Mutant Mudds is the eshop’s first digital game demo and it was a lot of fun. The demo has 4 playable levels, each increasing in difficulty. The first level plays a lot like a tutorial, with signs telling you what to press next. It worked remarkably well and got me familiar with all the ways I could move throughout the levels. The second playable level shouldn’t give anyone too much trouble, but levels 3 and 4 give the player a taste of just how difficult Mutant Mudds can get. I personally found 3 a bit harder than 4, most likely because it was during this level that I had to master timing my jump just right to take advantage of the appearing and disappearing platforms. It took me a few tries to finish the third level, yet I really enjoyed this extra difficulty because it wasn’t unfairly hard. Granted, I’m not the best at platformers, so perhaps others didn’t really find the demo of Mutant Mudds too difficult and whizzed through all 4 levels. To me, however, Mutant Mudds reminded me strongly of Super Mario World. The games play differently (Max floats in the air for a few seconds with his “double jump” and shoots at things, gameplay mechanics not found in Mario games), but at their core they are about asking the player to think about how to get the jumps and timing right. Trial and error and deaths are key. You get better as you realize just how to pull off that jump or just when to avoid the boss. It can get frustrating at times, but it is oh so satisfying to finally have the gears kick into place and master just what the game wants you to.

What was interesting is that there was also a secret level in the demo that actually did play homage to Nintendo’s past. This level is coloured all red, an obvious reference to a certain gaming device Nintendo released in the past. This neat little extra put a smile on my face. It’s clear that the developers of Mutant Mudds are fans of Nintendo platformers and it shows in a good way.

Level 2: An example of playing in the "background"

The game also looks really charming. The sprites are cute and the idea of moving between foreground, midground, and background using the 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D ability is not only neat aesthetically, it makes playing the game quite interesting too.  All in all, this demo really sold the game to me and I plan on picking it up when I have less things to play. Did anyone else try the demo as well? How did you like it?