So my order from Amazon UK came in today and I finally got my hands on these four lovely volumes:

I’m especially excited to finally have the 3-in-1 edition of Skip Beat in my hands. Nothing like re-reading at a slower pace with the book in front of me~ Picked up volumes 10 and 11 of Fushigi Yugi because I’m closing in on the end of the series, so I want to finish it off now (that and I was originally going to pick up volume 14 and 15 of Boys over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango, except they went out of stock the very next day when I had added the funds to my credit card. Talk about bad luck! DDD: So I went with FY as my second choice for two volumes of a longer manga). Finally, I got the second volume of Wedding Peach as my choice of one volume of a shorter series because I’ve been taking forever to pick up the rest of the volumes and I’m a bit worried about them going out of print given the situation with Viz’s less popular shoujo manga…) That said, I probably won’t get to  read these any time soon as I still have to finish off volumes 16-21 of Please Save My Earth first.

Has anyone recently picked up any manga?