The second volume’s cover is hauntingly beautiful. The blue hue gives it a very lonely but beautiful look.


Clare and Raki continue their travels and this time Clare gets dispatched to Robona, the Holy City, to take out a Yoma. The only problem is that Yoma and half-breeds like Clare are not allowed inside the city, so Clare must take on this mission covertly by taking special medicine that restricts her Yoma powers and turns her eyes into a normal colour. Problem is, with her powers so restricted, she can’t pinpoint the Yoma. To make matters worse, two Robona guards, Galk and Cid, are interfering and making it more difficult for Clare to do her work.

After much trouble and some terrible wounds, Clare manages to find the Yoma and just as the fight is looking hopeless once more, Raki asks Galk to throw the statue he and Clare have brought with them to her. When the Yoma attacks the statue, it crumbles, revealing her Claymore just as volume two comes to an end.

My Thoughts

This volume is still working on fleshing out the world of Claymore, so plot-wise, it’s a weak volume and I know it doesn’t seem like much right now, but the story does get better. With that said, I still really liked this volume. The fight scenes are interesting and I liked the mystery of where the Yoma was hiding. It was very well executed. We were introduced to the mummies fairly early on by Raki’s comments in the Baptismal room, yet just like Clare, I didn’t think the Yoma would be disguised as one. Cid and Galk are also fairly interesting. I really liked Galk’s strong sense of justice and I’m rather interested in why Cid hates Claymores so much. The volumes ends on a high note, as it ends right when the tide of battle turns in Clare’s favour, which heightened my anticipation for the next volume.

On a different note entirely, I’ve heard people call the art weird, but I really like it. There are some technical problems in a few panels that create an oddness in the faces of the characters, but it’s only a few panels out of so many that in the end it doesn’t really bother me. I guess because I’m used to all sorts of art styles, I’m fine with Yagi’s really unique style and in fact, I sort of look forward to reading manga with different styles as it creates a really unique experience. I also enjoy comparing different art styles (how one handles the eyes versus another and what sort of faces they use and what kind of panel arrangement is used, etc.) I guess I’m a bit of an art geek since I love to draw and I’m always intrigued by how others make their own unique styles or how they arrange the panels to give a very cinematic feel.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to volume 3 when things finally start getting really interesting!