So I promised to get back to posting but I got addicted to Fire Emblem again and I’ve been mostly just playing it these past few days in my spare time. I don’t know if anyone else has a gaming series that they find simply addicting. For me it’s the Fire Emblem games. The gameplay is pretty simple at its core (with a rock-paper-scissors set up), but then there are all the additional stuff to consider (like weapons that are effective against certain type of units) that it’s so much fun to play. Furthermore, the perma-death give the series this tension that really gets me into it and outside of a few games, it’s almost impossible to level grind so the games demand you actually think through what you are doing, which makes it fun to replay again and again. Granted I’m playing the VC version of Sacred Stones right now and it’s one of the few that does have optional battles, but outside of keeping my unused units up to speed, I haven’t been using it so the game still retains it’s edge.

Does anyone else have a series that just pulls them right in again and again if they give it the chance?