June 2012

I was already planning to pick up Dream, Drop, Distance even before trying the demo, but I was curious about how combat had changed. Having only played Kingdom Hearts 1 so far (but actually owning all the games), I’m not too familiar how the other games play, but Dream Drop Distance is a very quick paced game compared to the original. It’s probably due to the new FlowMotion ability, which zips and zooms you across the battle field. It’s so quick, I didn’t even catch half of what was happening when I enter Flow Motion. Still, there is something oddly addicting in this new system and I couldn’t get enough of it. It is also oddly overpowered (maybe because of the demo?); not that Kingdom Hearts games were ever hard. I definitely enjoyed the combat. :) (more…)


Volume 17 features Rin on the cover, but he doesn’t make an appearance this volume. Instead, the majority of the volume continues with Mokuren’s recollections.


Alice continues to remember Mokuren’s past. This volume delves into some of her more painful memories on the Moon Base. For one, Mokuren seems to constantly overhear the others talking about her behind her back. She later receives news that the Elder has died and this is soon followed by news that Shia has been utterly annihilation. Totally devastated like the others, she is especially hurt when Gyokuran asks her to do something. Meanwhile, when Shion comes to see her, his sarcastic remarks further affirm that he is the only one capable of treating her as anything other than a god. This episode seems to create a deep impression on Mokuren as she is later seen fiercely fighting for Shion’s release once he is imprisoned and later when Gyokuran tries to reboot their romance, she rejects him without a second thought. The memories get very close to the “incident”, but Alice awakens before they proceed further. (more…)

I’ve never played a Rayman game before. The series gained prominence at a time when I was still playing RPGs exclusively, so I never did give the games a try, but I was interested in Origins as it looked like a beautiful and fun 2D platformer. When I noticed there was a demo up for it, I was excited to try it for myself. It did not disappoint. I had a lot of fun with the game.

There are three levels included on the demo and each one showcases a different sort of level. The first level is the standard platformer. Rayman jumps from platform to platform and punches and kicks enemies into oblivion. The jumping was a bit floaty and slippery and I wasn’t quite used to that, but it only took a few jumps to get the hang of the new jumping mechanics (I’ve been mostly playing Mario games these last few months and the jumping is less slippery). Even though the physics were a lot different from what I usually play, I still really enjoyed the platforming in Origins. :) (more…)

It’s been quite some time since my last impression featuring Shizune’s route. I sort of got burnt out mid-way through Lilly’s route, which caused finishing her route to drag. *sweat drop* That said, I still do want to play through the last two routes left (Hanako and Rin), so my impressions of those will happen, it’s just a matter of when. Hopefully I’ll be able to pace myself better now and avoid getting burnt out again. Well with that out of the way, I’ll dive into my impressions of this route and like always expect major spoilers beyond this point. Also, I will mention Emi’s route a lot, so spoilers on her route as well.

Lilly has the typical high class lady, or ojou-sama look.


It’s been fairly busy for me recently and adding E3 into the mix, it’s only gotten busier. I did want to write a little spiel on the topic nonetheless since it is the biggest video game event in North America. So far, I’ve only watched Nintendo and Sony’s conferences, so my thoughts will be about those two. I am not planning to watch Microsoft since I don’t have a 360.

Sony Conference: General Thoughts

  • I’m surprised how little Vita there was in the conference. It’s a brand new system, so Sony needs to push it more than this. But, seeing how it’s doing in Japan right now, I guess there isn’t much to show on the game front. I still need to check out what sorts of games they have on the show floor since I believe they were boasting that there would be like 20 or so Vita games at E3.
  • In a similar vein, cross-platform titles, while cool, aren’t going to sell me a Vita if I can just play the game on PS3. I’m not that rich, so if I can get a game without having to invest an extra 250~300 (depending on the memory card costs on just a Wi-Fi model) so that I can play it, you can bet I’m going to get that game for the other system I already own. This is coming from a handheld gamer that actually prefers to play on the go.
  • Outside Beyond and Last of Us, not much from Sony that really impressed me. This is probably because I do not like “realistic” or super violent games in general, so there really has to be a hook to get me on board. (more…)