Volume 16’s cover is just lovely. Mokuren really looks like a beauty now. Please Save My Earth’s art has really come a long way considering how the cover featuring Mokuren looked way back in volume 2. Plus I love the soft pink used here. It’s really pretty.


Volume 16 shifts to an older Mokuren, who has accepted herself as a Kiches and the duties that come with it. However, she still has not given up on KK (earth) and when she hears of the opportunity to go to KK 101 (the moon) as part of research team, she immediately jumps at the opportunity. With the backing of the Elder, who leaves her a cryptic message involving her experiencing a “rebirth” on KK, Mokuren is granted permission to go as the team’s biologist.

We also see the initial meeting between Mokuren and the others from her perspective as well as her stay on the moon based and what she thought of everyone and everything. The volume ends with Shion playing a rather mean prank on her and letting her know full well that he despises her.

My Thoughts

This was a really interesting volume, especially when reading it side by side with volume 9 and seeing things from both Shion’s and Mokuren’s perspective. One thing I did not expect was Mokuren being so silly as to pray to Sarjalim that there would be handsome men on the team. I mean last volume fully cemented the fact that Mokuren is rather mischievous, but this scene takes it up a notch by making Mokuren very much a regular pervert hoping for some eye candy at work. xD This is especially true when she first sees Hiiragi and is disappointed, calling him “weird looking” (and then reprimanding herself for being mean), yet later when she sees Shukaido, Gyokuran, and Shion; she is very much happy to have three handsome men on the team. Really, it’s just amazing how much Mokuren’s perspective is so different and really shows her to be a regular person with desires.

What I find most interesting about the initial meeting is how Mokuren tried really hard to impress everyone: using her “company voice”, her smile, her wit and charm in an attempt to make a good impression to avoid being hated or looked down upon as someone who just gets by via her connections because she is a Kiches. And if you look at Shion’s version of the events, her attempts to try so hard were the reason he thought her so perfect and blessed and what started the hatred from his side. It’s rather ironic that by trying so hard to impress everyone, she managed to make Shion confirm, in his mind, how perfect her life was. Really, I’m so happy about these dual view points as they really show just how much Shion had misrepresented Mokuren in his mind. This is pretty much a trend throughout volume 9 and 16. The scenes shown in volume 9 (and from Shion’s perspective) always paint Mokuren in a harsh light: her “we’ve all become flowers” to her “I want to be the atmosphere” without any context really make the reader think Mokuren is somewhat of an airhead. Whereas volume 16 shows just how perceptive Mokuren is. She noticed Shion sending a telepathic signal to Gyokuran that nobody else seems to notice. She is also fully aware that Gyokuran is placing her up on the Kiches pedestal and notes that Shukaido is more spiteful than he appears. Obviously, I do think Shu was right in warning her about Shion, given what happens and given what Shion has done in the past, but nonetheless, this was rather perceptive of Mokuren given what Shu later does to Shion out of spite.

All in all, I’m beginning to really like Mokuren, whereas I was quite indifferent to her prior, but I can’t help but wonder how she comes to “love” Shion. I mean, she is obviously physically attracted to him (calling him the hottest out of the three on their initial meeting) and likes that he doesn’t think of her as a Kiches during their first few run ins, but she is obviously annoyed and hurt by his treatment of her on the Moon base, so I’m left wondering what she will see in him. I really hope this doesn’t disappoint me because so far, everything has been great.

One last thing. I love Shion’s reaction to Mokuren’s “nude stroll” this volume. The manga says it leaves it up to the reader to determine whose recollection is more accurate and I’m inclined to think it was Mokuren’s as she has nothing to really gain from modifying the recollection. Meanwhile, Shion like to think himself Mr.Cool and Collected, so I can see his recollection being more subdued; as in his mind, he never loses his cool. That and this volume gives us another hint that Shion likes to think himself cool. When people are looking around because of Mokuren, Shion assumes at first that it is because of him. xD And of course, the goofy look is so much better in my opinion. xD

I’m really looking forward to more of Mokuren’s perspective and I really hope the manga will be able to pull some twists with her affection to Shion. I’m really hoping so because it would be so disappointing if it went down cliche road after such a strong debut these past two volumes.