The intensity of the story’s drama continues this volume, making it one of the most interesting volumes yet. The red hue of this volume’s cover is also very lovely.


The volume begins with Rin digging up information on Tamura. He finds out that a certain man named Majima had a rivalry and grudge with Tamura, but their fighting suddenly stopped after Tamura’s younger brother died. Meanwhile Alice, Jinpachi, and Issei have arrived in Kyoto for their class trip. Alice overhears some girls saying they saw a boy on the roof of one of the building and Alice immediately thinks of Rin. However, when she starts looking at the rooftops, she suddenly falls ill. It turns out she has a fever and the two boys worry that she may be unable to meet Mr. Tamura with them.

That night, Alice dreams of Rin walking on rooftops and calls to him that he shouldn’t do that as it’s dangerous. The dream ends with Rin heading toward the moon, while Alice asks him to stop. The next morning, Jinpachi asks Alice if she is up to seeing Mr. Tamura. She tells him at she is and the plan proceeds. Meanwhile, a local kid becomes intrigued with Rin’s ESP. The kid asks to join with Rin and the latter eventually agrees, asking him to bring trustworthy friends and not to tell any adults. Rin tells the kid that they must fight against the people who are trying to destroy the earth.

Alice, Jinpachi, and Issei arrive at Mr.Tamura’s house and get right to the topic at hand. Jinpachi tells him that he knows who “S” is and that Tamura must also know who he is already. Tamura admits to knowing who “S” is, but tells them he isn’t who they think he is. He then asks them to let him re-introduce someone. He reintroduces Haruhiko as Shukaido, much to the others’ utter surprise. Jinpachi, totally bewildered, asks if he truly is Shukaido and if so, that would mean Rin is Shion. Haruhiko tells them this is the truth and begins to tell his story from the very beginning. As Haru proceeds with his story, telling of his past life’s crimes and how it resulted in Shion living alone on the base for 9 years, Alice recalls Rin’s words and his loneliness and she starts to realize what Haru is saying is the truth. At the end, Jinpachi snaps at Haru for what Shukaido did and only calms down when Issei tells him to stop. Later on Tamura tells Haru that he is proud of his bravery. Issei, likewise, tells Jinpachi that he is starting to like Haru because the latter did something extremely brave by telling them what he did in the past.

The next day, the class is back on the trip and Alice begins to experience odd things. First she has a daydream of little Mokuren. Next she sees Shukaido standing among the crowd and finally when she looks into a mirror, she sees Mokuren’s reflection. This heavily unnerves Alice and she starts feeling very sick just as the cherry blossoms bloom out of season. At that moment, Alice remembers one of the Kiche songs.

When Jinpachi and Issei come to visit her later, they notice she has a Kiche on her forehead. Since Alice has been feeling unwell, she is sent home early. On the way home, she recalls how weird it feels to have her memories back, yet to still feel like the same old Alice Sakaguchi. She also recalls that she hasn’t yet remembered the password. This brings an end to one intense volume.

My Thoughts

The first thing that struck me about this volume is just how much the art has improved. It’s really quite lovely now. In fact, part of the fun in collecting a long running series is watching the art evolve. In the case of Please Save My Earth, the art started out rather simple and plain and slowly became more complex and pretty. All the characters look very pretty now and the panels are more creative. The angles and perspectives of each panel are also much more varied and impressive.

As for the story, this volume was very interesting and lots happened. Haru really stood out this volume for his bravery. I am very happy with the way Ms.Hiwatari has framed Haru’s character and growth this volume. It was very sympathetic and genuine as Haru shed tears and was unable to defend himself against Jinpachi’s verbal assaults. I feel like all I do is gush about how great Hiwatari’s characterization is, but honestly, she keeps amazing me with each volume. All her characters reflect human weakness and strength and all the characters she has developed so far (Issei, Shion, Alice, and Haru), each have a pretty balanced characterization, incorporating both weaknesses and strengths. Haru, for example, could have been left as a self-pitying helpless character with only human weaknesses to define his character, but the author did not do that, she also gave him emotional strength that felt genuine because it was in-line with what we knew of his character and how he would act. This also made him a much more interesting and relatable character and in turn made the story more emotional and special because I felt really touched by the character’s plight.

On a similar note, I’m amazed at how subtlety Hiwatari is developing Alice. She was really calm and collected this volume when hearing what Haru was saying. She was probably the first of the group to fully realize the consequences as she kept recalling what Rin said to her throughout the conversation, but she didn’t burst into tears or blame Haru. Early Alice would have been more shaken, I think. Instead Jinpachi is the one most affected by the story, and it shows how little he has developed as a character. Also, his hypocrisy makes a return this volume when he starts yelling at Haru for what Shukaido did. That said, on some level, I do get where Jinpachi is coming from, and I still like him as a character, just he isn’t one of my favourites. But I still can’t help but think he is somewhat of a hypocrite for blaming Haru when a few volumes ago he stated the past is only a reference point and past commitments shouldn’t effect one’s future.

Also, so excited that Alice has finally awakened~ I can’t wait to see more of Mokuren’s story. The little snippets we saw in volume 13 and this volume have me in high anticipation as it seems Mokuren has been scorned most of her life. Definitely starting on volume 15 soon. :) Oh and it looks like Rin has more up his sleeve when it comes to Tamura. Also I wonder what the connection between Tamura’s brother’s death and Majima is. The first few pages mention the two men had a rivalry, but that it stopped abruptly after Tamura’s brother died. Hmmm, I smell plot significance~