Alright,it’s the first edition of Substandard Shoujo Spectacle. I’m still not exactly sure of how I want to do this, so this is still pretty much in the experimental phases, but hopefully after a few of these I’ll figure out how I want to go about this. I sort of broke it into three parts: one which is all sarcasm and snark, one where I actually rate just how bad I think the chapter actually was, and one with an overall ranking based on how offensive the manga was (for me personally). I didn’t just want to leave it all snark because I felt that would be a little unfair as some of these aren’t actually that bad. Shocking, I know! Or at least aren’t totally irredeemable garbage, well maybe except for one or two of them. And when I was going through snark mode, I couldn’t really point out the good parts, so I broke it down into three parts. Two that are total snark fluff and one with my real thoughts about the chapter. It feels kind of strange to do it this way, but I couldn’t come up with a better solution. Maybe I should just be listing the bad things and any tropes? Would that be better? Or is the snark entertaining? I’ll let everyone be the judge.

Black Bird

  • We’re off to a very good start it seems! There’s a girl on the cover, who looks to be in pain with an injury on her shoulder while the dude holds her looking pretty smug about this. Why yes, abusing your lover is oh so satisfying, is it not?
  • After that lovely cover, Black Bird doesn’t lose any time in making sure we know that girls want guys. Like really really want them. Misao, our heroine, states she wants a boyfriend, twice, when asked what she wants for her birthday tomorrow. My my, isn’t she eager.
  • When she gets her chance though she doesn’t take it. How odd, you’d think for someone so determined to have a boyfriend, she would jump at the opportunity and ignore a bad feeling. What should I make of this development? Ah, but that doesn’t stop her from sulking and calling herself stupid. Cause, you know, it was stupid of her not to jump at the chance to get a man.
  • We are then introduced to the premise: all sorts of monsters want a piece of Misao. Literally. Either she’s going to get eaten or raped. How original. I mean the forced demon bride thing isn’t totally overdone. Nope. Nor has it been done elsewhere and in a better way.

Nothing says romance like a guy who thinks of you as his possession.

  • Ah, how romantic, Kyo swoops in to save the distressed Misao and proclaims, “Misao is my bride”. Nothing as romantic as some man you barely know or remember coming in and stating you are his bride without even asking you. *swoon*
  • And you know that premise of monsters liking her blood? Well that’s cause we need her to get cut up so Kyo can use his magical saliva to lick her clean. This is so erotic. I think I’ve found my new fap material.
  • Oh, let’s not forget to make Kyo as creepy as possible by having him grope Misao right after licking her and suggesting they go have sex at his house. Nothing wrong with that people, he’s just true to his word. After all, isn’t having sex with her husband a wife’s duty?
  • And if she resists? Well give her the ultimatum: die or have sex with me. Best.Pick.Up. Line. Ever!
  • And of course to hit all the usual shoujo fetishes, we’ll make Kyo her homeroom teacher! Nothing says hot boyfriend like your teacher.

The Silver Lining?

So the first chapter wasn’t that great, however, it wasn’t all bad. Misao didn’t let Kyo grope her, was clearly distressed by his ultimatum, and called him out on the promise being one between children and therefore something not to be taken seriously. The chapter also ends with her calling this a nightmare. All in all, I thought it would be much worse. The cover makes it seem like it would be much worse. Perhaps because my expectations were really low, I didn’t find the first chapter so bad. Granted the groping and invitation for sex was too much and I didn’t like it. The ultimatum also makes Kyo look like a real ass, but at least Misao doesn’t accept it. At least this is all being framed as horrible and not something she wants. Will this continue or will Misao finally be wooed by this sort of behaviour? Tune in for the next episode~

Ranking: B+

Super Erotic Tongue Licking Stalker Demon Teacher FunNot bad for a first chapter, a B+ is a solid ranking and something Black Bird can certainly be proud of. Now the question is, can it make it up to A or will this first chapter be the worst it can do. Time will tell. But that unwillingness of Misao has to go though, especially if Black Bird ever wants a chance of taking the lead. We’ve assembled some strong competition after all! Nothing but whole-hearted approve of this sort of behaviour will be able to take Black Bird up to the top as the most offensive shoujo manga.

Suki Shite Sadist

  • Well the cover isn’t too bad. The fingers look creepily long. Dare I hope this will actually disappoint me? On second thought, maybe not. With Sadist in the title, this one has to be a real winner.
  • Why we have a considerate fellow, Masaya, here! What trickery is this?! Has Ms. Shinjou reformed?! Where’s my sadist?! I want a super violent jerk that will torment me! The badder the better. Those bad boys are oh so sexy!
  • Not to worry! Fortunately our dear heroine, Aki, just isn’t into sweet, gentle Masaya. Poor chap has been friend zoned. But that’s to be expected cause women love to friend zone those considerate gentle guys. I mean, who wants to be treated with dignity?! That is so not hot.
  • Oh how bold of our heroine. Aki runs to Masaya’s defence! Is this really a Mayu Shinjou manga? Where’s the passive demure heroine? Come on, we want those kinds! Ah, but not to worry, this Masaya won’t let Aki steal his limelight. That’s right, know your place woman!
  • Ah that’s more like it! A super violent dude. I knew Ms.Shinjou wouldn’t fail me! Even though he looks exactly like that loser Masaya, he’s clearly hotter cause he can punch some guy’s face in.
  • Even Aki knows it. She states there’s “a special feeling in the air”. Oh Aki, don’t play dumb, you know you want Naoya (Mayasa’s twin brother) cause he’s violent and that so turns you on!
  • His hands are bigger, his body is more built. Oh you’re killing me here Ms.Shinjou! And of course Aki is a total ditz around her man, but he likes it cause it’s cute when a girl is stupid.
  • And of course our man has got to take initiative and start touching a total stranger without her consent. Touching her hair and face is just so sexy. Oh and Aki blushes like she should cause that should totally turn you on. Ah nothing like a stranger coming up to you and touching your face and hair. *swoon*

Why yes, I love being told to shut up or else stuff might get rough.

  • Ah, but it gets better! Not only will he touch you without warning. He’ll also warn you to shut your mouth for talking back to him and if you don’t, he’ll forcefully carry you away to a secluded part of the school to have his way with you. Nothing says romantic as a guy telling you to shut the fuck up or else he’ll rape you. This guy’s even better than Kyo from Black Bird. I honestly didn’t believe there could be a better lover than Kyo, but that’s Ms. Shinjou for you. She knows what we ladies want.
  • How considerate, he even suggests that Aki can try to resist.
  • But don’t worry guys, he won’t actually go this far on the first encounter. We got to save penetration for later right? Plus, he’s just bullying Aki for speaking against him. Bullying? Riiiiight. More like sexual assault, but what do I know.
  • Ah, but Aki doesn’t dislike it. It isn’t rape, it’s just surprise sex you didn’t know you wanted. I think I finally get this internet meme now!
  • Of course Aki starts freaking out when Masaya goes missing before his election speech. Damn emotional wenches. Good thing we have Naoya here to tell her to calm down.
  • And hey, he’s even willing to help Aki out. Aw, isn’t that sweet? But if you thought he’d help her out of the goodness of his heart, well you thought wrong. Aki’s going to have to date this stud if she wants his help. Nothing as sexy as a egotistic guy.

The Silver Lining?

hahahahaha…. yeah, there’s nothing good I can say about this first chapter. Well, I guess I can say Ms. Shinjou lived up to her reputation. Is that a good thing? I mean seriously, we already have sexual assault in the first chapter and the heroine totally digs it? Black Bird may have a total ass hat for a love interest, but it’s got nothing on this. Hell, it’s actually more progressive because Misao calls Kyo out on his assumptions and isn’t happy about her situation. Here? I really can’t see anything good about this first chapter. Thank good I picked a shorter work. I’m already worried about what else Aki is going to subjected to. :/

Ranking: A+

It’s not sexual assault, it’s surprise sexual touching you didn’t know you wanted and a touch of bullying. A very strong chapter from Suki Shite Sadist. I mean, no other manga was willing to have sexual assault and frame it as good in the very first chapter. Ms. Shinjou is really pulling out the big guns. I don’t think any manga is even going to get close to Sadist. In fact, I’m worried about just how much worse can it go. I might even have to create some uber ranking(s) for it if it can manage to get much worse.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

  • Oh lookie at the cover, a girl is holding a guy on a leash. She clearly has the right idea! You knows those wild inconsiderate jerks like Kyo from Black Bird? Well just telling them off and not dating them would be such a waste, we obviously should tame those wild beasts! Man, where would I be without you Tonari? How could Black Bird miss something so obvious?!
  • Now Shizuku isn’t as up front about wanting a guy as Misao, but she wants something that can change her and that something just so happens to be a man. Aw, Tonari, you so sly. You want us to read between the lines.
  • And hey, nothing says wild untamed beast as a super violent dude who got into a bloody fight and was suspended from school. Shizuku, get your whips and leashes ready, we’ve got ourselves a big one here!
  • Of course, just having a reputation isn’t enough. When Shizuku meets our dashing hero Haru, he’s in the process of picking a fight. Now we know for sure that he’s the real deal. My whip and leash is ready!
  • But wait! Haru isn’t finished! Just like any wild untamed beast, he jumps at Shizuku when she leaves his home and pins her to the ground. We got a real winner here folks!
  • But hey, just having one surreal character isn’t enough. Tonari also introduces an irresponsible teacher, who feels a-ok spending a female student to see a male student that is super violent and that she herself feels uncomfortable seeing. I mean, of course nothing bad will happen. Hell, she clearly must be thinking that Shizuku is just the right girl for the job of taming the wild and violent Haru.
  • Yeah this teacher is a real winner. Shizuki is “cold-hearted” because she refuses to see a guy who is violent and scary. Man, this teacher really doesn’t know a little word called hypocrite, does she?

The infamous scene. I thought I’d share for those who are curious.

  • Ah, the infamous scene that got Tonari on this feature. What I learned? If you want to invite a friend somewhere, just threaten them with rape!
  • And of course, like any true shoujo love interest, Haru has got to rescue Shizuku. It’s the manly way. We don’t date wimps after all.

The Silver Lining?

I’m going to have to agree with Moe Sucks on this one. It is actually not all that bad. Rather than take Haru seriously, I just get the idea that he has real social problems and that half of what he does he doesn’t do intentionally. As such, most of the usual behaviours in a male lead that I would get annoyed with, don’t bother me as much because they aren’t done intentionally. Was the rape threat necessary? No. It was honestly very random. I wasn’t expecting it at all and the quick diffusion of the whole scene and shift in mood just reinforced that Haru didn’t really get the full ramifications of what he was saying. Maybe I’m just used to allusions to rape, mentions of rape, and actual instances because it seriously comes up in shoujo a lot, but I can’t say I was bothered by this instance. Yes, I do feel it was totally unnecessary and would probably have been better if it wasn’t included, but I don’t find it as problematic as others. The other thing is that Shizuku doesn’t actually want to see Haru. She doesn’t like his behaviour at all. She flatly refuses to go see him again when the teacher asks her. There is a clear denial of the idea of her approving any of his bad behaviours. The only reason she continues to even see him is because her compassion gets the better of her and I can honestly buy it because compassion does work like that. Rationally, she should be avoiding this guy, but when she hears he might be expelled, I do believe she feels a bit guilty and wants to at least warn him. From there she becomes accidentally acquainted with his sad situation and starts to care. I buy that and this doesn’t suddenly mean Shizuku approves of the shit Haru did before. But I guess we’ll see what future chapters bring, but for now, I don’t mind Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. The cover is bad, like unfortunate implications bad, but I’m going to wait and see how it plays out before condemning it totally (snark above aside).

That all said, my main form of entertainment from this chapter came from Shizuku. I really enjoyed how blunt and up front she was. I think my favourite part was her flatly refusing to see Haru again when the teacher asks and promptly walking away. She’s not unfeeling yet she’s very frank and I don’t see many shoujo heroines with these sorts of qualities so this is definitely a big plus in Tonari‘s favour. I’d say the only thing that really bothered me was the teacher. How can a teacher feel ok with sending a student to see someone they themselves are scared of? That was just plain wrong.

Ranking: C

Socially Awkward and Violent Man Taming. Aw come on Tonari, are you even trying? Your cover is worse than what goes on inside. After the hell you raised, I was sure you’d be at least as bad as Black Bird. But what sort of heroine do you have? A girl who actually takes her school work seriously? You aren’t going to get anywhere with that! Boyfriend crazy heroines are where it’s at, preferably very passive ones. And when you write a total inconsiderate jerk, make sure he actually is a total inconsiderate jerk. We don’t want a socially awkward dude, who just accidentally says or does jerky things once in a while and then proceeds to be all nice. We want genuine ass hats. Take a look at Suki Shite Sadist. That’s how you do it. If you don’t pick up the slack next chapter, you aren’t going to be any sort of serious competition! Get yourself together!

Hot Gimmick

  • The cover looks innocent enough. Just a girl who seems to be in the middle of yelling something. Unfortunately this is a revisit, so I know just how deceptive that cover is, but my snark and opinions will be solely based on the merits (or lack thereof) of each chapter, just to keep things fair.
  • Ah, our first look at Ryouki: a little Ryouki pushes a little Hatsumi down a flight of stairs because she’s playing in his area. I can already see that this guy is going to be a real charmer.
  • Ah, of course when you go buy a pregnancy test, you don’t want to have a male cashier. That’s just *so* embarrassing.
  • Oh look, we run into charming Ryouki all grown up. If the flashback before didn’t convince you, his naming calling will definitely convince you that this guy is quite the catch!

Just what I always wanted! To be at the mercy of someone else’s whims and desires. Pray tell me, why was slavery even abolished?

  • But don’t worry guys, he’ll keep your secret…for a price! All you have to do is be his slave. Man, I really envy that Hatsumi. What a lucky girl.
  • Ah, but that’s not all, Ryouki likes touching without consent and determining breast size. How romantic. Every girl just loves to be told whether her breasts are too small or too big. Ryouki, you stud. And if you don’t want to, he’s not above blackmail to force you. Could he get any better?
  • Ah, but not to worry, we can’t have our innocent virginal Hatsumi soiled so quickly, so kind childhood friend to the rescue like in any good shoujo story.

The Silver Lining?

Once all is said and done, Hot Gimmick‘s chapter one is definitely a lot better than Suki Shite Sadist, but I guess nothing can top that one, eh? Chapter one definitely isn’t bad since Hatsumi doesn’t enjoy what Ryouki does to her and doesn’t like him at all, but the slave setup is really tasteless. Also, while she doesn’t enjoy it at all, I am disappointed that Azusa is the one that needs to come in and stop Ryouki. Both Misao and Shizuku handled the unwanted behaviour of the boys on their own without the need for a third boy to come save them. So as much as I am happy that Hatsumi clearly doesn’t like what Ryouki is doing, the slave thing is even more tasteless than demon bride and taming violent men; and Hatsumi is painted as so passive, she can’t even stop the sexual assault herself, she needs a knight in shining armour. Granted it’s not her fault and it isn’t her responsibility to make sure Ryouki keeps his hands to himself, but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth that the heroine is written to be so passive that she needs another man to save her.

Ranking: B+

Sex Slavery with a dash of Knight in Shining Armour. Not bad, Hot Gimmick managed to tie with Black Bird. And B+ is definitely a solid mark. That said, Hot Gimmick needs to turn up the dial if it wants to dethrone Suki Shite Sadist next chapter. It’s definitely better positioned than Black Bird; Hatsumi was much more passive than Misao. Only reason they tied was that Black Bird gave us gore and erotic licking mixed together along with groping. Plus not only is Kyo a demon, he’s also Misao’s teacher now. That’s a double authority and power whammy. Hot Gimmick just has groping and Ryouki as the son of the most important man in the company housing. But I do see the potential, just a little more forceful sexual exploitation and more passivity from Hatsumi and Hot Gimmick will easily overtake Black Bird. Well, that’s if Black Bird stays at this level. Ah, who will win? Place your bets.

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume (Stepping on Roses)

  • The cover looks quite nice. A dude and a girl embracing and smiling. Maybe this won’t be that bad? But then again, the worst ones seem to be the ones with the deceptive covers (Suki Shite Sadist, Hot Gimmick).
  • Ah, nothing like an irresponsible brother to put you into massive debt. Hell he even brought her random children so she wouldn’t be bored, cause being dirt poor, it’s not like they don’t have enough to worry about. Not like she couldn’t try to find some sort of job (you know the usual stuff that was acceptable for women to do back in the day, like being a maid) with little pay to actually survive. No, let’s give her some babies! That will make her productive cause babies just scream FEMALE! Metroid: Other M seems to think so as well.

In trouble? female? Well you’re in luck, that makes you eligible for rescue, just like our heroine here. Have a Y chromosome? Sorry, tough luck.

  • Of course, a man must come in to rescue the girl in her time of dire need. Why should anyone save themselves. It’s just soo convenient for random men to somehow know you are in trouble and come help you. I mean, it wouldn’t be shoujo if the girl didn’t get saved, right? At least most of the other contenders seem to agree.
  • So our heroine, Sumi, decides to become a prostitute in order to raise enough money so the gangster won’t sell her adopted brothers and sisters like slaves. Quite noble of her except another dude magically appears and is willing to pay a fortune for her and he seems not interested in sleeping with her. Man, is this the newest way to met potential partners? Just go out and stand around in the Red Light District and look for someone who is willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for your body? Damn, I wish I knew this sooner.
  • Oh, that’s not all, he’ll even pay the expenses for her siblings as long as she becomes his wife. Wow, now that’s how you propose to a woman. Take note Kyo of Black Bird, and maybe you’ll get Misao to accept your marriage next time.

The Silver Lining?

Another manga with a pretty decent chapter 1. I mean the setup is utterly ridiculous and I can’t really take it seriously, but I was impressed that the dude, who bought her and asked her to become his wife, states that he won’t love her and that she can’t fall for him. Damn, I think this is the first time a manga actually didn’t do the whole cliche “dude saves the girl cause it was love at first sight” setup. I really like that. I also like that Sumi took the initiative, even if she is ultimately saved from poverty magically via a man and isn’t required to have sex with him. Hell, I’m willing to let that go for the whole sake that the dude seems to have bought her for some ulterior motive we don’t know about yet. I’m actually looking forward to chapter 2! And only Tonari and Hadashi have this distinction right now.

Ranking: D

True to Shoujo Formula of Random Men just Conveniently Saving the Heroine. Hadashi. Hadashi. Hadashi. What the heck is this first chapter suppose to be? Are you ok with such a pathetic ranking? You almost failed! If it wasn’t for how ridiculous your setup was and how you loved using such true and tested shoujo cliches of random men saving the heroine, I would have flunked you! And worse, you had plenty of occasions to degrade your heroine. How could you not have a scene where dark mysterious man gropes or harasses your heroine? I’m really disappointed with you. You better get your act together next chapter.

The Beautiful Skies of Houou High

  • Cover seems ok enough. A bunch of dudes and a girl. Although if I didn’t know she was suppose to be a girl, I would have assumed it was all dudes on the cover.
  • Meet our heroine, Kei, she likes girls. Her mom doesn’t approve. Tells her to go find herself a guy like any normal girl would do. And if Black Bird above taught us anything it is that girls all want guys.
  • Look guys, Kei’s mom just wants Kei to have a “happy marriage like a princess” with frilly dresses and all that. You know, the whole feminine thing. Duh! Just be a feminine princess and get a guy and marry him. That’s all there is to being a girl. Kei, why are you making this so hard?! It isn’t that hard!

Wanting a man is so integral to the female existence that it is literally ingrained in our female brains as an instinct. Watch out men, we women are out on the prowl!

  • So the mom’s solution? Why send her to an all boys school cause, “sooner or later, she’ll come to realize… her female instincts”. Cause you know, wanting a man is like ingrained into the female brain. It is scientifically proven!
  • For some reason, Kei is scared of men and vomits and/or faints when surrounded by them. Something about the “stench of men”? I don’t quite understand, but maybe this manga will eventually enlighten me?
  • Oddly enough though, she likes to dress like one. But that is obvious, cause lesbians secretly want to be men and that’s why they chase girls.
  • Mamma wants to “cure” Kei’s hatred of men. Oh and she hopes that since she is going to an elite boys school, she’ll hit the jackpot. Hey, why not kill two birds with one stone? Good thinking Mamma!

The Silver Lining?

Now there is nothing wrong with a manga that has a character like Kei’s mom. Plenty of people don’t understand homosexuality and think these sorts of things and try to impose them on their children that don’t conform to the gender binary, so that alone isn’t really the problem. The problem is that I can’t help but see this manga as being set up in a way that will eventually vindicate what the mother believes and that is terrible. Now I don’t know this for sure, I’ve only read 1 chapter, but she’s going to be surrounded by men and the story is feeling very much like a romcom, so I just don’t see any other way for it to unfold. However, if I am wrong (and I hope I am) I will be happy to write a post proclaiming the merits of this manga. That aside, chapter 1 was actually pretty entertaining. I’m a sucker for cross-dressing romcoms so I actually enjoyed it (don’t judge meeeee). Barring my pessimism and the whole Kei is scared of men thing being another instance of lesbians just hate or are scared of men belief about homosexuality, there wasn’t much to roll my eyes at this chapter. Most of the questionable stuff is more or less conjuncture at this point.

Ranking: C+

Potential Lesbian Corrective Training with a dash of RomCom. Houou High didn’t exactly finish with the best mark this chapter, but C+ is still quite decent. The true potential is just how much worse this can get if it sticks to the lesbian corrective shock therapy premise it seems to be going for. Keep going Houou High, you may very well become a top contender! A slow build up is nothing to be ashamed of. I expect great things from you in the coming chapters.

The Devil Within

  • Cover looks rather generic, as does the art. Not off to a good start, are we? At least it should have given us some sort of offensive cover for shock value or something.
  • Meet our heroine, Rion, she has some childhood trauma from watching rape porn as a little girl. So she is convinced, to this day, that all adult men are devils. Man, that must have been some crazy horrific rape porn or something. What the hell does her dad watch?

What’s wrong with being sexually attracted to little boys? Why absolutely nothing. Thank you for enlightening us ignorant folks, Rion.

  • Her solution is to be romantically attracted to little boys. How that works, I have no idea, but she seems to have no problems with this. I guess it’s only disgusting when it’s lolicon, huh?
  • And if the previous manga here didn’t make it apparent enough, it is a freaken damn shame when a women has no interest in (adult) men. Rion, you little lost lamb. Someone must show you the light.
  • Ah and let us lose no time in abusing our dear heroine. She must have a run in with a homeless dude who proceeds to try and grab her to get food and ends up groping her instead. Huh, and here I thought homeless people avoid any sort of aggressive behaviour because they are a socially vulnerable group. Man, what would I do without manga to educate me?
  • And of course some other dude arrives to save our helpless heroine cause women doing their own saving is such a ridiculous idea. Almost as ridiculous as thinking homeless people wouldn’t randomly attack people.
  • Ah, but our heroine is smart, she knows all men are rapists. And when she meets the guy (boy?!) of her dreams, it’s all cool that he wants to just randomly kiss her without her consent. He even calls her a stupid girl, ah how romantic~ Rion is so very happy and she should be, this guy is a total charmer!
  • Ah, turns out that homeless dude wasn’t so homeless after all. He’s one of Rion’s unwanted reverse harem dudes, which also includes the dude that saved her and the elevator dude. Poor poor Rion and just when she found the perfect man/boy, her dad tells her they are her fiances. What is a girl to do? Of course, Rion’s dad knows that “shock” therapy is the best method for changing sexual preferences. He’s been talking to Kei’s mother after all.

The Silver Lining?

Hmm, I guess that the heroine doesn’t like being sexually assaulted? I mean that must be worth something right? Right? Ok ok, the manga also avoid the whole aggressive homeless person thing by that revelation near the end of chapter 1. I guess that’s also nice. Yeah, there isn’t much else I can really say that’s good about this manga. I mean, is the setup really going to be that Rion watched some horrific rape porn as a kid and that made her into a pedophile? I think that’s the stupidest setup out of this whole group and that’s saying a lot given we have the worst of the worst here. Still I give it points cause it hasn’t gone Suki Shite Sadist low yet, even if it is skirting dangerously close.

Ranking: A-

Becoming a Shotacon by traumatic porn experience. Seems Legit. We’ve got ourselves another strong competitor here! Right after Suki Shite Sadist, this manga’s chapter one ranks the highest on the offensive scale. Oh this is going to be a fierce competition. Devil Within is just loaded with all sorts of awesomely cool things like little boys (or dudes that look like little boys) that are sexually aggressive and shock therapy to cure paedophilia. Clearly Rion doesn’t need to see a therapist, she needs a reverse harem! I like the way you think manga.

Delicious Stats

Now for a break down of reoccurring (bad) elements found in the manga of this feature. The story elements have also been organized from most prevalent to least prevalent for easy ranking/comparing (and for elements with the same number of instances, it is alphabetical). I thought this would be a neat way to deconstruct just what goes on in these manga and just how prevalent it is. That’s why future features will also have an overall total in the count just to see how much certain things reoccur throughout the run of this feature.

Story Elements Break Down:

Heroine must be Saved  {Heroine is rescued from whatever distressed situation she is in by a man}

– 6 instances in 5 of the 7 manga
– Found in: Black Bird, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Hot Gimmick, Hadashi de Bara wo Fume (x2), & The Devil Within.

Violent Love Interest

– 4 instances in 3 manga out of 7
– Found in: Black Bird, Suki Shite Sadist, & Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (x2)

Egotistical Love Interest  {Any instance where the love interest is only willing to help the heroine if he gets something back in return}

– 3 instances; 3 manga
– Found in: Suki Shite Sadist, Hot Gimmick, & Hadashi de Bara wo Fume

“I just want a Boyfriend”  {Any instance where the heroine says that, or the manga suggests that having a man in very important for a female}

– 3 instances; 3 manga
-Found in: Black Bird, The Beautiful Skies of Houou High, & The Devil Within

Love Interest in a Position of Authority  {positions of authority include teacher, employer, rich dude, son of your dad’s boss, etc.}

– 3 instances; 3 manga
– Found in: Black Bird, Hot Gimmick, & Hadashi de Bara wo Fume

[Non-Consensual] Groping

– 3 instances; 3 manga
– Found in: Black Bird, Hot Gimmick, & The Devil Within

Rape threats  {and just threats, not actual rape}

– 3 instances; 3 manga
– Found in: Black Bird, Suki Shite Sadist, & Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Physical Domination  {Any instances where the love interest has physical power over the heroine. Things like pinning her down, carrying her away, not letting her leave by holding her arm, etc.}

– 3 instances; 2 manga
– Found in: Suki Shite Sadist (x2), & Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Reinforce the Gender Binary

– 2 instances; 2 manga
– Found in: Hadashi de Bara wo Fume, & The Beautiful Skies of Houou High

Sexual Assault  {Any instance of an unwanted sexual encounter (but that doesn’t involve any penetration)}

– 2 instances; 2 manga
– Found in: Suki Shite Sadist, & Hot Gimmick

Verbal Abuse/Name Calling  {Any instance where the heroine is called stupid, ugly, bitch, etc. by her potential love interest}

– 2 instances; 2 manga
– Found in: Hot Gimmick, & The Devil Within

All Lesbians hate or fear Men

– 1 instance
– Found in: The Beautiful Skies of Houou High

Deviant Sexual Orientation/Preferences are the Result of Past Trauma

– 1 instance
– Found in: The Devil Within

Deviant Sexual Orientation/Preferences can be “Cured”

– 1 instance
– Found in: The Beautiful Skies of Houou High

Lesbians Secretly want to be Men  {Instances include lesbians that dress, act, or think like men}

– 1 instance
– Found in: The Beautiful Skies of Houou High

Links Actual Physical Injury with Eroticism  {Any scenes that link physical injuries with sexually suggestive encounters}

– 1 instance
– Found in: Black Bird

Low Self-Esteem  {Any scenes where the heroine thinks lowly of herself. Things like calling herself stupid, ugly, etc.}

– 1 instance
– Found in: Black Bird

Men are Animals

– 1 instance
– Found in: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

[Non-Consensual] Kissing

– 1 instance
– Found in: The Devil Within

Physical Abuse  {Any instance where the heroine suffers any physical injury from her love interest}

– 1 instance
– Found in: Hot Gimmick

Possessive Love Interest

– 1 instance
– Found in: Black Bird


– 1 instance
– Found in: The Devil Within

“Shut Up Woman!”  {Any instances where the heroine is punished for talking back to the love interest or intimidated into silence}

– 1 instance
– Found in: Suki Shite Sadist

Overall Rankings?!

And let’s finish off the feature with a ranking of which chapters I enjoyed the least to which I enjoyed the most, cause ranking things is fun~ From the least enjoyable to most enjoyable chapter 1:

7. Suki Shite Sadist
6. The Devil Within
5. Hot Gimmick
4. Black Bird
3. The Beautiful Skies of Houou High
2. Hadashi de Bara wo Fume/Stepping on Roses
1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything? Also yeah, I know this feature is long thanks to how I list things. I’ll try to find a better way to list the story elements. Any feedback is welcome. I’m still not quite satisfied with how I’ve organized everything yet, but I haven’t come up with a better solution for now. :(