It’s the start of a new round for SSS. The running theme in part 1 of round 3? Possessive dudes are hot and being possessed is a thing to want. Here we go:

Black Bird

  • Oh wow, Misao is actually dating someone other than Kyo. Although now I’m worrying how this is going to end…
  • More passive sulking from Misao about Kyo not wanting her for her, but because she is the magic bride. Can’t have our heroine sulk about how sucky her situation is cause all women think about is whether men want them.
  • Kyo doesn’t seem to understand this little idea we like to call choice. He seems perplexed that Misao wants another man when he’s pledged to protect her for all eternity. You’re right Kyo, god damn those women, can’t they just be happy that someone wants them?! How dare they reject a man just cause they don’t want to date him. He’s so committed and in love. They should be thankful and just accept him!
  • Not that this stops Misao from blushing. Cause it’s sooo romantic that Kyo thinks her choice is irrelevant and all that matters are his wants and desires.
  • And to make Kyo all so lovable, let’s have him insult Misao by saying the only human men that could be interested in her are monster possessed humans or stupid men. And then let’s have Kyo say she should save her virginity cause he’ll be the one to take it. Damn, I can totally see why no one would have any problems with being forced to stay with this dream boat.
  • Human boyfriend says he likes Misao because she falls down for no reason and stares off into space. He even pledges to protect her. Huh. Well I guess that’s better than liking her because she has a nice ass and boobs. Progress!

Can’t you just feel the love radiating from Kyo?

  • Ah dear Kyo, he came to save Misao when she fell, but not cause he’s going to be nice and rescue her. Nope. He’s going to teach her a lesson by flying her high into the sky and scaring her half to death. His lesson? She can’t live without him. I bet he let loose those monsters to make Misao regret snubbing him as well, since Misao noticed they came back as soon as she started dating the human.
  • Not that there’s anything wrong with this. Nope. His voice may have been “cold” but “his arms [were] really gentle”. Yes, clearly the possessive abusive shit he pulled doesn’t matter as long as he tenderly touches you afterwards.
  • This lesson has clearly been learned cause now Misao has a very erotic dream of her and Kyo.
  • Hmmm, might not have been a dream after all. All her wounds are healed and only Kyo can do that. Well nothing like taking advantage of an half-conscious girl, right? Oh he healed her, of course that makes everything ok!
  • And now Kyo can threaten Misao with forcing her into high altitude against her will again whenever she refuses to do something for him. Abusive? Nope. Romantic!
  • Aw, look guys, Kyo thinks about Misao all the time. See, his forceful sexual advances, possessiveness, and all around assholery are nothing. He really loves her and that’s all that matters.
  • And we’ve got Kyo’s rival, Shuuhei, a fox demon. He wants Misao as his bride as well.

The Silver Lining?


No really guys, I don’t know if I can say anything good about this chapter. I think I get why Black Bird is so infamous now. Misao is being constantly punished for shunning Kyo. It came up in chapter 2 and it comes up here again. The worst thing is that last time it was just Misao getting into trouble for not relying on Kyo. This chapter? Kyo is the one punishing Misao for making him angry and rejecting him. He’s punishing her because she dared to date another man. You don’t get any more crazy possessive than that. And even worse? It’s totally being framed as ok because “his arms are really gentle”. No, Black Bird, that does not make it ok. And that sexual assault Kyo did right after to heal Misao? Not helping. And it’s brought up again by Kyo when Misao refuses to walk with him to school. Which means he feels ok with threatening her into this relationship (albeit it’s played in a comic way so not to feel too threatening to the reader). One wonders why he doesn’t just outright rape her and be done with it if he has no qualms about threatening her. I guess it’s because Black Bird is going to play into the whole “but he really loves her” thing that the manga has been heavily hinting at with Kyo saying he wants no one but Misao last chapter, and his confession that he was thinking about her all the time these past 10 years this chapter. I can see why this could be a guilty pleasure for some. Misao has more brains than a standard shoujo protagonist and it definitely caters to a certain fantasy, namely the totally in love and devoted to the point of possessiveness fantasy (same reason Twilight is big after all). But guilty pleasure or not, I think we can all agree that this chapter pretty much took the cake for pushing the line in terms of creepy behaviour from Kyo. For me personally? I could have seen this as a tolerable smut series, but I really don’t like this chapter. Am I the only one who feels that smut doesn’t need to be so heavy-handed? Can’t we have some smut where the girl isn’t practically forced into the relationship and where the guys isn’t a total ass?

Ranking: A+

Don’t You Dare Date Anyone But Me. Congratulation Black Bird, you’ve made it to A+ and beat Hot Gimmick to the punch to boot! Nothing like an extra possessive lead that punishes the heroine for shunning him! And why stop at that when you can write it in the most horrific way possible by having Misao cry and beg for him not to drop her, am I right? Can’t have a kinky manga without a total douche bag after all!

Suki Shite Sadist

Guys, it’s cute. Everyone wants to be a cute pet after all.

  • Random drawing has Aki sporting cat ears and furry clothes with a collar that is held by someone. Hey, at least Shinju is being honest here! Aki is basically going to be Naoya’s pet. Totally dependant on him with him in total control.
  • So Aki only realizes just now that she has the hots of Naoya. Hm. I swear this was already established in chapter 2 when she was all dejected that he didn’t make her his girlfriend. Well whatevs, not like these characters even have any real characterization.
  • Naoya quickly releases Aki from the “from behind hug” and Aki is confused whether he is teasing her or not. Ah, but it don’t matter cause she just “want[s] to be by his side”.
  • Oh how noble, Noaya is willing to give up everything for Masaya, well “except for…” He doesn’t say, but we all know he means Aki, because Aki is a thing that can be given and taken after all.
  • Aki is all embarrassed when she sees Naoya shirtless. So pure, so virginal. But that doesn’t stop her from ogling him cause “the muscles on his arms, his chest…” Oh those muscles! Not that I can see any. You’d think Shinjou would actually draw in some nice eye candy if she’s going to have Aki brag about it all day long.
  • Aw, how sweet, Naoya locked the door so Aki can change into her track uniform. He’s even promised not to peep on her. What consideration! Not like she could lock the door herself and change by herself. Nope!
  • When Aki hints that maybe he should leave. He says it’s ok cause he’s seen her once. D’aw, he’s referring to his little “bullying” stunt back in chapter 1 of course!
  • I am shocked! Aki actually refers to the incident as assault. Makes one wonder why she doesn’t avoid this guy like the plague if she acknowledges what he did was wrong. But I swear back in chapter 1 she was so turned on. Hm. This manga is full of contradictions, it seems.
  • Wait wait! She admits that “the feel and touch of Naoya’s fingers have remained in memory ever since…” while blushing heavily and looking demure. See, we can have our cake and eat it! We can have a pure virginal Aki that enjoys the sexy time! It works!
  • Gotta have Naoya call Aki slow and then have Aki mentally abuse herself by saying she’s stupid for thinking about the assault.
  • Of course, Aki must trip into Naoya while half dressed!
  • What’s this, he complements her?! What trickery is this?! And he proceeds to leave. Hm. I’m confused. Ah, but not before he tells her not to let other guys look at her. Damn right woman, I am in charge of your body and not you.
  • “That…possessiveness of his…I want to always be bound to it” – Aki (Well… at least the manga is honest about this being possessiveness).
  • Aw how cute, the track members refer to her as “little Aki”. Can’t make her any more infantile or pet-like if you tried.
  • And poor poor incompetent Aki is having a real hard time as manager.
  • Oh look, Naoya is looking out for Aki. He doesn’t want her hands to “become that of salted and wrinkled fish.” Yes because beauty is the most important aspect of a woman.
  • Naoya throws his jacket at Aki and tells her to wear it. Not like he could have just handed it to her. Oh wait-
  • Of course Aki blushes at every single mention of Naoya.
  • And our big cliff hanger? Masaya confesses to Aki!

The Silver Lining?

Once again Shinjou has managed to steer clear of bringing up more sexual assault and groping. I’m actually shocked because I had thought for sure we’d be back to chapter 1 levels by now. Not that the rest of the manga is any good though. I feel as through Shinjou is constantly trying to remind us how silly or incompetent Aki is by either having her fawning like crazy over Naoya or falling down or just all around having trouble getting stuff done. Now, she’s no where near Sumi levels, but it’s just the feeling I’ve gotten when reading the last two chapters. I think the thing that bothered me the most about this chapter is that Shinjou calls things exactly as they are (assault, possessiveness) yet still frames them as good. The other manga on this feature have these things as well, but I feel as if the other authors don’t label these as assault or possessiveness because on some level they do feel these things are wrong to romanticize. It’s a sort of mechanism that allows human beings to hold two contradictory views. If you refuse to accept or label something as A, then you can’t feel any cognitive dissonance because you convince yourself that it really isn’t A, so you aren’t approving of it. Yet here we have Shinjou, who has no problem calling these things exactly what they are, and still frames them as sexy and romantic. Yes, this chapter really disturbed me on that level.

Ranking: A

I want to be controlled! While Suki Shite Sadist has yet to regain its former chapter 1 glory, it is still doing a great job of staying in the game by calling things as they are and approving of them! No other author seems to have the lack of conscience guts to call things by their real names. Truly I believe Suki Shite Sadist has already won the championships in my heart.