March 2012

Quite a bit of important things happen in this volume.

Not wanting to put the story on hold just because I am missing one volume, I decided to go ahead and read the scans for the 13th volume. I didn’t want to make an impression because I don’t own the actual book and it feels a little weird to do one for something I don’t own, but I didn’t want to just gloss over this volume either. So I decided to just make a post with my thoughts on the volume in terms of the overarching story. (more…)


A really interesting cover for the 12th volume. I’ve never seen a manga cover done to look like it was coloured by crayons, but it looks really nice and I’m quite fond of this cover.


Jinpachi and Issei figure out that it was Shion who got those gang members to beat them up back in the early parts of the manga. They tell Alice this and the three of them decide that they must meet Mr. Tamura, who contacted Issei about the incident. Meanwhile Tamura comes to visit Rin at the hospital, but leaves with Ayako when she comes in. Tamura convinces Ayako to stay away from Rin, but the whole event leaves Mrs. Kobayashi very distressed. Alice is noticing the toll this is taking on her and contemplates telling her the truth. (more…)

Another demo that was recently released on the DS3’s eshop was Crush 3D. The game starts out really silly and the static pictures with floating word bubbles look rather tacky, but beyond that lacklustre introduction was a very fun puzzle game. The basic premise of Crush is to use perspective to find a path to the end of a level. The demo gives you 4 stages to try. The first stage introduces to you the basic controls of the game and the three subsequent stages show you just how a different angle can change an unsolvable puzzle into a simple one. Of course the catch here is you have to really think about what angle you should try crushing the world (crushing means making the 3D world 2D and vice versa). The last stage stumped me because I was stubbornly clinging to a single angle and wasn’t trying the game from a different perspective. Luckily the game has a hint system so if you ever get really stuck, you can trade in a point for a hint. If you are going for a perfect score though, you will not want to waste those points (and you will need to find two extras: a book and a trophy as well).

The game is definitely very unique and works really well on the 3DS. I am aware that a PSP version exists, but I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know how different the two versions are. The demo was fun and I didn’t have any trouble with any controls or the camera. In fact, the demo has really warmed me up to the game. I’ll have to pick up a copy whenever I have less stuff to play.

Anyone else try the demo? What did you think?


I’ve decided to join the fun of answering 11 questions posted by fellow blogger simpleek. So here goes:

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Our love triangle: Shou, Kyoko, & Ren

So, I was so curious about Skip Beat that I decided to go ahead and read some of it online. Well, that didn’t go too well. I ended up reading all the available chapters in a matter of a few days. I was totally obsessed. I wanted to know how Kyoko would handle herself on all the new acting challenges and I was genuinely drawn into the quirky love triangle. This isn’t the first time this has happened though. I’ve done this sort of “marathon” with a few other series: Gokusen, Claymore, One Piece. All of them I got really hooked on and ended up reading till the end or the latest available chapters. It’s a really bad habit of mine. Whenever something really catches my attention, I tend to go into obsessive reading mode. Not with just manga, books too. I was re-reading Pride and Prejudice a few months ago, and even though I knew what was going to happen, I couldn’t stop reading it as if I was reading it for the first time.

Does anyone else do this as well? Has there ever been a book that drew you in so much that even upon re-reading it, you got absorbed into the world and story all over again?

PS- Looks like I’ve found another manga to collect. :3


The rare and sought after volume 13

So ever since I started the 12th volume of Please Save My Earth, I’ve had the 13th volume looming over me. Fellow blogger simpleek touched on this problem already in one of her posts, but I thought I would do this post too since it’s something that is a big problem for me right now.

Anyone keeping up with my Impressions of Please Save My Earth knows I was a bit let down by the fifth volume and shifted priority onto a different manga series afterwards. So while I was collecting another obscure series, the 13th volume of Please Save My Earth went out of print and got really rare. When I got back into the series afterwards, I was really kicking myself for putting the series on hold because the next volume, six, picked things back up again, and if I had continued collecting it in 2008, I might have avoided the problem that I have currently found myself in: I have all the volumes of this lovely series except for volume number 13. Truly, 13 is unlucky!

Some of you may notice on my Manga Collection page that Please Save My Earth isn’t the only manga with this problem. I have quite a few series marked in red (out of print), but Please Save My Earth is particularly a painful dilemma. The volume is not only out of print, but surprisingly rare and sought after. This has caused third party sellers to really jack up the price of this volume. At one point, the cheapest, in decent condition, offer for this manga on Amazon marketplace was 50$ USD; with new copies going for 80$ USD at least, but most sellers were asking for around 100$ USD. For a volume that originally cost 9.99$ USD, that is insane! Luckily, be it the economy or just people not willing to pay these exorbitant prices, the going price for this volume has dropped remarkably. I’ve seen “good” condition books now going for 30$ USD on Amazon and new copies costing around 50$ USD.

These are definitely more palatable prices, but there is still a part of me that feels a little ripped off paying 30$ for someone’s used book. Especially when other out of print manga go for dirt cheap. I’ve seen ParaKiss, Forbidden Dance, and a few others priced at around 1$ USD per volume used and around 5$ for new copies on the Marketplace. So I’m sort of stuck in a dilemma. Do I just read the scans for volume 13 and leave my collection incomplete, or do I fork over the money (which is quite expensive for me due to currency exchange and shipping at the moment) and complete my collection? Thoughts, suggestions, anything, are all welcome and I really appreciate it.


This demo has been sitting downloaded on my 3DS for quite some time and I finally got around to trying it. I’ve heard so much good word of mouth about this series but I’m not much of an action type of gamer, so I’ve mostly passed over trying it, but I thought, free demo, why not.

The first thing I noticed when playing was the camera. It does not like to cooperate. I found myself accidentally going back to previous areas because I kept being disoriented by the camera. Then when it came time to sneak past guards, I always got caught because the camera failed to warn me about a guard being in plain sight; or while I was adjusting the camera to make sure no one was there, I would get spotted. Perhaps it would have made the game too easy, but having the guards appear on the map would have helped tremendously in preventing me from making stupid mistakes like being seen in plain sight because the camera angle didn’t tell me there was a guard coming from my back. Speaking of the camera, one thing I kept wishing I could do was auto-realigning the camera. It would have helped a lot with the disorientation and during alert phase when I was frantically trying to hide/get away.

Also worth noting was that, while the game was pretty tough in the sense of not being seen, it was very lenient in terms of death. There was one point where I was frantically trying to get away from loads of enemy soldiers ganging up on me during alert phase and even though they kept pelting me with bullets, it took a lot to get Snake down to zero. Even with a game over, you don’t start at the beginning, but rather the beginning of that particular challenge, so the game is really forgiving of mistakes. (more…)

This was quite an addicting volume. I really can’t wait to read the next one. Also the cover is really pretty too.


Mokuren seemingly accepts Shion and he finally voices all his inner turmoil and scars. The final memory Rin see before he wakes up in the hospital is that of Shion leaning in on a dead Mokuren and proclaiming that she is truly a pure and sacred creature. Once awake, Rin is momentarily disoriented by this massive influx of Shion’s memories and it is not until he sees Alice that recalls where he is and who he currently is.

Later on, Jinpachi visits Rin and tells him Gyokuren’s password. Jinpachi, believing Rin is Shukaido’s reincarnation, asks for Rin’s help with gaining the passwords and putting the past behind them. Rin agrees and suggest that he work on gaining Enju’s password next.

Unfortunately, Issei is also having trouble with his memories of the past and is unwilling to help Jinpachi. After a talk with Sakura though, he decides that he can let go of the past and find new love. He finally tells Jinpachi Enju’s password and apologizes for “acting weird” these past few days. (more…)

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