Another demo that was recently released on the DS3’s eshop was Crush 3D. The game starts out really silly and the static pictures with floating word bubbles look rather tacky, but beyond that lacklustre introduction was a very fun puzzle game. The basic premise of Crush is to use perspective to find a path to the end of a level. The demo gives you 4 stages to try. The first stage introduces to you the basic controls of the game and the three subsequent stages show you just how a different angle can change an unsolvable puzzle into a simple one. Of course the catch here is you have to really think about what angle you should try crushing the world (crushing means making the 3D world 2D and vice versa). The last stage stumped me because I was stubbornly clinging to a single angle and wasn’t trying the game from a different perspective. Luckily the game has a hint system so if you ever get really stuck, you can trade in a point for a hint. If you are going for a perfect score though, you will not want to waste those points (and you will need to find two extras: a book and a trophy as well).

The game is definitely very unique and works really well on the 3DS. I am aware that a PSP version exists, but I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know how different the two versions are. The demo was fun and I didn’t have any trouble with any controls or the camera. In fact, the demo has really warmed me up to the game. I’ll have to pick up a copy whenever I have less stuff to play.

Anyone else try the demo? What did you think?