Recently, Nintendo’s Club Nintendo has started giving out digital games as rewards. Since I’m no longer living in Canada (but still plan to import North American games), this is very good news to me since I can now use my coins again. What’s even better is that most of these games are actually games I wanted/considered getting. While this month’s offerings aren’t as good (only two games this time as opposed to four and both are ones I don’t really care for), the other two months both had great offerings. In fact, I redeemed one game from each month: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again in December and Kirby’s Dream Land in January. If I played my Wii more, I would have gotten two of their Wii offerings as well.

A few quick thoughts on those two games:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again – I read a really positive review about this game, but never having a DSi (just a Lite) I couldn’t give it a try. So when I saw it up for grabs on Club Nintendo, I happily redeemed it for my 3DS. The game is great. It packs a lot of modes and play time into such a small package. You have your regular mode, plus mode (which is totally different from regular mode and in fact a continuation of the game’s story), rooftop, and basement. Plus an editing feature that lets you make your own levels and share them online. I don’t play a lot of downloadable games, so I wasn’t aware that they could be this extensive. This game was definitely worth the 150 coins Nintendo was asking for it. I still haven’t finished all the modes and I’ve only dabbed in the edit mode. I’m very happy with this reward.

Kirby’s Dream Land – This is a re-release of the Gameboy game and is available on the 3DS’s Virtual Console. It’s also the first Kirby game ever made. For a while now I’ve been interested in Kirby as he’s pink and marketed at both boys and girls (which I always found really ahead of its time given that this still rarely happens). So when Club Nintendo offered me the chance to get acquainted with the franchise via it’s very first instalment, I immediately jumped aboard. While the game is quite short, I still had a lot of fun with it and I don’t regret getting it for those 100 coins. I have yet to play the hard mode, so I still have that to look forward to as well. It’s a very friendly platformer (with a continue feature) and I really regret that I wasn’t introduced to Kirby earlier. I would have really appreciated him when I was younger and really bad at platformers. He’s definitely charmed his way into my books and I can definitely see myself getting more of his games. :3

Can’t wait to see what games we have in March~