I recently decided to play through the Advanced upgraded port of Super Mario Bros. 3 and it’s pretty damn sadistic. I’m no longer surprised this game caused me so much grief on the NES when I was 6. To date, it’s the most challenging Mario platformer I’ve played. The game doesn’t really give you much time to breathe outside of World 1. I’m only on World 4 and the level designs are just evil. I can’t imagine what awaits me in the next 4 Worlds. D: Sure, the game has a help system. You can pick up extra power-ups and special items to help you with extra tricky levels. The Cloud item, for example, lets you bypass one level. Thing is, I want to actually finish all the levels the game has to offer, so I haven’t been making use of any of these. I am honestly in awe of anyone who was able to make it through the original NES version, that one had no save feature at all. Gameover and it’s back to World 1, level 1, no second chances.

The World map of World 4, the World I’m currently on.

This game frustrated me as a kid. Furthest I ever got without using the flute was World 2. In fact, SMB.3 and Sonic 2 are the two games responsible for me giving up on gaming until I discovered RPGs through Pokemon. Granted, me having trouble with Sonic 2 was probably more about my lack of skills back then, but SMB.3 would still give me trouble today if I had to play it on the NES with no save feature. I am honestly surprised just how mean the level designs are, especially compared to the successor series: New Super Mario Bros. It’s really a 180! Not that I hate how challenging the game is, I don’t. I just finally realized that my memories of this game being hard as nails were not an exaggeration. Although, I think World is probably the most well-rounded Mario platformer when it comes to challenge, so I’d love to see more Mario games returning to its level of challenge. SMB.3 is a tad bit too mean as it doesn’t ease you into the game as World does and I liked how World left the really mean levels as optional, so that there is more challenge if you want it. I personally like saving these for post-game. :)

In the meantime, I’m going to continue on with SMB.3 Advance and hopefully finally be able to beat the game that tormented me in my childhood. xD Currently at the first Sub-Castle in World 4. I’m not quite sure how I’m suppose to make a really high jump. I’m guessing I’ll need to charge run it, only problem being those annoying flames that follow you around. D: Well good luck to me~ Hope everyone is having a good summer!