Thanks for all the feedback from the debut feature everyone! I’m going to keep the general format the same (so three parts for each manga), but the feature is going to be broken down into smaller parts so that it isn’t so overwhelmingly long. How many parts? I’m not sure. I’ll see how long each write up is, and adjust it accordingly each time. Sometimes I have more to cover because there are lots of things to talk about in a given chapter, other times a chapter remains relatively tame and there isn’t much to point out. So far, the chapters aren’t slowing down the punches (except in perhaps one case), so there is a lot to cover for each manga. Stats are going to be moved to their own separate post as well and will now come up every few chapters as a sort of summary of all the ongoing story elements. I hope this will make this feature easier to read and more enjoyable. :)

Black Bird

  • Ah yes, nothing like beginning a new chapter with more unwanted groping from Kyo.
  • And if you didn’t get it last chapter, Kyo makes it very clear now: Misao is his, no other monsters can touch. What’s this, what about Misao’s choice? hahaha, woman choosing their sexual partners? What a laugh! This is the stone age, not some feminist paradise, get those ridiculous ideas out of here.

That’s right Misao, don’t get upset that he doesn’t even think about your choice, but that he wants you cause you’re the magic bride.

  • As usual, our dear heroine sulks, but it’s not cause Kyo is an irredeemable jerk that doesn’t consider her feelings. Nope. It’s cause Misao is certain Kyo only wants her cause she’s the magic bride and sex with her is like nirvana for demons or something.
  • While Misao is spacing out and thinking this, Kyo tries to kiss her. Nothing like showing you love someone through forceful sexual advances. How would we simple-minded women ever guess a man is interested in us if he doesn’t constantly try to kiss, grope, or touch us in inappropriate ways. Ah, but not to worry, Misao slaps him before he can finish the deed. Whew, that’s one non-consensual kiss avoided!
  • Nothing screams shoujo romance like a rival girl. And of course she needs to tell the heroine to keep her hands off Kyo. It’s not like Kyo’s the one with personal space problems. Clearly Misao is the aggressive one here.
  • And when Kyo actually gives the rival attention? Misao is jealous and resentful. For some reason, I was under the impression that she hated Kyo and his “attentions”. But, I’m clearly wrong here. Girls just love it when a man forces himself on them. Aki from Suki Shite Sadist clearly taught us all that last time.
  • That’s right Misao you don’t have the privilege to be mad. Why, you should be happy to even have someone protecting you from all these monsters, even if you never asked for this predicament and even if he is a total creep.
  • Well looks like the rival girl was a demon. That was rather quick. We’re not even halfway through the chapter. Ah, but just cause she’s a monster doesn’t mean she isn’t Misao’s rival. She just can’t wait to devour Misao and keep Kyo all to herself. Cause like getting rid of Misao will magically make Kyo turn all his attentions to her.
  • But not to worry, Kyo shows up before Kiyo (the rival) can do anything more to Misao. He even states he has no interest in anyone but Misao. Ah, how romantic! As long as jerky asshole only loves me, it doesn’t matter how he treats me, right? *swoon*
  • And we’re treated to some more sexually suggestive imagery as Kyo tries to suck out the poison that may very well kill him. Ah, what a guy. He’s willing to do anything for his woman. Clearly Misao is an ungrateful woman and she should be jumping into his arms already.
  • How quaint, Misao is referred to as the princess by Kyo’s subordinates. That makes him like the ruler of his clan, right?
  • And while Misao is feeling guilty over Kyo being weakened by sucking out the poison Kiyo bit her with, Kyo loses no time to try to touch Misao by putting his hand up her skirt. Classy!

The Silver Lining?


If I really try to reach, I guess it’s good that Misao doesn’t let Kyo do whatever he wants to her. I guess Kyo isn’t as much of a jerk like Ryouki from Hot Gimmick since he doesn’t blackmail Misao into having sex with him. He could totally do it too. Like, if you don’t have sex with me right this minute, I’ll kill you and eat you, or something. I’m surprised he hasn’t done it since in chapter 1 he did give her the ultimatum: Sleep with me or die. So I guess it’s a good thing he’s willing to wait and not rape her. Not that that says much for Black Bird. I mean, I’m really reaching here guys. I’m saying the only good thing about Black Bird is that it’s not as offensive as some of the other manga on this feature. That’s not a very good sign. Misao is totally falling for Kyo and for no real reason. One could make the claim that she’s clinging to her memory of him as a child, but why would she need to cling so hard to it? It’s not even because he sucks the poison out at the risk of his own life. She’s already jealous even before that happens. That slight hope I had when I finished chapter 1? Yeah, it’s been totally crushed this chapter.

Ranking: A-

Poison Sucking, Booby Groping, Hot Slimeball Demon Lord Love Story. Great job Black Bird! You stepped up your game and did exactly as I hoped. You’ve officially made it to the big leagues, so wear that A- like a badge. Misao is still quite head strong and resistant, but you are totally dealing with that by having her falling for Kyo for no reason beyond his shitty treatment of her. Also great use of typical shoujo cliches. Keep it up!

Suki Shite Sadist

  • Aki falls off her chair when she’s about to make her speech. Ah, clumsy girls are so cute, especially how they make total fools of themselves by falling off chairs right when they are supposed to be taken seriously. Cause you know those competent women? Yeah, they are horrible leading heroines. Who wants to read about some female who is smart and doesn’t think about hot dudes all day long? That’s just sooooo boring.
  • This little mess up causes Aki to start freaking out and once again, Aki needs Naoya to calm her down. Hell, just holding his hand magically gives her courage. Wow, having a man solves all your problems. No wonder all these shoujo manga stress that getting a man is priority number one for females. I mean, who doesn’t want something that will just magically solve all your problems. There is obviously nothing to be gained by doing anything for yourself. Personal growth and self-satisfaction? Psh, who needs that!
  • And when it comes to Naoya’s speech, he is of course totally flawless and perfect even though he is just making this all up as he goes. But we all know that the dude must run intellectual circles around the girl. We can’t have her being smarter or wittier than him, now can we?
  • And were you guys worried about Naoya forcing Aki to be his girlfriend? Worry not, the girlfriend thing was just a joke. Nothing like a guy teasing the girl. Sexual assault and physical dominance is not enough, he also has to make a fool out of her. Ms. Shinjou how do you come up with these heart throbs? Ah, but poor Aki is really disappointed. That sexual assault really opened her eyes to the wonders of Naoya.
  • Oh but don’t worry Aki, Naoya is a really good person, even Masaya thinks so. All that teasing and “bullying”, it’s nothing. Just pretend it did not happen cause Naoya is a really good person.

Horrible, horrible woman!

  • Oh that detestable career woman, ignoring her children. See guys, SEE! Competent women are EVIL! Clearly the husband found some magical way to support himself and Masaya and be there for his son all the time, whereas that harpy only cared about work. Evil, evil woman!
  • More charming from Naoya: not only is he going to tease you, he’ll also call you an idiot. Isn’t he just so sweet. Nothing like insults to show you how much that special someone cares.
  • And you know how Naoya is intellectually superior to Aki? Well that’s not all, he’s also a brilliant athlete while she’s “a complete sports idiot”. It’s almost amazing that he likes someone so average like Aki. It must be because he knows them competent women are real trouble, like that harpy of a mom of his! Best take the ones that are nice and docile.
  • And the manga also treats us to some vaguely rapey lines when Naoya tells Aki, “I will work your body hard.” I say vaguely rapey cause I’m pretty sure Aki hasn’t really done anything to give Naoya reason to think she wants to have sex with him (even if that’s all she thinks about ever since he gave her a taste).
  • Ah, these passions, these desires! Oh woe is me~ My feeble woman brain can’t handle Naoya holding me and telling me to stay by his side. I’m so overwhelmed beyond belief.

The Silver Lining?

Aki doesn’t get sexually assault, groped, or touched. And after chapter 1, that’s real progress. I can’t believe not having these in the chapter is a good point, but it seems that’s going to be a running theme with these manga. :/

Ranking: B+

Superior Man, Inferior Women: The Romance. Well, it’s not quite as strong a chapter as before, but I just absolutely adore how it has taken great pains to make Aki as wholly and without a doubt the inferior of the super awesome Naoya. I also love how Aki has totally fallen head-over-heels for Naoya and can’t even think straight around him. But I think my favourite part is the tear-wrenching career woman = horrible mother backstory for Naoya. That’s right, mothers should stay at home and raise the children and we should definitely be sending the message that anyone who thinks otherwise is a horrible horrible selfish harpy of a woman. I think Suki Shite Sadist is hitting all my favourite tropes and I just love it!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

  • How cute, Haru follows Shizuku everywhere like a puppy like a stalker. He even tries to follow her into the girl’s washroom. He even strips totally naked cause that’s what he thought you do when you want to go to P.E.
  • That’s right Haru, you grab Shizuku by the collar when she says something you don’t like! That’s exactly how you do it. Don’t let those women think they can say whatever they please!

That’s right Haru, study should be easy, but it’s clearly not so for Shizuku cause she has a weak and feeble woman brain.

  • Oh, lookie here, we’ve got another love interest that is intellectually superior to the heroine. And just like Naoya from Suki Shite Sadist, he doesn’t even have to try! Women have to work hard if they want to be smart. Men just are smart. It’s cause the man brain is obviously superior to the weak and feeble woman brain. Duh!
  • Ah, more violent behaviour from Haru. He even accidentally punches Shizuku in the face and causes her nose to bleed. Nothing says I love you like a punch to the face.
  • After all her emphasis on grades as her number one priority these last two chapters, Shizuku isn’t satisfied with getting number one on her midterms. Clearly the thing you’re missing, Shizuku, is a man. Men make everything so much better and more fulfilling, isn’t that right Suki Shite Sadist? Ah, but we don’t need to tell Shizuku this. She already knows. She has stopped avoiding Haru and even thanks him for running to save her the other day. Oh you know the incident she is referring to. It’s the one where Haru punch her in the face. Like I said, nothing says I love you like a punch to the face.
  • Forced random kissing! HAWT!

The Silver Lining?

Haru does a few other questionable things this volume, but it is once again framed as clearly his problems with social interaction and extreme gullibility. The manga goes to great lengths to tell us Haru has real problems with interpreting social situations. Some guys ask for his wallet and he beats them up and then cries for Shizuku to save him. He’s then shown to be cowering under a blanket because of the scary things that happen in high school. He strips naked because the dude from where he lives told him that how you change for P.E. in high school. He also believes Shizuku when she says that lunch in a fight to the death and proceeds to attack people in the cafeteria. Lastly he randomly, without Shizuku’s consent, kisses her just cause he read it in the book the female teacher gave him and then wonders why that doesn’t make his heart beat fast since that’s what the book said would happen. It’s definitely extreme, but it’s much better than him doing all this with an intent to actually hurt people; or because he’s a lusty beast demon, who can’t control his sexual desires. The punch in the face was also an accident (he pulls his arm back with such force that it knocks Shizuku back) and she snaps. She doesn’t accept his behaviour, and she tells him never to see her again. And for all those times that Haru acted violently, he respects her choice and leaves without making any sort of scene or any real resistance to her decision. He even avoids her at school. It’s a shame that the manga seems to be going for a study versus boyfriend/love angle, but maybe this is going to be the trigger for some character growth for Shizuku that will lead into her balancing the two. At least that’s what I hope will happen. The ending of the chapter even hints that Haru is slowly changing and is going to be much less violent from now on (it implies he understands why Shizuku got angry with him). Not the perfect scenario, but that’s sort of hard to find and I’m perfectly ok with Girl meets Boy and changes him for the better. I know it doesn’t work like that in real life, but stories are never 100% realistic and I’m ok with that. As long as it’s not going to degrade the heroine or show her falling for a dude that treats her like shit, being a little unrealistic is ok. Yeah, I don’t find Tonari all that bad, in fact, I like it. (Please don’t make me regret saying this Tonari, please!)

Ranking: D+

Can’t be Fulfilled Without a Man. Tonari, what is this chapter suppose to be? You’ve fallen from a C to a D+. I told you to pull yourself together, but you can’t seem to understand that a socially awkward guy isn’t going to cut it here. We don’t want him to be considerate and respect the heroine’s wishes. We want him to put her in her place and forcefully make her his. The only things saving you from outright flunking are refusing to let the woman be intellectually superior and having her realize she can’t be fulfilled without a man. I applaud you for that, but you need to try harder because a D+ isn’t going to cut it here. Please don’t disappoint me next chapter.

And that’s it for Part 1. Part 2 should be out within a few days as well. So what do you guys think, is this better than last time?