May 2012

Volume 16’s cover is just lovely. Mokuren really looks like a beauty now. Please Save My Earth’s art has really come a long way considering how the cover featuring Mokuren looked way back in volume 2. Plus I love the soft pink used here. It’s really pretty.


Volume 16 shifts to an older Mokuren, who has accepted herself as a Kiches and the duties that come with it. However, she still has not given up on KK (earth) and when she hears of the opportunity to go to KK 101 (the moon) as part of research team, she immediately jumps at the opportunity. With the backing of the Elder, who leaves her a cryptic message involving her experiencing a “rebirth” on KK, Mokuren is granted permission to go as the team’s biologist.

We also see the initial meeting between Mokuren and the others from her perspective as well as her stay on the moon based and what she thought of everyone and everything. The volume ends with Shion playing a rather mean prank on her and letting her know full well that he despises her. (more…)

Basic Information:

System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Turn Based RPG
Difficulty: Difficult
Developer: Square Enix & Matrix Software
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: November 2006
Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and older
Retail Price: $19.99 US/CAN

What It’s About:

The Gulgan prophesied the coming of an earthquake so fierce that it would swallow the Crystals and spew monsters from the depths of the earth. But this, the Gulgan said, was only an omen of something much worse to come, and only the four Warriors of Light, blessed by the Crystals of Light, can save the world. Luneth, an orphan raised by Topapa the village elder of Ur, is a curious little fellow, and he decides to go explore the cave that opened up after the recent earthquake. Unluckily for him, he trips and falls into a hole. After exploring the cave and fighting a fearsome foe, he finds a Crystal, which tells him to find the other three children chosen by destiny and then teleports him outside the cave. Luneth isn’t quite sure what he has to do, but his adopted father, Topapa, gives him his blessings and tells Luneth to do as the Crystal says. Luneth is joined by his childhood friend Arc, and then a blacksmith’s daughter, Refia, and finally by a charming knight from Sasune, Ingus, as he tries to lift the curse of the Djinn. When the group manages to defeat the Djinn, the Crystal gives them its blessing and the four officially become the Warriors of Light. As the Four Warriors of Light, they must travel around the world, seeking out the other three Crystals to gain the power to fight off the encroaching darkness. (more…)

“Mini Mendacious Moments” is a feature about small moments (a page, an opening sequence, a character design, or something a character said) in manga, anime, or games that simply makes me pause and just wonder why something so silly, bad, demeaning, or pertaining to a double standard was even mentioned or briefly touched upon. Being such a small and blatant moment, in-dept analysis will not be given, rather, this is more for snarky me to share my snarky commentary.

So, we have another example (and more to come) from Flame of Recca. Ok, I am honestly not trying to pick on this manga (and I am enjoying it even with all these silly things). It just so happens that I’m reading it and Please Save My Earth right now, and it happens to be a rather easy target for a number of reasons. Please Save My Earth is a lot harder to pick at because it is so well written (from characters to the plot), whereas Flame of Recca, it’s not bad, but it isn’t as detailed and intricate as PSME, making it easy to see vivid character and narrative flaws. That and Flame of Recca likes to use tropes that I particularly think are kind of questionable. (more…)

So my order from Amazon UK came in today and I finally got my hands on these four lovely volumes:

I’m especially excited to finally have the 3-in-1 edition of Skip Beat in my hands. Nothing like re-reading at a slower pace with the book in front of me~ Picked up volumes 10 and 11 of Fushigi Yugi because I’m closing in on the end of the series, so I want to finish it off now (that and I was originally going to pick up volume 14 and 15 of Boys over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango, except they went out of stock the very next day when I had added the funds to my credit card. Talk about bad luck! DDD: So I went with FY as my second choice for two volumes of a longer manga). Finally, I got the second volume of Wedding Peach as my choice of one volume of a shorter series because I’ve been taking forever to pick up the rest of the volumes and I’m a bit worried about them going out of print given the situation with Viz’s less popular shoujo manga…) That said, I probably won’t get to  read these any time soon as I still have to finish off volumes 16-21 of Please Save My Earth first.

Has anyone recently picked up any manga?


It’s pretty unusual that I specifically write about 1 episode of an anime, but this episode of El Hazard is special. It’s special because it struck me on so many levels of bad that I was trying to remember if The Magnificent World was this bad and if it was, how did I not notice it before. I was thinking of making this a Mini Mendacious Moment feature, but I decided that since I wanted to talk about more than just one thing, that I would talk about the episode as a whole.

Main cast from Magnificent World. Arielle is the small blue haired girl on the right. Makoto dressed as Princess Fatora in the center.

Ok, so a little background first. I’m not particularly fond of harem type anime, but I have watched my fair share. Usually either the premise is interesting enough (Shakugan no Shana) or it gets a few laughs out of me (Kannagi), so I just keep watching even though I’m not particularly enthralled. The first El Hazard series, titled The Magificant World, I remember being interesting enough because of all the mysteries surrounding the premise. It was by no means great, but it had enough going for it that I continued watching. When I finished it, I decided to watch The Alternate World, but I didn’t get around to watching the first episode till last year and I only recently watched episode 2. I don’t recall the first episode being too interesting, hence the long pause between these two episodes. Well episode two goes from boring to downright disturbing and then just plain annoying. (more…)

This volume’s cover has a soft, almost dream-like, aspect to it. It’s quite pretty.


In volume 15, Majima makes a visit to Doctor Mori. It seems one of his men was shot in the leg, yet they haven’t been able to find the bullet. It’s heavily hinted that Rin did this as he appears in the city before the scene switches to Boone and Doctor Mori. Rin comes home and when Mori asks where he has been, he replies that he was at a friend’s house playing video games. It is then that Majima comes to see the doctor. (more…)

The main cast (left-to-right): Ryuuji, Ami, Kitamura, Minori, & Taiga.

I recently finished watching an anime called Toradora. It’s basically about the romantic entanglements of the two main characters, Ryuuji and Taiga. This anime was brought to my attention by another blogger and I’m glad he recommended it because it was really good. The biggest reason for my enjoyment of the anime was the characters. They were pretty well constructed for the most part (although there were a few silly stereotypical characteristics here and there) and the romance was also fairly nice. That said, the male characters were definitely what stood out most to me, especially since this is a shounen romance. It was made by men for males. (more…)