I don’t drop too many anime, but lately I feel like I should do it more often and I did end up dropping two anime series which just weren’t engaging me on any level. I think in the past I’ve been a bit too lenient on manga and anime and sticking with a series that I didn’t quite enjoy, but there was still something there that kept me interested enough to continue watching it. I think I’m going to start dropping stuff more readily now because I rather not waste more time than necessary on stuff I don’t quite care about. That said, knowing me, it still probably won’t be a lot. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through all the random harem recommendations soon enough. (If someone recommends me something, I put it on my Plan to Watch list and try to give it a fair chance, even if it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. I’ve even liked a few harem shows that didn’t take themselves too seriously and didn’t use specific tropes I personally hate, but I’m going off on a tangent here). Any way, that is my new resolution. We shall see if I can manage to keep it. As for the two anime I recently dropped:

El Hazard: The Alternate World
My MAL Rating: 4/10

Well, this isn’t surprising since I did say that if it didn’t improve I would drop it, and it didn’t. While episode 3 was interesting, episodes 4 and 5 were just plain boring. What sealed the deal was the anime’s hilariously bad attempt at giving Rune a romance subplot in episode 5. First of all, the farmer dude, who is her love interest, acts too inexperienced for someone who looks to be in their 20s. I mean, he gets embarrassed when she accidentally falls on top of him and has to turn away? Come on! Not to mention that happens in every single romcom and harem anime and I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Then the anime makes it a point to show Rune is happy just cooking and cleaning for this guy. Much happier than ruling her kingdom at that. Ok, sure ruling a kingdom probably isn’t much fun (well outside the whole power thing), but the gender politics here are just too obvious for me to fall for them. Maybe if she were in some town and was living an ordinary life I could almost buy it, but here she is literally just cooking and cleaning and living with this 1 guy. Did I mention that while she’s at home there is no one there so she is literally unable to have any human contact except when the farmer dude comes home from working his field. Like I said, if she was living in some sort of community, I could pretend to buy that there are no gender politics at work, but with this sort of set up? The writers aren’t even trying to hide it! I will give them points for having her turn him down because she has to get back to ruling her kingdom (even if I wonder why it took her weeks to arrive at that decision). Still this episode was too cliché and boring for me to even care enough to watch the rest of the show. Dropped~

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
My MAL rating: 5/10

If it is not obvious from the picture above, this is a harem show. Someone recommended it to me awhile ago saying it was hilarious. I can see why they thought that because it was pretty hilarious for the first 3 episodes. It’s really a very random show with no real logic, but it worked for the first 3 episodes because it seemed the anime wasn’t taking itself too seriously and was just going to parody everything and anything. Ayumu, our harem lead, for example, imagines the silent Eu (the white haired chick above) with all sorts of moe expressions. The best part and what kept me watching was that Ayumu has to become a magical girl and fight off random evil things. Did I mention he wears that same pink dress the loli character up above wears? Did I also mention he has a parodirific transformation scene? Yeah, that’s why I watched this show. It was funny and I was so happy to see someone finally parody magical girl tropes with a male character. I mean, was I the only one that wanted to see something like that? I can’t be. xD Anyway, it was funny for the first 3 episodes, but then the show started slipping into typical harem set ups with each of the girls slowly falling for Ayumu and Ayumu doing the traditional “manly” declaration of “I will protect you” to Eu, even though she is an all-powerful being and the reason he even has any sort of powers, but well the logic of harem! And then we get an attempt at plot in episodes 5 and 6 and it is painful trope-filled stuff. I admit, the anime probably wouldn’t have been able to hold my attention to the end by just throwing random shit together. I found Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei disappointing for the same exact reason, but if it had tried to keep the parodies going, introducing newer things to parody, it may have been able to hold my attention far longer than it did. Unfortunately, with the direction episodes 4-6 took, I just couldn’t be bothered to watch another harem that took itself too seriously and was ready to repeat the most tired tropes imaginable in the genre. Oh and the pandering in this anime is pretty bad too. Lots of booby juggling, random breast and ass shots, and naked and half-naked girls (without any details though!).

For those curious, here’s Magical Girl Ayumu