m really disappointed.

Hot Gimmick

Hot Gimmick - chapter 3 cover

Chapter 3’s cover: Aw, how romantic!

  • We’ve got a nice hint of possessiveness in the cover of chapter three with Ryouki pulling Hatsumi toward him while she doesn’t look too happy about it.
  • Hot Gimmick feels the need to describe Ryouki’s female tutor as a “beautiful older women … (with a pretty nice body)” because, well, clearly appearance is the most vital detail when it comes to females.
  • Since he’s done with Hatsumi for today, Ryouki tells her to go home. He also tells her not to resist next time because he’s not used to it either. Oh yes, of course for young males the most important thing is finally being rid of that pesky virginity. Who wants to be pure? That’s so not manly!
  • Oh how sweet, Hatsumi is nothing but practice to Ryouki.
  • When Hatsumi tries to tell the tutor she is misunderstanding, Ryouki shoves her out the door and proceeds to tell her to shut up and not to say anything to anyone on her own. He follows up with “no matter how stupid you are, you understand what I’m talking about, don’t you?” And then casually says good bye to her by referring to her as a slave. He seriously keeps getting better and better each chapter!
  • Of course the hot tutor wants in on Ryouki. Who wouldn’t want that dream boat!?
  • So Hatsumi is all depressed that she got taken advantage of. Calls herself stupid three times. Well, I can’t disagree with her there. Now the question is, will she do anything about this?
  • And of course Azusa comes to rescue our dear sulking heroine. And of course she cries in front of him, which prompts Azusa to want to settle this “man-to-man” with Ryouki. Unfortunately, Hatsumi stops him. Too bad, I would have loved to see them fight over her cause that’s so utterly romantic~
  • Aw look, Hatsumi thinks she can keep on trying and being happy just because she’s got a man in her life now. It might not have been a magic man touch, but Azusa was able to make Hatsumi all better regardless.
  • But the pretty tutor shows up to stir up trouble. She even refers to Hatsumi as Ryouki’s girlfriend and obedient Hatsumi doesn’t dare to try to clear up the misunderstanding after Ryouki told her not to say anything by herself.
  • Our dear tutor takes Hatsumi out just to brag that she and Ryouki have done various things except having sex. And of course Hatsumi blushes like the pure virgin that she is upon hearing these obscene things.
  • Of course this is going to be another argument about a man, when is it not?! Men are all women think about after all.
  • But wait! Maybe our dear heroine will finally take a stand and expose Ryouki to the tutor. Maybe she will finally stand her ground and pay Ryouki back for treating her like crap. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens. Instead of revealing Ryouki’s lies to the tutor and laughing about him with her, Hatsumi gets angry and slut shames the tutor saying, “that guy can’t do it with a loose girl without any real value!” Way to go, Hatsumi! I’m so proud! For a moment there, I had thought you would actually not stand up for the slimeball, but you pulled through.
  • After that little outburst, Hatsumi’s left thinking: “Why did I…do something like that…” Why INDEED! You stated you absolutely loath the guy a few pages ago and he deserves everything that tutor was saying about him, yet still you defended him. Why indeed.
  • Oh but for her loyalty, she is rewarded by Ryouki’s first kind gesture toward her in the form of him placing a handkerchief on her head (where the tutor threw water on her). And that was so totally worth it. I mean, who needs female solidarity when you can have a man, right?
  • When Ryouki asks what she wants in exchange, cause clearly she couldn’t be acting selflessly, Hatsumi confesses that the things the tutor said made her angry. That she wouldn’t want someone talking like that about her. One wonders where her rage and vengeance went during that moment, but a docile sweet little thing is just what a mean asshole like Ryouki needs to change, right? Right!
  • Ryouki’s reaction? That Hatsumi is stupid and should have asked him to stop the slave thing in return for covering for him. Man, this guy really knows how to charm the ladies.
  • Aw, Ryouki’s all jealous of Hatsumi liking Azusa and wants to torment her even more. His possessive side is now showing and don’t we all just want them to be possessive. That’s so hot, after all.

The Silver Lining?

Sigh. While Hatsumi did defend Ryouki this chapter, she still likes Azusa based on how happy she was to go see him. That’s it. That’s the only good thing about this chapter. Still can’t believe she defended him. I’d totally expose him if I were her.

Ranking: A-

Let’s Demonize the Other Women Instead of Bashing Ryouki for his Total Assholery. See, Tonari, Hot Gimmick has its priorities right! Instead of shifting focus to female friendship and solidarity, we should be slut shaming the other women and totally feeling sympathy for the jerk face!