This volume’s cover isn’t one of my favourites since Rin looks kind of evil, but it does fit given what happens in this volume.


As Alice is about to reach a certain incident in Mokuren’s memories, she begin to feel sick and vomits. She feels after this point she cannot go on. Meanwhile Rin turns his attention to Daisuke and tries to get the password out of him by impersonating Jinpachi on the phone. When he messes up though, his backup plan is a lot worse. This time he threatens to drown Daisuke’s younger brother if he doesn’t tell him his password. After a bit of verbal abuse and actual drowning, Daisuke breaks down and tells Rin his password.

With only Alice’s password left safe, the group decides that Alice should hotel hop with her brother (who was filled in on the situation), Mr. Tamara, and Haruhiko. When Alice hears this information though, she runs away fearing that meeting Haruhiko again will trigger another memory cascade and make her remember those memories that make her feel sick when she gets close to recalling them. By coincidence (or maybe fate), she runs across Haruhiko and tries to run away, but the latter tricks her into staying by pretending to have a heart attack. They talk and Haruhiko says that he is confident Mokuren still loved Shion deeply after the incident and that there must have been some happy moments for her to remember. Alice remains steadfast in her refusal to try and recall the rest of the memories and Haru tries to probe deeper. This seems to trigger Mokuren’s persona momentarily resurfacing and stating that she doesn’t want to remember because Shion didn’t love her and used her as a Kiches. She admits that perhaps she did hate him, but that she didn’t plead with him to stay alive as revenge. She only wanted to see him again and if he committed suicide, he would not be reborn. Haruhiko watches stunned and volume 18 comes to a close.

My Thoughts

This is another high tension volume. I wasn’t expecting Rin/Shion to threaten Daisuke by drowning his brother. He did try another way first, but it was still shocking to see him go so far to get the passwords. He said it doesn’t matter if the Moon Base blows up, so I wonder why he’s so desperate to collect the passwords. Also, I was rather curious about the abuses piled on Daisuke this volume so I went back and checked volume 6. While it’s true Daisuke wasn’t initially optimistic about writing down the time line (which could also be attributed to the fact that he was, just moments before, getting angry at the others for sharing their passwords before Sakura suggested they make a time line instead), he was the one that put together the master timeline and showed it to the others at their next meeting. So I don’t think all of Rin\Shion’s abuses were right about Daisuke. For one, he was comfortable making a timeline, whereas Rin/Shion states that he was opposed to it because of the guilt and shame about his decision to remain on the Base and in turn the results of that decision (namely the crew contracting a disease and dying one by one).

Another interesting note is that in the extra section, one of the readers mentions Daisuke wrote that Hiiragi regretted his decision on the master timeline and that the significance of this was only made apparent this volume. When I was rechecking that section of the manga, it was indeed written, yet at the time I also did not know the significance of those words nor really paid them much attention. It’s pretty amazing how well planed out the whole series is. So, Daisuke was already full of regret that Hiiragi made that decision in the past. Really, poor Daisuke. He did not deserve the abuse Rin/Shion piled on him. Especially since it seems he can no longer face the others as he called Jinpachi and told him everything, including that he is too ashamed to see the others now. On the bright side, this volume gave Daisuke and Hiirage a much needed depth. I finally feel as if I understand the two characters a bit better. I don’t agree with everything Shion laid out. I don’t think Hiirage is a coward. One moment of hesitation and weakness, especially in those circumstances, does not make one a coward. I do agree that both characters are idealists and it fits them well.

As to the other major event this volume. Well that incident is looming ever closer and while Alice (and the reader) has not seen the incident from Mokuren’s eyes yet, the revelation at the end of the volume give me mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m happy Mokuren was fully disillusioned with Shion (and I especially like how she was really angry that he used her as a Kiches when he was the one going around abusing her because she was one). On the other, I don’t quite understand why she decided to stay with him. She mentions she was too proud to show how much he hurt her, but you can do that and not stay with the person. So I’m still confused why she stayed with him after all that. :| If Haruhiko is to be believed, it was because she forgave him and loved him and if that’s the case. Well, I won’t be too happy about it since that sort of emotional trauma and abuse can’t just be swept under the rug with the power of love. Even though writers try and try to make us think so. That said, Please Save My Earth is still a really interesting story and I am looking forward to the final three volumes. :)

PS – Seems this volume confirms that Shion did indeed love Gyokuran and he just wanted to Gyoku to notice him (which makes sense if we look back to volume 11 where Shion confesses all he wanted was to be loved).