This was quite an addicting volume. I really can’t wait to read the next one. Also the cover is really pretty too.


Mokuren seemingly accepts Shion and he finally voices all his inner turmoil and scars. The final memory Rin see before he wakes up in the hospital is that of Shion leaning in on a dead Mokuren and proclaiming that she is truly a pure and sacred creature. Once awake, Rin is momentarily disoriented by this massive influx of Shion’s memories and it is not until he sees Alice that recalls where he is and who he currently is.

Later on, Jinpachi visits Rin and tells him Gyokuren’s password. Jinpachi, believing Rin is Shukaido’s reincarnation, asks for Rin’s help with gaining the passwords and putting the past behind them. Rin agrees and suggest that he work on gaining Enju’s password next.

Unfortunately, Issei is also having trouble with his memories of the past and is unwilling to help Jinpachi. After a talk with Sakura though, he decides that he can let go of the past and find new love. He finally tells Jinpachi Enju’s password and apologizes for “acting weird” these past few days.

My Thoughts

All throughout the final parts of Shion’s memories, I was thinking and asking the same questions he was to Mokuren and I still don’t quite understand how she is alright with what he did. But whatever, I’m going to overlook it for now because Shion’s characterization was so good and realistic. His final thoughts were really strong and right on the mark. He hated her for being a Kiche Sarjalian, but when she was the one who was able to finally accept him and forgive those horrid things he did, the resulting worship of her was pretty much what I imagine would happen in real life if such a situation were to play out. The dept of human understanding Hiwatari shows through Shion is amazing and it only makes me further question what the hell happened with Mokuren. But I’ll leave that alone until we see Alice’s or Mokuren’s side of the story.

Alice’s fear of remembering her past life and subsequent chat with Jinpachi were really well done too. Her fears are realistic and believable. His answer to her is overall positive, but also believable given his character. Honestly, I am really impressed with how human all these characters feel. I usually hate the type of character Alice is, meek and quiet, but she’s done in such a human way that I can’t help but like her.

Finally we have Issei’s breakdown, confrontation, and acceptance this volume. While it was a bit dramatic, I also really liked it. Sakura, being his moral support even though Enju is now a guy, was really sweet. It was tied up a little too neatly, but I really liked Sakura’s speech to Issei and her message to Jinpachi from Enju. The positive note of Issei moving on from his past’s unrequited love was a really nice way to end the volume.

All in all volume 11 has really picked up steam and the theme of the past haunting the present really come out strong this volume and that’s probably why I enjoyed it so much. That and characterization is amazing as usual. Oh and the art is really starting to improve too. Mokuren looks gorgeous (as she is suppose to). All the characters are starting to look really nice and the poses and perspective are starting to get more interesting. This volume’s cover is also one of my favourites. I’m super excited to start reading volume 12.