Anyone who has seen me attempt to play a rhythm game knows I am simply pathetic. I had trouble with Guitar Hero even on the easiest settings and when I tried Elite Beat Agents against some friends (one of them being the owner of the game), I had trouble wining against even my non-gamer friends. Actually I didn’t win at all. I either tied with them or lost. ;__; So sufficient to say, I’ve been rather wary of rhythm based games. It’s not that I hate them, but rather that I’d hate to have a game in my collection I cannot finish just because I lack the technical skills. It would drive me crazy. Just like that last level of Face Raiders did until I finally got through it.

So when I booted up the demo of Rhythm Thief, I was expecting my lower behind to be handed to me. And it was, but only once. The first sample stage of the demo featured gameplay similar to Elite Beat Agents and it was this stage that took me two tries to win. But after that first try, I started to get the hang of it. I even finished the second and third stages with an A ranking on my first try. Out of the three sample stages, the third one was definitely my favourite. The button presses were very simple and intuitive, so much so that I just focused on timing and as such I had a lot of fun with it. The second stage requires you to pay attention to the colour/type of statue as well as timing, so I had a harder time timing everything (and it definitely felt more hectic), but it was still enjoyable. The same applied to the first stage where you had to pay attention to which movement you had to make with the stylus as well as timing through the other dances and the music. I had a bit of trouble pulling off the dance (draw a circle) at first because I was doing half circles in my attempt to time everything just right. Nonetheless, this demo has made me rethink my opinion on rhythm games and I will definitely be giving them a try from now on. Other than Rhythm Thief, I’d also like to give Theatrhythm a go, Elite Beat Agents, one of the Miku PSP games, and the Rhythm Heaven series. That’s quite the list, so chances are this will be gradual. :)

This was the third stage featured in the demo and it was my favourite one.

As for the music, it was non-licensed stuff. But it worked because all three tracks had a heavy and pretty noticeable beat so that even someone like me could pick up on them, and they fit with the scene they were tied to. For example, the last track is very intense and fits with the fact that the main character is fighting off a bunch of people after him. Likewise, the first track fits very well as a dance tune and the more jazzy tune of the second stage fits well with the sneaking that the main character does.

The demo didn’t really show any story, but it looks like there is a story to go with Rhythm Thief as the main character is seen sneaking through museums and fighting off some sort of bad guys. There was also just a bit of voice attacking, but it sounded good too. So yes, it seems maybe I’m not as bad at rhythm games as I thought and I look forward to trying some in the future. :)