This volume’s cover has a soft, almost dream-like, aspect to it. It’s quite pretty.


In volume 15, Majima makes a visit to Doctor Mori. It seems one of his men was shot in the leg, yet they haven’t been able to find the bullet. It’s heavily hinted that Rin did this as he appears in the city before the scene switches to Boone and Doctor Mori. Rin comes home and when Mori asks where he has been, he replies that he was at a friend’s house playing video games. It is then that Majima comes to see the doctor.

The scene then shifts to Alice, who is falling asleep at home and once more shifting into her memories as Mokuren. Alice remembers what it means to be a Kiche and how they live. She recalls how she lived with her parents before her maternal grandparents took her away to Paradise in order to receive the financial aid promised those parents of a Kiche Sarjalim against the wishes of her parents and how later her father sneaked into Paradise and took her back. Unfortunately he died not long after and so did Mokuren’s mother and she had to go back to Paradise once more. Alice also recalls how the other Kiches gossiped about Mokuren because her parents were Kiches themselves yet abandoned their Kiche, which is something heavily frowned upon.

The memories later shift to a teenage Mokuren, who has someone named Mode to look after her. It is also now that Mokuren first becomes aware of KK (earth) and becomes increasingly attached to it, noting how it reminds her of her father and that it feels nostalgic. She proclaims to Mode that she will go to KK, even if she has to loose her Kiche to do it, much to the annoyance of Mode. Later, when she meets the Elder, she proclaims she is going to KK and losing her Kiche, only to be rebuff with the prophecy that she will keep her Kiche till the day she dies. The Elder also hints that she may go to KK anyway. Angry, Mokuren composes a speech to her lover that is almost identical to the one she tells Shion after the rape in volume 11.

Mokuren also meets a boy named Sev Oru, who asks her to marry him, but later decides he can’t do it because his father yelled at him that marrying a Kiche makes one a disgrace. These words hurt Mokuren as she thinks of her own parents and the two don’t see each other again until Sev Oru comes to Mokuren begging her to save his father’s life. His father had an accident and he wants Mokuren, who is a Kiches, to save him. He promises he will even marry her if she does. Unfortunately Mokuren can’t do anything and when she tries, Mode discovers her lies about Sev Oru. The only thing Mokuren is allowed to do, is attend the funeral for Sev Oru’s dad. When she tries to explain why she couldn’t help, Sev Oru only looks blankly at her and then walks away.

The next day, Mokuren discovers Mode has been replaced by another Lim Lian. She goes to see the Elder and cries her heart out. The Elder tells her that this is a trial she had to pass through as a Kiches and that she will sent a request on her behalf for Mode. Ending the 15th volume of Please Save My Earth.

My Thoughts

That whole exchange between Majima and his guys was really interesting. Not only because it tells us Rin was the one who set up the attack to look like Tamura did it, but also because Majima can’t believe Tamura would do it. This really makes me curious about what exactly happened between them and what Tamura’s brother has to do with it. As for Rin, it’s rather obvious he is trying to use Majima to control Tamura. I’m interested to see how this will work out as well.

The rest and majority of the volume is devoted to Mokuren’s past. I was hoping this would happen so I am very pleased with this volume. In particular, it seems I was right to think Paradise isn’t all sunshine and rainbows like Shion thought. The government payments to family’s of Kiches is a rather interesting idea and I like how it was used to not only pressure the Kiche to remain a virgin, but also to shame any Kiche that renounces their powers. I also liked the relationship Mokuren had with her parents. It was very sweet and heartwarming and quite sad when both of them died.

This volume in particular gave me a lot of interesting tidbits, like when Mokuren first found out about KK and when she first became determined to go there. As well as the reason behind her obsession with the planet. I also really liked Mokuren this volume. We see a cheeky and mischievous, but also kind and sentimental, Mokuren. It was rather hard to get a feel for her when the narration focused on Shion’s point of view or a neutral third person point of view. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really a big fan of Mokuren until this volume. This volume breathed so much personality and quirkiness into her and her relationship with Mode shows a whole different side to Mokuren. I really liked their relationship a lot. They seem like two best friends. I kind of wonder if this was Hiwatari-san’s intent. Whether she wanted us to think of Mokuren like everyone else in the story and then finally show us that Mokuren is a human being like everyone else.

Also, the fact that Mokuren wrote the speech she said to Shion back in volume 11 in her adolescence really intrigues me. Now more than ever, I am rather curious what she thought of Shion after he raped her and why she seemingly accepted him. Like Shion, I thought she should hate him and never want to see him again. Can’t wait to see what the reasons behind all her actions are. I’m very intrigued.

The story between her and Sev Oru was also very well done. I liked how much contrast Hiwatari is putting into what others think of the Kiches and what the Kiches themselves think and feel. It really is building up from how Shion’s story ended with him revering Mokuren as divine and his belief that she had led a wonderful life free from pain and suffering. I just love this. I love how Mokuren’s story is constantly breaking down the pedestal Shion and Gyokuran and probably most people in her life keep putting Mokuren on. The powerlessness expressed in the end when Mokuren could do absolutely nothing for Sev Oru and his shunning of her was amazing. I am wondering how this incident will affect the older Mokuren. Looking forward to seeing more of Mokuren’s story.