Recently a new eshop RPG was released called The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave and it has a demo for those curious about the game. The main hook of the game is that you generate these denpa men via “radio waves”. This quirky little feature caught my attention and I decided to try the demo to see whether there was any real substance to the game. And I was pleasantly surprised because on top of the quirky feature, there was a fun turn-based RPG. The demo also surprised me because it was quite long and it lets you transfer over everything you finish in the demo into the main game when you buy it. I think this is really nice and I hope more demos allow this sort of functionality.

This is how the capturing aspect of the game looks.

That said, while the game is quirky and very cute, it is at its core a turn-based RPG and if someone does not like those, they probably won’t see much appeal in this game. It’s very simple, with one Denpa man asking you to help him reach a tower to save his sister. The battle system is also in first person (think Dragon Quest IX with characters only showing up when they attack or cast spells). However, if you do actually like RPGs like me, I do think it is worthwhile to check the demo out. The best feature is definitely the idea of capturing denpa men generated via radio signals. I thought it was a very neat idea and I liked trying to find different kinds. Although, I think by radio signals they mean wireless internet signals because I only got a couple of denpa men when I scanned around the house (as there are only a couple of wireless signals from nearby houses). Either way, I quite enjoyed the demo and since it’s only 10$ on the eshop, I think the price is quite fair for what I did see of the game. It’s definitely going on my “to buy” list. I can’t quite purchase it right now because I’ve got Pokemon Black 2 occupying my gaming time, but once I have less to play, I am definitely going to be picking it up.