So I was thinking of what sort of post I should do for Valentines Day and decided doing a top ten favourite couples would be ideal for the day of romance. Each one has a small blurb on why I like them and as usual, everything will have spoilers. It was hard to rate them because most of these I really do enjoy a lot and it was hard to say I liked one more than the other, but I did somehow manage to get them into a ranking, so here it is, my top 10 favourite (official) couples:

10. Ichigo and Rukia (from Bleach ~manga/anime)

Yeah, yeah, I know. Some people don’t consider this official, but I do and I honestly do think it’s pretty apparent that it is the canon pairing, so it’s on my list. =P I started reading Bleach on a whim, and stuck around because I simply love this pairing. I loved how their relationship started out as mentor and student and slowly they grew closer. There are so many moments I love about them but some of my favourites are when Ichigo tells Rukia her drawings suck, much to her annoyance, or when she tells him she won’t probe him about his mother’s death, the rescue scene, and the man in my heart scene. Anyone who knows me knows I hate the rescue love interest storyline, but Bleach just did it so sympathetically and believably that it was hard not to enjoy it. I also like how Rukia doesn’t want to be just the love interest, she wants to be his warrior companion as well. Their chemistry is great and it’s pretty amazing how much they can care for one another without stuff getting physical. Also, there is some wonderful symbolism between them (from their contrasting swords to the symbolic value of the rain during the part when Rukia was taken away). All in all, I would be happy if the whole story just revolved around them, alas, I can’t always have what I want. So I’ll keep awaiting the next chapter that brings them together.

9. Tsukushi and Tsukasa (from Hana Yori Dango ~manga)

This one is so low because I’m still in the process of reading the manga and I haven’t seen all the great scenes between them (and I’m still at the part where Tsukasa is pretty immature). Nonetheless I do like this pairing because they strangely match each other even though they both are such hot heads. Part of the appeal is definitely Tsukushi’s “I won’t take any of your shit” attitude, but also her confusion over her changing feelings. It’s done quite well and I usually do not like wishy-washy shoujo heroines. For Tsukasa’s part, he has some great moments too, like how genuinely he believes Tsukushi is the most beautiful girl in the world and his clumsy attempts to be nice to her (like by suggesting he hang the guys who were bullying her when those photos of her and Thomas got out or telling the three cronies that only he can bully Tsukushi). I’m looking forward to this pair moving up my list eventually. :)

8. Fai and Kurogane (from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles ~manga)

Another pair that isn’t “official” even though I think it is pretty much canon. I’m actually pretty shocked I ended up liking this pairing as much as I do. It definitely grew on me throughout the manga and I couldn’t help but just have little happy fangirl moments every time these two shared some intimate moments in the latter parts of the manga. My favourite aspects of this couple are definitely just how determined Kurogane is about his love for Fai (becoming his only food when Fai goes vamp) and how subtle their relationship starts out. I think I also like how we see a more delicate and tender Kurogane when it comes to Fai since he’s usually so gruff. For Fai’s part, I definitely liked how he teased Kurogane early on and later admitted this teasing went too far because it led to both of them developing romantic feelings for one another (ok so this is more implied, but I think it’s pretty apparent this is what he means =P ).

7. Van and Hitomi (from Escaflowne ~anime)

The odd thing about this couple is that I don’t really like them alone as characters, but as a couple they are beautiful. To this day I still fondly remember the final episode of Escaflowne. It was my first taste of a bitter sweet ending and left quite a mark on me. I really liked how they didn’t hook up right away and how Hitomi didn’t realize her feelings at once, but my favourite aspect of this couple is definitely the bitter sweet end when they part. It’s really beautiful how their love can cross dimensions and that even though they love each other so much, they accept they cannot remain together.

6. Anthy and Utena (from Revolutionary Girl Utena ~anime)

Another couple that I didn’t think I would like but really grew on me. The ending of Utena is what really solidified my love for this pairing. It was amazing just what length Utena would go for Anthy and in turn that this love changed Anthy and she reciprocated it. Anthy putting down her glasses at the end and stepping out of the Academy to find Utena was probably my favourite part in the show. Not only because I like the pairing, but also because it had a very hopeful and positive message about human beings.

5. Syaoran and Sakura (from Cardcaptor Sakura ~manga/anime)

This pairing is just too adorable. I really enjoyed how oblivious Sakura was about Syaoran and I really like the rival becomes love interest scenario because it’s often very cute with lots of awkwardness and funny situations. The teddy bear at the end was just icing on top of a very delicious cake. I liked them in their Tsubasa incarnation as well, but I prefer them in CCS as the ending was a lot better executed, in my opinion, and the romance was much more fun to watch because it showed the beginnings of their relationship (and thus had many really cute moments).

4. Lady Oscar and Andre (from Rose of Versailles ~anime)

I simply adore Andre’s devotion to Oscar. It’s beautiful. His determination to help her out in the French Army, when everyone was against her, and even though she resented him for it, was beautifully ideal. One of the most tender moments in any anime I have watched was when Oscar returns his love. It was just heart breaking when they end up dying not long after that,yet that bitter sweet quality just makes their love so much more beautiful. I also liked how Andre was not Oscar’s first love but rather she came to love him eventually. Something very, almost poignant, about your true love being by your side from the very beginning but it takes you some really hard times to realize that you love them too.

3. Usagi and Mamoru (from Sailor Moon ~manga)

I admit, something about past lovers reuniting again is just very romantic. However, I don’t just like this couple because of that. I like how equal they feel as lovers and I like how Mamoru is very supportive of Usagi. Some might find this dull, but I find it heartwarming. Also yes, there is some nostalgia at play here as Sailor Moon was both my first anime and my first manga. I don’t like the anime version of their relationship though; as it feels like Mamoru is dating someone who isn’t his equal (and at times doesn’t respect Usagi enough to be honest with her) and that was really what I liked the most about the pair in the manga.

2. Kimiko and Shin (from Gokusen ~manga)

I love how slow the romance develops between them and how unconventional this couple is as Kimiko is older and also Shin’s teacher. Nonetheless there is really something cute about them and I liked how Shin wanted to be of help  to Kimiko and her family and finally realized a means of doing so. I also liked how he accepted that she was a better fighter than him and didn’t try to stop her from doing her thing (which often involved helping her students by getting into fights). This sort of understanding and trust is why I really liked them together.

1. Sarasa and Shuri (from Basara ~manga)

No surprises here. When is something from Basara/Yumi Tamura not number 1 in my books? lol.  But seriously, they are a really great couple. At first there is the classic cute bickering between them and then it slowly grows to mutual trust and understanding. Both of them also change one another for the better and the resolution of their emotional baggage at the end was really well handled and made me really love them together so much more. The relationship is still rather idealistic but there were hints of realism thrown in here and there that really made it stand out from other fictional pairs.

So those are some of my favourite fictional couples. I hope everyone has their own favourites and perhaps even shares some of mine. And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day~