I was already planning to pick up Dream, Drop, Distance even before trying the demo, but I was curious about how combat had changed. Having only played Kingdom Hearts 1 so far (but actually owning all the games), I’m not too familiar how the other games play, but Dream Drop Distance is a very quick paced game compared to the original. It’s probably due to the new FlowMotion ability, which zips and zooms you across the battle field. It’s so quick, I didn’t even catch half of what was happening when I enter Flow Motion. Still, there is something oddly addicting in this new system and I couldn’t get enough of it. It is also oddly overpowered (maybe because of the demo?); not that Kingdom Hearts games were ever hard. I definitely enjoyed the combat. :)

The demo also takes place in Traverse Town and oh my were the remixed tunes quite nostalgic and very lovely. I seriously need to go back and finish Kingdom Hearts 1. I don’t even know why I stopped playing it. It’s not the only game either. All of my PS2 games are either unfinished or untouched. ^__^;;; I do intend to get back to it eventually though and then make my way through the rest of the games.

The Neko Cat dream eater, one of the three you get in the demo.

Also Neku sounds perfect~ I’m really happy that Mr.Nomura added in the TWEWY characters into Dream, Drop, Distance. I’m happy at the chance to see them all again. I don’t think TWEWY needs a sequel, so being able to see the characters again in this way is a big plus. Not that I wouldn’t welcome a sequel. It’s just, I don’t think we’d see the same characters in it (outside of a certain someone) given how the game ended, but I guess you never know? I’m still not clear on all the details because I still haven’t finished the post-game and collecting all the secret reports.

The dream eaters are interesting. I do like how bright and colourful they are and they definitely feel like they belong in dreams thanks to those colours. I do miss Donald and Goofy, but I also appreciate the change. The cat’s D Link was interesting as it was like a mini rhythm game. :3 I wish I could trigger the D-Links with a button(s) though because the stylus’ location on the 3DS is really not intuitive and taking it out every now and then is a minor annoyance. I’ll adapt, but I’d prefer if games either used it more or not at all as when it’s used for such a minor thing, it becomes cumbersome to take it out and keep it somewhere within reach. I could use my fingers, but I’m not a fan of that as I hate the marks left behind on the screen. ^__^;;;

Minor annoyances aside, I loved the demo. Anyone else give it a try? What did you think?