Well, it’s the final volume! Such a strange feeling to finally finish a story. Even after reading so many novels and manga, I still feel weird and sad whenever a really good story ends. This volume’s cover is really pretty too and I like how it relates to the final parts of this volume. :)


After speaking with Doctor Mori and Boone, Alice makes up her mind and tells Rin Mokuren’s password. Rin is seemingly overwhelmed by the revelation that Mokuren’s password is Shion’s full name and Alice tries to persuade him to take her with him to Tokyo Tower to blow up the Moon Base together. Unfortunately the other Moon Dreamers arrive and try to also convince Rin to let go of the past, but this seems to only aggravate him even more.

Everyone chases Rin to the Tower, and while he is inputting the passwords, Alice continues to beg him to blow up the base, even threatening to kill herself by jumping off the tower, should he choose to try and control the world. When Rin finally makes the choice to blow up the base, the computers refuse to carry out his order. It is at this moment that he finally recalls what Shion made on the base after he went insane. It turns out it was a holographic projection of Mokuren singing that the team filmed. The projector was made to play it continuously, making the base now overrun by plants and the computers all broken down. With this revelation, Rin falls unconscious and Jinpachi jumps to save him.

A few days after the incident, Rin is still laying in the hospital in a coma. Alice and the others decide to telepathically enter his dream to bring him back. It works and Alice finally confesses her love to Rin. Afterwards, the manga skips 4 years into the future where Rin is now in 6th grade and as tall as Alice. She, Issei, Sakura, and Jinpachi have come to Rin’s school sports day. Jinpachi happily films a disgruntled Rin. Later, Alice comes home and receives a letter from Haruhiko. From the letter and Alice’s reply, we learn about the fates of the other characters. The manga ends with Alice and Rin on the beach discussing their future plans.

My Thoughts

I’ll start by saying I really liked the ending for Please Save My Earth. It felt very conclusive and satisfying. There have been a few manga where I felt the ending happened too soon (or didn’t address all the characters) and it left me feeling quite sad. So I’m happy we have a proper epilogue here. I really liked how Ms. Hiwatari gave us info on everyone and not just a few characters here and there. Time skip epilogues also work rather well because they show us how the characters are doing well into the future, which is nice to see. So I was happy to see that happen here as well. All in all, I really liked the ending and perhaps I’m not as sad as I normally would be when a good story ends because I know Please Save My Earth has a sequel (albeit not legally available in English unfortunately).

One thing that piqued my interest was Mikuro. His epilogue was very vague and Ms. Hiwatari mentions in both the author columns and the interview at the end, that this was because Mikuro is the protagonist of another story of hers and she could not give any more away. The interesting thing is that this story had not been written yet when she did the interview and columns, so I’m quite curious if by now it has. I’d love to see what Mikuro’s story is about, especially after Ms. Hiwatari mentioned that it is even darker than PSME‘s in her column. A shame that we probably won’t see any more of her manga in English given the cold reception PSME had in English. Really, it should be a crime that such great manga like PSME and Basara sell so badly, especially since it only prevents any more of the author’s works from reaching fans outside Japan. :(

As for everything else, there isn’t much to say. The final volume was written really well with a great build up to the climax and (as I already mentioned) a very satisfying conclusion. I will say I still find it sort of weird (and a tad bit creepy) that Alice is dating such a young Rin. It would have been a bit better if they skipped ahead to highschool. But oh well, it can’t be help since the whole story is reliant on that 9 year gap. Ok, maybe not the whole story, but a good chuck of it would become a bit nonsensical if the gap didn’t exist. Like for example, Rin loosing himself in Shion would be less believable; as would Shion’s rage (especially against Haru). There would also have been less of an impact if the 9 year gap hadn’t come around to sombre up the rest of the characters and make them realize they weren’t just reminiscing about happy times. So yeah, the 9 year gap makes Rin and Alice’s relationship really strange, but at the same time, it brings a lot more to the story, so that I’m willing to accept it as necessary.

Another interesting revelation is that Sakura and Issei are a couple. It feels really natural to see them get together as they supported each other throughout the series, but at the same time, they were best friends in their past life, so it must feel a little weird for them. xD Still it’s great to see them hook up and that Enju’s broken heart has finally found resolution. I can also see Haruhiko as a children book author. It really fits him.

All in all a great conclusion to a great series. Perhaps not one of my all time favourites, but definitely one I enjoyed quite a lot and am happy to have purchased and added to my collection. (Definitely want to snag that 13th volume one of these days now…) I’ll be starting Yumi Tamura‘s two volume Chicago next and after that, it will be the rest of my ongoing (in the sense that I’m still picking up the volumes for said series) volumes that I’ve stacked up on my backburner.